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25 ADVANCED Tips for Valorant (Lineups, oneways, interactions…)


what’s up everybody it’s a boy Nathan ain’t coming back at you guys with another pro guys video we’ve got one heck of a video ready for you guessed at it and it’s just jam-packed with tricks to make sure you guys take your gameplay to the next level but before we head on in today’s question of the day is what are your expectations for ranks and valor and now that is finally out we love to hear your thoughts and excitement or rather the lack of we also would love to hear that to put your thoughts in the comments down below and I’ll be sure to check them out for me personally I feel like there’s not a lot of incentive to play ranked in the beta season because well you don’t really get anything for it except for some bragging rights and you know that even resets so if you’re here on the pro guides valorn channel you probably have watch our other 25 tips video in that video we failed to bring you guys advanced tips and tricks that you wanted so in this video we’re gonna try bring you guys advanced tips and tricks that you guys want if you know all of them then we applaud you but we hope that we can teach you at least one or two things today or if you guys know anything else that’s not on this list please leave it in the comment section down below we could really help other people out and if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to like it and then consider subscribing if you ever tried to get better at another FPS game you’ll realize that there’s a huge number of traits that are pretty hard to learn quickly with limited access to some of the more closely stored secrets and can be become very very daunting to try to get over some of the hurdles but today we’re here to bring you some of the top tips and tricks and Valerie we’re gonna go agent by agent and all the timestamps are in the description so if you have a favorite agent feel free to skip to them so without further ado let’s go ahead and start with VIPRE for our first tip we’re gonna start on split with VIPRE it is very well known that in Vipers Arsenal is the possibility to throw her toxic screen across the entire map and in this case well we’ll show you a great lineup on split find the sleeve on the path towards a site and from the attacking side then look up on the grey and white wire building above looking on the bottom right side of the white wire you’ll go up three wires from here and then line up your crosshair up with the edge of the wire below it make sure to check your mini-map just in case this will fully block off a ramp and having getting a really easy run up towards a site – for our second tip we will continue to Viper toxic screen but jump over to VIPRE never seems to disappoint with her potential for taking sites for this next line up go towards a short and move to the right platform once there you’re gonna want to line up to this wood beam and the gap in this leaf be sure to check your mini-map before throwing so you could just throw the toxic screen and not the game this will block off all of the right side of site and heaven allowing for a much simpler attack on a site and an easier truck side plant second continuing on bind vibrate keeps on giving with this cool poison cloud from bathroom set blocks vision from heaven standing on this cloth and aiming right at the top of this corner of the roof and throwing will make it land slightly out of heaven make sure to activate it before you go out and it’ll make an easy time for taking a sight and for defending in after the plant the third cool thing that you can do on bind with VIPRE is a cool one to help you hold showers with ease line up to the valorantcorner of this garbage pile and aim right above the doorway to showers after that look at the circle patterns above the door and aim in the center of the circle that is one left of the middle one throw your cloud and you’ll have the perfect one wait for holding showers our last tip for Viper is on Haven setup on one of these sandbags and aim up on the wall in the heaven a site and this great rectangle and the roofing pull up Vipers clout and throw it this will land right into the window forcing someone to jump out on activation or to fall back with heaven be the most difficult angle to fight coming towards a site this will relieve a lot of pressure for your team as you take a site the next two tips that we’ll be covering is on the agent breach plane breach towards lamps unbind puts you in a great position to set up your team ease for a great multi kill and this will allow you to stun basically anyone on anything in close middle or inside hookah goo communication and awareness will help your team hold B site and shut down any aggression with this simple yet effective tip tripping over to split you can set up your teammate with an awesome flash for a ramp with breach go into the company sewers I find this electrical box on the wall and aim above it after adjust your aim in the center of the box for the flash tool and just above the cubby and a ramp there are only two angles on the ramp where the enemy will not be blank which are behind the wooden box are all away in the cubby facing towards the wall if the enemies are not there this will most likely net you guys a few easy kills for you and your team this flash spot is definitely tighter than my future in tips eight nine and seven we’ll be covering the master of deception omen we have a decently confusing omen trick for you on bind by using omens shrouded and then jumping through the teleporter while the animation of shadow is still in effect this will make you sound like you took the teleporter and I mean technically you did however your teleport ability will bring you right back out faking that you went through and they don’t cost mass confusion on the enemy team we recommend you go into a custom game and test this out before trying this in a ranked game guess it’s so easy to mess up for tip number nine we say on vine and head over to the bathrooms if you want you to take site but fear the default on having defenders look no further go to the end of the bathrooms and just go right next to the doorway but look at the wall towards the default box but up this will give you guys a nice land of the box and eliminating two sidelines with one smoke now for our last omen tip we have a great one for holding garage on Haven run into the plateau of CSI and immerse Punk towards the hallway to the garage move the distance and smoke back and forth until you see the marker appear above the hall on the wall this will allow you seeing anybody walking into garage without them seeing you at all use this your advantage in the garage when you rotate to the side to assist the period your smoke lasts for our next few tips we’re going to be talking about the wonderful agent cipher everyone knows that ciphers cage could slow down a push or block off an angle but most importantly it can create one-way sight lines on split middle is an important area of the map to fight over because it can lead to high ground control in either sight so there is a cool one way for each side to net you have free kill simply line it up between these two posters and look up them to spawn the building right next to the vent and throw this will make the cage land in such a way that’ll give you a nice one way to work with use this sparingly however because as soon as your enemies catch on to your trickery you could be caught off guard by pre-fire or a fast push usually when you think about one ways he think defense well here’s a good case should