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10 Things I learned in Radiant Valorant Academy


10 things i have learned from being a radiant as always guys

  • the first point i want to go over are pre-fire spots quite commonly in valorem you’ll be able to pre-fly a certain angles where people most usually stand okay for example there’s one backside on haven on backside b site you can pre-fire to a-link and ceiling where most people will be looking in to backsight behind the wood another common spot would also be hooker on bind so when you’re defending you can shoot on the right and the left of the window and if there’s someone there you’ll most likely get a wallbang kill the only bad thing about pre-fire spots guys is that if you use your ammo some people will if you don’t kill them peek out as you’re reloading and kill you so there are some negatives to this pre-flight spots are quite important if you do want potentially a free kill i’m holding mid across.


  • the second point is post-plant situations whenever you’re in a ranked game make sure you focus on your post plan situations use utility wisely after you’ve put the bomb down whenever you’re in a rain game i want you guys to think okay the bomb is down what do we do now okay when planting make sure you can see the bomb from certain angles it’s always best to have two angles you can see the bomb from therefore the enemies when they come to diffuse the bomb they have to check both angles for example on bind when you plant directly in front of sight you can see it from hooker and you can see it from along and also you can see it from elbow you have three spots here the enemies have to check before they can diffuse a bomb another example quite commonly on icebox you can plant default which is just in front of the green box a good thing you can do here is play post plant behind yellow container you can play post plant on main so you can get on top of the metal or you can get behind the metal container or if you have enough time and your teammates are playing time to the best of their ability you can then wrap around middle and wall band through the green box to kill the planter so jiggle peeking.


  • his is the third point now a lot of people do say you can’t juggle peak in valerian but when i say jiggle peak i don’t mean the same type of jiggle as you do in counter-strike so in counter-strike you would just quickly show your shoulder in valorem you kind of have to jump around the corner and like quickly pull away that’s onen.thing you can do what i mean by jiggle peeking is for example if your backside on a cent on b so a boathouse and you’ve got the bomb down and you’re in a two versus one post plan situation you need to know if they’re diffusing or not if they tap the bomb so what i sometimes do is just show myself so you’ve got two entrances on the backside of b you can quickly cross one of the entrances to see if they’re diffusing you can also jiggle p the normal way only really if they have an operator pretty much this is me in game right.


  • this would be the model it’d be like if you know they’ve got an operator quickly show your shoulder force them to fire and then you could swing out and maybe get the kill if it is a post plant situation let’s say a one-on-one what you can do to jiggle peak is count in your head if they’re diffusing the bomb so count to four seconds and then peak if i know that when i jiggle it i’ve got the bomb half i know that i have to be very quick on the next peak if i know they haven’t halved it they’re probably quite scared and they’re probably gonna try and take the fight against you take that one-on-one fight and not defuse it number four is do not backseat game only give vital information in your games a lot of the time i experienced two versus one three versus one situation and my teammates who are dead are in my ear telling me what to do don’t do it okay i can’t stress this enough this is probably a point that everybody needs to know not just what i’ve learned in radiant but i’ve most commonly learnt in radiant because this is when it has the worst effects so if i’m playing a two versus one situation i don’t want somebody to say do this do that all i need is information that i’m gonna find useful how much damage you’ve done to somebody and where they were last seen another thing about useful information will be call flashbangs if you’re flashing call it if you’re gonna flash somewhere for me to peak call it if you’re gonna stand somewhere call it i cannot stress enough and it gets me so angry when people just do not communicate their flashes and in the ranked game that you’re playing you could probably get two or three kills off a good flashbang communicated by your team what a flashbang what a flashbang what a good flashbang man so tip
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  • five iwant to give you guys is off angles i cannot stress enough do not hold 90 degree angles okay because more than likely someone’s going to come around the corner and have their crosshair placement ready at that 90 degree angle haven for example but if i’m sitting on the stairs bottom of a and i’m holding the ct push a 90 degree angle is very bad okay what you can do is hold maybe a 60 degree angle so what they call an off angle because then if someone is coming from the a site from ct if they’re checking a link if you’re in and off angle you’ll be able to see their weapon and see their arm if they’re checking a link and your spawn side okay right the next step i want to give you guys is avoid 50 50 peaks i know valerian have over the past tried to fix angles where you have to check the left a very deep corner but at the same time there’s a very deep right corner so when you’re going in it’s a 50 50 chance you’re going to survive if someone’s sitting in one of the corners okay so over time especially on split they have taken away some of these 50 50 angles but still there are these 50 50 angles and you need to be aware that you don’t really.


  • want to try and walk into them on split there was a wall up and somebody asked me in one of my youtube videos in the comments why did you choose to break that wall in b main break this one segment well the way the wall is angled i chose to break the left block of the wall because then if someone’s sitting in the left corner i can clear that angle okay first it as i’m clearing the left angle they won’t be able to see me from the right because it’s not a 50 50 angle the way i’ve broken the wall the next point i want to make is unnecessary peaks when you don’t need to and you make it a four versus five in your game unless you have somebody there to trade you which a higher level gameplay you usually do if there’s communication in the team try not to peek it unless you’re confident you know where somebody is because putting your team at a four versus five disadvantage especially if you’re defending is very bad when it comes down to solo peaks if you’re playing post plan and i always mention post plant but this is a very important thing when it comes to playing valerian and it comes to the competitive level immortal and radiant when it comes to post plan you want to make sure that if you’re holding the bomb when one of you takes contact if you die the second person if it’s a two versus one the second person is there to trade it all right another key point i want to get across to you guys okay is trying to play slow and trying to play fast remember guys there’s not 20 seconds to around you have well over a minute and a half to actually work the round play for a pick if you want if the call is to play for a pig try and spread.
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  • the map and play for a pick but make sure you’re in pairs okay trade kills knowing when and where to go fast is very important if you’re playing a pistol round for example depending on your agent’s composition if you have a raise in a jet there are two people who can get into a site quite fast maybe you want to explode and go quite fast if you don’t have these duelist agents that can get under sight fast maybe play it slow play for a pick spread around the map and try and make the enemies rotate just remember there is more than 20 seconds to around okay don’t be afraid of executing a sight with 30 seconds left also think that the minds of the enemy as well when there’s 30 seconds left they could be getting a little bit impatient they might push you now the penultimate point one a lot of people do talk about and i get in my twitch chat a lot is phantom or vandal which one are you now i say the phantom and the vandal discussion is very situational it depends on the map and i also find it depends who you’re playing as well it depends how aggressive and how far back you play .


  • personally if i’m playing an agent for example phoenix i’ve been playing quite a lot lately i like to use the phantom you’re getting up close and personal okay you’re flashing and you’re instantly going around the corner trying to get that kill when i talk about the maps as well i like different maps for different weapons so for split for example i much prefer the phantom i’m not sure why maybe because it’s more of a close quarter map and you get a lot of closer combat fights meaning that you can spray down somebody maps like ascent for example long range you can shoot them from bottom mid to top mid or from short to mid link it’s stuff like this that makes the phantom and vandal discussion very situational now this last point i want to tell you guys that i have learned from higher level gameplay in mortal and radium is faking plays and making moves the enemies don’t expect when they say things that the enemies don’t expect i’ll give you some examples one thing is fake dashing there’s a lot of things i do and i fake it so jet fake dashes are insane.



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