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25 Tips I Wish I Knew When Starting Valorant

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Today we’ll be bringing you 25 tips.I personally wish I knew before I started playing valent there is a tip for everyone out there from beginners, to experts so stick around to the very end and you might learn something really important and just like with our League of Legends videos we are working with the best of the best these are all ex pro csgo players and pro overwatch players writing these tips so you know that they’re going to be good coming up at number one is our first tip and that is that sage can boost her allies up on her barrier including herself this is useful to see over tall boxes and to reach higher spots that your opponents won’t expect there are a ton of spots you can try it so be sure to experiment every round you get the chance to tip number 2 if you ever find yourself in a pinch as sage you can right click to heal yourself I like to use this to take aggressive duels take some damage and then fall back and heal myself when the fights over your opponents might be surprised to find you full HP after hitting you so use this to your advantage.

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this is something that makes sage a dangerous agent to play against and makes repeating her a nightmare coming in number 3 a lot of people know that Phoenix can heal in his own Molotov but for this tip you might be surprised to find that he can also heal in his flame as well you can pull off with cool – and won by healing yourself and blocking off enemy vision remember that the wall can also be curved while using it so you can set up for some cool corner walls be careful with these abilities because they damage your team too but we’ll touch on this later tip number 4 viper can pick up her poison cloud after she’s deployed it this is great for when you have to run across the map to help your team instead of leaving your cloud behind take it with you to help stop the enemy from advancing also if you throw a bad cloud and there’s nobody around to shoot you you can go pick it up and try again poison cloud does decay damage which means anyone inside it will go down to one HP they come out their health regenerates back to where it was after issue of delay Vipers toxic screen and our ultimate also applies decay so be careful with that as well tip number 5 that’s not all for viper tip number 5 is she can her toxic screen over the map to make it longer but it can also get caught on rooftops and other tall objects this would be careful with your lineup if your team is getting rushed on the opposite bomb site you can throw a screen to help them brawl it out an obscure enemy vision make sure to use your mini-map when using this ability so you can line it up with your liking every time tip number six has to do with abilities buying abilities is never a bad idea because if you die with them you get to keep them for the following round these Go players are going to love this because you don’t have to throw all your utility before you take a dual abilities such as sage is slow or Phoenix’s flash banks are essential for most rounds in the game you should buy them pretty much every round in case you have a good moment to use them tip number seven is super super important any abilities you use on the enemy team can also affect your team team ability damage in this game is on meaning you can kill your teammates with your abilities some examples of abilities you don’t have to be careful about throwing at your team our sages slow orb Vipers snake bite Phoenix’s Molotov and raises cluster bomb coming at number eight Ultimates do not carry into overtime make sure to use any alts you’re holding on to in the last round or you’ll lose them ultimate progress is set to halfway and overtime requiring three kills for any agent to get there alt it might even end up giving you alt progress you didn’t have before moving on to number nine we have the blast radius moving from csgo to valor and is mostly smooth but one tip I wish I knew before I started was how big the bomb radius is if you’re coming from csgo then you’re probably used to a small radius then once you make it far enough away you might take one or two bits of damage but nothing significant but in valor ain’t even a point of armor damage is equal to your entire HP in balint you either take no damage from the spike explosion or you instantly die if the dark explosion radius touches you jumping into number 10 we have this shield system in valent there are two types of shields available for purchase you have a light shield available for $400 and heavy shield available for 1,000 when purchasing the light shield you get 25 more effective health meaning that in order for an opponent to kill you they must inflict 125 damage of the base 100 if you buy the heavy shield you get 50 effective health added on to your base 100 with this new effective health only a few weapons can take you down with a single bullet when playing the round with a shield there are important things to remember one you can’t heal shield health.