break open the a bomb site simply line up yourself against this piece of hay look up and line your crosser up with this part on the top of the entryway and ball up this can also be used to isolate the right side of the site while you peek have an n CT even using this for pressure can also be beneficial by causing the opponents to move away from an aggressive position allowing your team to get close to the site safely tip number 13 is yet another cipher one-way cage if you have a player push it to showers on defense then you could try this dope one way onto a short simply get stuck between against the boxes on a short look to your right and the force field place your crosshair on the middle of this rope and throw the cage will land on the top of the box allowing you to have a nice and clean one way for an easy frag on the enemy’s coming your way right before we get into our post plan tips with brimstone there’s something that you should know so a lot of you guys know about the ring you may map that shows the distance the enemies can hear you however not a lot of people know that the spike plants and defusing sounds can be heard from twice that distance that’s why you can’t pinpoint where the spike goes down even when you’re on the opposite of the bomb site so we’re thinking about where you can play in a post plant it’s actually reasonable to be further away since you can hear it and defuse from quite the distance for our next few tips will be covering brimstone we want to be thanking PvP eggs for the spot those plant Molotov are gonna be rampant at the top level of place so it’s important to know that even if you don’t play them for our first plant molly we’d start out in bounds be site if you routine plants on the left side default simply go to the end of be long and get on top of this plant and line your cross you’re slightly above the indent on the sign and bam believe it or not you can hear the defuse from this far away heading over to split we’re gonna be outside be main lighting up these two pieces of the roof is shooting your cinder area right on the corner will fireball back of be site behind the wood this will make it so much easier to clear someone plane in the back in that cheeky spot and possibly scaring another player out into the open for a quick elimination next up we have two less common mollies on map of Haven from a safe spot at long you can shoot a great post plant Molly on to default burning any diffusers simply stand on the sandbags and line your crosshair up at the corner of the building and well there we go you have just bought yourself a few precious seconds to get closer to this pipe the second one shot from the same spot is source a closed right corner if you’re free – it’s a shotgun or an SMG player they’re investing in a Molotov to force them out might be the safest play you’d be surprised how useful these can be on a dime the next brimstone tip comes from b-side split brimstone Sisson areas so when Italy’s utilize abilities creatively but for our next step amazing post plant molotov on default b-side split once the bomb is planted move into the CTS connector and then get into this corner then look into the lease above and fire right into the top of the sleeve this will land a few seconds later to molly off the bomb site without the enemy ever seen where it’s coming from for our next brimstone trick we want to show you an awesome execution on split head it to be main and put down three clouds of smoke one for the right side running up to the site and then the left one out the pillar next to the small box and then in heaven this will fully block off all the longer angles for you to run into your site giving you guys much more favorable fights while working for control everyone knows by now this HS apart to create hard to spot angles using our wall to boost up over some different locations let’s split one of these angles is on catwalk go all the way to this corner and try to make the wall go up as close to the corner as possible one side push yourself up and then you’ll get it clean off angle to hold a short where the enemy would never be ready to look for tip number 21 we say us flip but this time just to do the attacking side you can use sages wall to boost yourself up and teammates up on the gravel wall outside of a short / long stand on top and aim the wall towards a side heaven you can easily set this up prior to the ground starting off and then it’ll give you a really nice ankl to see the heaven and catwalk this spot is incredibly hard to spot for the opposing player while you have a relatively easy ankle to shoot from moving on sages wall has been seen a lot of play in walling off choke points and boosting players above them but another strap that you can answer your PlayBook with sage is intentionally leaving a crack in the wall so you can peek these narrow angles leaving a crack is a great way to get a pick and you place the same full wall each round then one round if you leave a crack your points will be conditioned to your play and won’t think twice about the wall another bonus if free is something I did in the game recently which is I used my wallet to block off raises ultimate which felt pretty damn cool our first and only sip with grace is on her boom bot once ability itself is quite average the boo bot can have some serious potential appeared with blast pack well it normally can’t go over small bumps or wallis by using raises blast packs you can lots of robot over some different structures one place to do this effectively is on hookah and vine by releasing the boom bot towards the site you can actually launch the boom bot over the lip of whoo on to the B site for some great bit of distraction and possibly even a kill this strat is definitely the bomb for our two last tips of the video we take a look at Silva for tip number 24 we have an incredible recon bolt from be set of heaven head to the back of B’s site and then make sure you line it up with the middle of the wood and wall behind you then look at the middle of the third window from the left set your crosshair on the beam above and then make sure that you’re right above it two bounces and then fire easy it should land exactly right behind the doorway out in the middle of window and a long giving you a large amount of information in the area while keeping you a hundred percent safe for our last set final tip we have another trick of the teleporters that actually has to do with Silva’s drone you can actually put your drone through the teleporter with no noise making it really easy to get completely unexpected information since the enemy players have no sound cue a great way to utilize this is to play PSA on defense and send the drone through the teleporter on the outside of the bathrooms giving your team quick information and they’re taking control of anything on the a side of the map come on this with hitting your opponent with the dart and having your teammate Pachuca and you can have a free 5e for all right guys thank you so much for watching until the end did you guys have any other tips on your home make sure you leave them in the comments down below so you have a chance to be used in our next video if you didn’t already know we’re offering valor and coaching at pro guys calm so please click the link in the description if you want to get ahead of the competition and be taught by the best please consider subscribing and liking this video if you enjoyed and stay indoors and stay safe have a wonderful day guys and best of luck and competitive if that’s what you guys are going to get into

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