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NEW Cyber Katana & StatTrak Skins

Actually a lot to cover so buckle up there’s just a lot of little details here the bundle will cost eight thousand seven hundred valorant points and has a few key features and new things that we’ve never seen before so all right let me just start by showing you the gun buddy this gun...Read More
banned for buying every skin in valorant NCTeRUn0 hU

BANNED For Buying EVERY Skin in Valorant

  Most VALORANT players probably have a small to medium-sized collection of weapon skins. But for one streamer, that’s just not enough. A Twitch streamer has completed his task of buying every weapon skin in the game Arcticsoldier_1 recently shared a screengrab of his Store page to his Twitter account with the caption “IT HAS BEEN DONE.” Typically...Read More
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Actual USEFUL Valorant Tips And Tricks

However, in the event you’re studying this information, you’re in all probability completely different. Maybe you’ve been hardstuck in your Valorant ranks climb, and are on the lookout for one thing to offer you that further edge. Maybe you’re getting out-macro’d, and wish to develop your recreation sense. Or possibly you’re simply bored with shedding purpose fights...Read More
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  AGENT UPDATES SKYE We’ve favored that Skye has been capable of play off her personal flash an increasing number of. But currently, there is a sense that it is develop into too efficient and optimum to play off of herself in some conditions. An enhance to the unequip time ought to make it barely...Read More
valorant update 3.03


GENT UPDATES Brimstone, Sova, and Breach are all receiving consistency changes to ability damage. We want to reward those of you who are creative with the ability sandbox, using your tools to solve the obstacles other Agents are creating. To ensure this, physical objects across VALORANT need to interact in a reliable and consistent manner,...Read More
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Valorant Update 3.03 Patch Notes – August 10,2021

Patch 3.03 is available now for Valorant. The update brings some important bug fixes, map changes and an adjustment to Viper after a previous patch was causing her Ultimate to spawn on the player’s reticle instead of around the Agent. AGENT UPDATES VIPER Fixed a bug where Viper’s Pit started forming at the cursor placement point...Read More