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10 Things EVERY LOW ELO Player Can Improve In Valorant

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how’s everyone doing today it’s xtr the epic gamer here to bring you some brand new valor in content once again have you ever been killed and you don’t know exactly what went wrong or why you can’t seem to win any rounds in some games well I’m here today to help you with some of the problems you may be making without even realizing it before we get started I have our question of the day what pistol do you prefer for pistol rounds I personally prefer the ghost as it reminds me of the counter-strike USP we’d love to hear your favorites in the comments below before we go on with the video remember that if you want to get better at any of the fundamentals of balance or any other competitive game make sure to go to pro guides comm we have some of the best players in the game as coaches and we will be working with the best players in the game to give you the coaching you desire without further ado let’s get this show on the road the first issue we see a lot at all the ranks of the game even at immortal where I am currently placed is the fact that trade killing is almost non-existent in some matches this comes down to a lack of teamwork and communication in general or just the fear of dying in game the simple mistake can easily shatter the chances of you winning the round in a split second so it’s very important to learn how to do this and do it effectively how exactly do you trade kill was very simple the act of trading is simply making sure the person your team is currently in a gunfight with ends up die if you are walking into a certain site with your teammate you need to make sure that if he takes an engagement and dies it’s not in vain you should be able to quickly follow up his death with the trade on your side by eliminating the opponent he was shooting at you will generally have an advantage on the opposing player because you know his location and hopefully he is also slightly tagged now trading at its core is very simple and there are many ways you can actually trade kills and Valerie the act of trading is generally just getting one kill for one death on your team and is most useful on the attacking side the two big types of trading come down to instant trades and delay trades instant trades are where you take the gunfight with your teammate forcing the enemy player to quickly kill both of you to survive this is also known as double peaky where you both expose yourself to an angle and force the opposing players to take two gunfights at the same time the second type of basic trading is the delayed trade where you mate dies and you quickly follow up so his death is not wasted this type of trade killing is more risky and you also give the enemy to one of you in situations as opposed to achieve you in scenario but this usually still pays off in your favor now we hear our pro guys know that most of our players already have a grasp on the basics across their placement but not everyone knows that crosshair placement goes much more in-depth than it may seem on the surface level for anyone that might not be aware a basic example of crosshair placement would be consistently adjusting you keep your crosshair at head level so you only have to make the most minor adjustments when you want to land a headshot but what a lot of people may not be aware of is that there is a lot more when it comes to crosshair policemen Prosser placement also goes hand in hand with pre aiming angles and in a sense it’s also pre Emme certain angles this takes a lot of practice but if you are constantly attempting to be aware of the angles you are about to peek into you can line your crosshair up on an angle close enough to where the enemy should be when you peek doing this allows you to have your crosshair on the general area of where an enemy players should be playing this takes a lot of time and game sense but the more you play the better you get at it just be aware of the fact that this adjustment is something that must be in your head at all times if you are not constantly trying to make your crosshair Placement better it will not improve very far there is something of a luring called holding passive angles and the gist of this mechanic is holding an angle so when enemy player is forced to peek you it’s important that if you happen to get a kill at this angle or you miss the shot that you don’t stick around in the same spot this makes you extremely predictable and also makes you a very easy target if your rifling and you miss your shot you must not repeat the Anglos there will be many weapons trained on the specific angle you just tried to take a fight from and you will almost surely die if you repeat your best course of action would be to either fall off the angle and wait for assistance from your teammates or slowly creep around to another angle that you can peek from unexpectedly this is very very important being predictable is one of the worst things you can do in this game and it will cost you a lot of gunfights our next big mistake received mainly at lower ranks is the improper usage of utility and abilities sometimes even the complete lack of use overall we see people running in all the time through very dangerous show points without the use of any utility whatsoever or we see people expending all the utility within the first 30 seconds of the round you want to hold on to your abilities and use them in opportune moments they can be very essential to have ax to later on in the round when the enemy decides to either push in or you need to take a bombsight utility is very useful in this game because it blocks sight lines from the enemies temporarily disables the enemies or delays a push abilities are very essential once you are holding the bomb sight with the spike planted there are 45 seconds left once the spike is planted so using Closed Beta begins in EU NA VALORANT 0 23 screenshot 1280x720 1your utility to get a few extra seconds can be crucial an example would be using your slow orb as sage to shape a few precious seconds off of the spike timer this can delay the retake and force the enemy to wait it out or run through it the next one is seen very often even at higher levels of play because a lot of players will take these calculated risks and sometimes get punished peeking into a potentially enemy infected zone of the map as a defender can be very dangerous if you know there are enemies in the area you are about to clear you have to be aware that if you decide to peek out that will generally have multiple weapons trained on the area you are peaky if you die in this position it can be extremely detrimental to the way the round plays out if you as the defender get killed first forcing your team into a four versus five situation right off the bat your team is going to have to scramble extremely fast to either shut down an oncoming push or