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how can i become a better valorant player D9f21PJDUg8

How can I become a better Valorant player?

quick gun guide for the beta can help you out! Recoil For most guns, your first three shots will land in a tight grouping. After that, gun sprays the next three shots up and into the right in a somewhat randomized pattern. Shooting Through Walls Some weapons can penetrate doors, some walls, and cover. Weapons...Read More
10 techniques pros to use in valorant wfFa4K8USIE

10 TECHNIQUES Pros To Use In valorant

We’ve already discussed the basics of how to play Valorant in terms of eliminating the enemy team and/or planting or defusing the spike, but there’s much more to the game than the basic premise. When a round starts you enter an initial “buy” phase. Where you can purchase weapons to use in that round. The...Read More
the viper meta new best agents tier list patch 2 07 f0a1FtfUEGM

The VIPER META! New Best Agents Tier List Patch 2.07

VIPER After digging into reviews about Marshal photographs not killing enemies that had taken 50 decay, we found a bug tied to the best way the sport determines if taking injury needs to be deadly on decayed targets with armor at particular well being breakpoints. We suppose the bugged interplay with the Marshal was by...Read More
agents in valorant that could use a nerf AqtUrk9ZDMY

Agents in Valorant that could use a nerf

  1 – Killjoy Killjoy has seen a fair share of tweaks to her kit in her relatively short life span.In her current state, though, she can do considerable damage, while also obtaining information. Compared to the other two sentinels, Killjoy can seem overpowered at times. Because her abilities are automated, every now and then, her...Read More
how to fix valorant error code 39 dltqmMpaOgo

How to fix Valorant Error Code 39

Valorant fans have their fair share of issues with the online game, including the large number of cheaters and smurf accounts that ruin the fun for everyone. However, a more commonly faced issue for players is the Error Code 39. This problem has plagued fans for a while, and you will have experienced it at least once...Read More
the best teammate in pro valorant 78CP9bYDRFs

The BEST TEAMMATE In Pro Valorant

So far we have the settings for: 100T Asuna Brax Faze Babybay 100T Hiko G2 Mixwell 100T Nitro Noted TL Scream Shanks Shroud SEN Sinatraa TSM Subroza Tenz TSM Wardell We’ll be continually updating this overtime so be sure to check back often. Let us know in the comments who you’d like to see next!...Read More
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VALORANT PATCH NOTES 2.07 After Remove last one! Good News.

After the final two heavy patches (guess which one was fake), we’re coming at you lighter this time. That being stated the Astra and Raze adjustments ought to carry some severe weight for the Spike plant/defuse window and predicting incoming assaults, respectively. Viper is technically a bug repair not a stability, however this repair alters...Read More
hell elo11111111 5

First Strike champions from Valorant Strike Arabia

Upwards of six groups have been precluded from the Strike Arabia, a competition that covers the Middle East and North Africa and offers a last-chance qualifier into the finish of-year Valorant Champions occasion after it arose that a portion of their players had been playing from Palestine. The State of Palestine is excluded from the...Read More
Valorant Jett

Before Adding Ban System Riot Aims for 30 Valorant Agents

Since Valorant dispatched in June of 2020, Riot Games has worked steadily to adjust the game and bring new specialists into the serious shooter. In any case, one element strikingly missing is a “pick-BAN” framework to bolt out specific specialists during matches. Players have since inquired as to whether a such a framework will at...Read More