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15 INSANE Off Angles For A FREE KILL In Valorant


we have 15 insane angles to hold four free kills these angles are sure to help you guys get some awesome clips to show all your friends you’ll be surprising a ton of unexpected players and if you stick around to the end I am pretty sure that you guys will rock your next game before we start our question of the day is do you guys think that Ray’s is too strong leave your thoughts down below in the comments we read them all all right now let’s get into it first on the list is this small angle here from mid window to Haven this gap allows you to see slightly into the right side of be site hopefully allowing you to kill or damage a defender attempting to hold mid angle number two on top of these sandbags you get a really insane headshot angle while crouching making it extremely hard for your opponent to win this duel if he chooses to fight for long a this spot is not common place to hold from giving you even more of an advantage as the opponent will most likely have to flick to hit you see link is a very difficult spot to hold as a defender this angle.

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will allow you to get a free kill on someone pushing in while allowing you to stay relatively safe as the enemy will only see your head you also have an advantage if they choose to jump up into the window as well just be mindful if they choose to go into sea all right now into number 4 using sages wall you can boost right up onto the top of B site you can also sit on top of the wall instead of jumping up and you can just about see into mid window allowing for a sneaky shot on an unexpecting enemy number five jets passive allows him to glide in the air after jumping so you want to use this to get across the boxes and on top of the boxes just before a short it’s very hard for the enemy to see you guys up there while you have access to a simple kill jumping across to the other boxes also gives you a bit deeper of an angle however exposing yourself a little bit more alright now on to number six Jets updraft ability gives you access to a lot of interesting spots one being the right side of B site on top of the long line of boxes this spot is super unexpected and could net you 1 to 2 eliminations on a push following up with tailwind might allow for a swift getaway after a kill this angle is extremely good I tried it recently I highly  recommend it on to angle number 7 .


We’re gonna be moving over to bind when retaking B site from attackers sliding into this corner right here allows you a very cheeky angle to the elbow this is important because it makes sure that someone hiding back there gets taken out swiftly when trying to help out their team hiding here before they come in also may get you a free kill as it often goes uncleared on to number 8 standing on top of B site gives you a long angle into B window the operator would be a perfect weapon to use in this situation to get a quick kill long before they even expect to be seen from sight if you have a teammate playing in B window you can also use this as an off angle for B long once again jets updraft ability gives us a unique spot to wash B long from most attackers will be clearing close right as they come out of B long giving you an extremely easy kill similarly on attacking side you can jump there as you’re coming out B long to clear out B elbow from an elevated angle number 10 here’s a very sneaky angle to hold the flank as your team pushes into a site using an operator and scoping through the gap in the roof allows for a spot they’ll never ever be expecting also sitting here may allow you to take out a flank from spawn or someone taking the teleporter from B long number 11 sage can use her wall behind the truck on a site to exploit the magic of head shot angles towards a short attackers will most likely be clearing towards the site in your general direction but will rarely fully pre-aim such a strong off angle on top of the fact that not much of you is exposed this angle provides a great advantage.

When taking the first gunfight on a short push heading over to split is the final stretch here if you manage to sneak in to be main without taking contact this box is very simple way of displacing your character instead of just standing in a corner the slight flick and enemy. will need to make when clearing the back cubby should allow for a very easy one-on-one gunfight if your crosshair is placed correctly onto number 13 towards the opposite side of the map a similar angle can be taken outside of the heaven window of the a-site approach this angle is incredibly powerful seeing as an enemy’s back will be fully exposed if they decide to clear the actual bomb site first even if enemies turn their back to the site to try and clear you they’ll still need to be flicking upwards towards your position off site from the ground number 14 here we’ll be using Jets updraft once again to create an angle offset from the ground keeping your character away from your enemy’s crosshair will turn a simple corner box into a very favorable one-on-one fight and our last angle to hold for a free kill is a very aggressive angle to create an open and kill onto a bomb site take assuming your team has a ramp control jets updraft can be used to make an unexpected peak deep into a there’s practically no chance a defending player will be pre aimed on to this spot instead of the normal a main choke point that can be dangerous to go through before a kill has been made alright guys we are done with our list I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please leave us a like it helps us out a lot and we’d love to know how we can improve these types of videos in the future please leave a comment letting us know what we can do to make this the best possible experience for you guys once again we will be offering coaching for valor inverse Hoon so you guys are very serious about getting better at the game go to pro guides comm and go find your procoach right now.

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