to reposition their defenses having a man down on defender is much more of a disadvantage as at least potential cracks in your defense that the attacking side can easily exploit be very careful when you are about to take a fight on the defending side and think about the risk versus reward realize the numbers in the current situation if you deem the fight too dangerous it’s best to fall back wait for them to peek you or throw utility at once they walk up and leave this one may seem obvious to you as it’s a fairly simple concept but a lot of players fail to care about this mechanic economy in this game is a little bit in depth but the base level of it is very simple to follow your goal every round is to have enough money to buy a rifle armor and all of your abilities failing to use your money wisely can lead you to poorer economy throughout the game there are rifle rounds half by rounds and save rounds in valor –nt you want to always be able to afford rifle rounds the big problem is a lot of players will excessively spend to buy an SMG every round they can as opposed to not buying one for one round and then purchasing a rifle a half buy is where you buy maybe just an SMG and a pistol and you will have enough to purchase next round and the save is where your team cannot afford to buy in the current round so they’d purchase little to nothing as to be able to afford a full buy the following round you want to make sure that you are economically coordinating it with your team each round so you’ll be able to buy effectively when you can just note that under your name in the buy round it will show you how much you will have the following round it’s best to be able to have 4,500 for a fool buy round just to know that when you full buy you will most likely not be able to buy the following round if you end up dying unless you were on a solid win streak just make sure you are being economically smart and don’t buy on rounds that your teammates cannot buy as this can lead to a snowball effect for more information on economics of valor and check out the complete economy guide to valor and on our channel making too much noise simply put a lot of players run around in areas they should be beat if your team is trying to sneak into a bomb site you don’t want to stomp in like you own the place alerting all the enemies of your whereabouts sound is very crucial in this game so if your enemies possess a set of ears you will be giving them a ton of information if you decide to run it it’s very important that you know when to run and when you need to be silent if you’re rushing a certain bomb site it’s okay to run in most of the times but if you notice your team is walking towards a certain area it’s best to follow their trend it’s 2020 and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that almost everyone has a mic so why not use it calling out where you died from or where you spotted an enemy has a significant impact on what actually happens in the ground if you get Intel you need to be able to relay it to your team and you need to be constantly listening for calls from your teammates clear up the clutter in your communications and make precise calls mid rounds to your team actually knows what is happening around the map around the site they are trying to execute this mistake is a bit different and usually follows on the shoulders of the whole team same get shutdown somewhere I need to rotate oftentimes it becomes a game of playing time and sitting in one area and slowly getting picked off you need to be quick and precise and have some semblance of a plan after you get shut down this doesn’t mean you need to mindlessly rush into a death trap just be aware that if you run the timer down to 15 seconds because you are all waiting for a good plan a simple ice wall can shatter your entire round now for our last mistake Rhea post quince now what exactly are post plants they’re the positions you as the attacking team decides to take to defend the spike once it is planted we see far too often despite getting planted in the attacking team for peak the defenders are be completely exposed in the middle of the site this is very incorrect the goal of the attacking side once the spike is planted is simply to run down the timer as much as possible they want the defending side down to push into them so they can use their a positional advantages to not only waste time but to punish the defenders trying to retake the site peeking out gives the defenders easy one verse one situations that can easily be dealt with you want to make sure you play these extremely smart as is the best way to win the post plant situation a very good example of a strong post plant would be to have two of your players on a site Haven playing in a short and a long one of you could take the brunt of the TAC by picking the bomb and distracting the enemy player while you hide and wait this will waste their time very effectively and if only one of them is alive you can wait for the enemy team to tap the spike you will hear an audio cue and then you and your teammate can both proceed to peak the enemy player just make sure in the post plant positions you are able to see the bomb once you peak out you don’t want to have to run onto the site to see the bomb and who is on it for more information on post plants make sure to subscribe as we will be making a video solely dedicated to this topic now next up we have a bonus tip and this is not pushing in at all as a team this is one of the biggest mistakes players make and it happens all the time you all decide on a plan for example rushing a on Haven you put the smokes down in the proper areas side of the default box having etc and then you all proceed to head towards the choke a well-placed Eisler will generally deter most teams for fear of walking into the meat grinder now yes sometimes it’s best to back up off occasions like this but if you’re already committed to the plan and are halfway through the choke turning around and leaving is a terrible idea if you are committed and your team is following all you need is to get through that choke and take control of the site before everyone is rotated over this can be situational but a lot of the times when you have one person out on the site you should not be waiting in the choke instead commit with your team and push into the site for better if force this about sums up the main mistakes yes most of these were catered towards beginner players but a lot of them are smaller mistakes that are generally seen through the ranks it is best to be very conscious of how you are playing the round the rounds are short and the micro decisions you decide to make have a drastic effect on the outcome of the rounds if you enjoyed the video go ahead and click subscribe to see more content similar to this if you have any suggestions make sure to leave them in the description below stay indoors and stay safe good bye

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