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When you take damage and have shield health remaining both numbers will diminish together 3 you will need to rebuy your shield if you take any damage in the previous round we recommend re buying a heavy shield if you go below 25 in the previous round and have the funds to spare tip number 11 when looking for a rifle to buy in valor it’s your eyes instantly drift to the Vandal and phantom these $2,900 rifles are beasts in game and but sometimes it is difficult to decide which one to choose based on the price you might automatically think they do the same damage but they don’t the Vandal does 156 damage to the head at any range making it an instant kill but the Phantom will only inflict 150 damage at very short distances and anything beyond that radius will require at least two bullets to kill to make it for the difference in damage the gun has a larger magazine size and a faster rate of fire these stats might change over time as riot begins to balance these two guns in the beta now we haven’t talked about the bomb sight yet so let’s do that tip 12 the spike in valor –nt has a 45 second timer until detonation right after being planted it’s 5 seconds more lenient than Cisco which has a 40 second bomb timer the 45 seconds is more than enough time to rotate all players near the site and clear the attackers so don’t feel too rushed tip number 13 the spike takes 7.5 seconds to fully defuse instead of doing it all in one shot you can get off the defuse at the halfway point and I’ll save your progress this is extremely useful because you can have fake the bomb by getting off after the halfway mark to kill the remaining attackers it also compensates for the fact that there are no defuse kits in balanced tip number 14 is an important one so listen up when playing any hero / agent with a res teleport or dash ability it’s important to remember that after you use it not be able to shoot your gun for a specific amount of time this is especially important when playing omen because he has two of these abilities his shrouded step ability can have up to two charges and allows him to teleport a short distance to get into unexpected places or catch an enemy off guard with an unexpected reposition once the ability is started it takes one second for the animation to complete and when your agent appears in the new location it takes an additional second to pull out your gun and have it ready to fire in this additional second it is easy for an enemy to kill you as you cannot move or fire so instead of teleporting right next to an enemy instead you use it to switch up positions or get into angles that your enemies are not expecting in a safer way like teleporting closer to sight or teleporting inside a smoke this delay does not only affect omen and any resurrection abilities like sages resurrection or Phoenix’s run it back has a slightly longer delay that should only be used while having substantial cover all right now on to number 15 coming from a game like an overwatch or fortnight you might have to get used to standing still to shoot but with shotguns that issue isn’t a problem in valent to be accurate with most guns consistently you have to stand still when firing but with either the judge or the Bucky the rule is not the same feel free to run and jump while being accurate with these weapons also with jets passive float she can use updraft to get high in the sky and peek some unexpected angles all of being perfectly accurate with these two guns tip number 16 a very important mechanic in valor –nt is the ability to aim down sights coming from a game like Rainbow six siege or Call of Duty players will feel right at home with valor insertion of sites in the game but there are certainly things that are different from gun to gun that I wish I knew when I started playing Valerie the difference with all the sites in valor –nt is when spraying you will notice your crosshair moving this is the crosshair adjusting to the recoil from that gun the next difference is that when zoomed in with the Bulldog of the stinger the guns have burst fire mode activated when zoomed in the burst consists of three bullets that can be deceivingly lethal the third difference is the difference in zoom percentages on most weapons the zoom person 25 but for the Guardian the zoom is double to 50% for the two snipers if zoomed once you can see two and a half times the normal distance and with the operator you can double zoom it for five times of the normal magnification tip number 17 omens ultimate can be scary but you can tell exactly when he’s teleporting when your mini-map starts to burn this on top of the globally heard voice line should give you plenty of heads-up that he might be in your back line for a bonus tip try not to run backwards when he’s all tanked instead just post up and watch your flank he might just walk into your crosshairs tip number 18 nearing at the end guys if you’ve stuck it all the way over here it means that you’re probably going to get good at valor ins I want to remind you guys to click the sub button if you want to get really really good at balint cuz we’re gonna be posting a ton of incredible content from csgo pros and the likes and also we will be supporting valor at coaching very very soon on pro guides comm if you want to get better at valent or any other game you have to go to pro guides comm and find a coach right now who will play with you get you better at the game identify your weaknesses and say you know what you can get better because of X Y & Z do that now and you’ll probably go pro all right now on to tip number 18 cipher can trigger his cyber cage through walls this is great for slowing down pushes safely and buying your team time to rotate if you don’t want to peek the choke point you can always trigger your traps from behind cover offensively you can throw these down to cover your flank and pop them when your enemies get close for the next tip breach can actually shoot his breaching abilities at walls this is a big misconception about breach he doesn’t have to be right up next to the wall to use them he can shoot flashpoint from a distance so his team can peek off of it quickly and secure the frag I wish I knew this when I started playing so I didn’t wedge myself into corners every time I used one of these abilities be sure to experiment with all the corners and walls you can shoot abilities through – the game is brand new so getting that small edge in your opponent’s is much better tip number 20 teleporters are a big part of the game and it’s important you know that inside and out teleports can be faked by throwing a weapon or ability through them the loud teleport sound .

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Will play tricking your enemies into thinking you went through if you coordinate this with a whole team you can completely fake the opposite site with no players near it sages slow orbs work great to fake out the sound I’ve been caught by this a few times so be careful in your own games but when we made this video this was the case we’ll see what riot does tip 21 is a short one don’t expect your gun to be completely accurate while shipped walking walking accuracy is not a thing in balance as you need to be completely still to get optimal weapon accuracy if you’re peaking around a corner make sure to stop moving if you’re about to shoot tip number 22 while running look at the mini-map and you’ll see a faint ring around your agent this circle shows you the range of which your footsteps can be heard this is a big one.

If you have to rotate across the map use this to know when to stop running and start walking sound is a big part of information and balint and giving off your position is generally unfavorable at the same time don’t walk across the entire map on rotations because it’ll waste a lot of time finding the right balance of running and walking can be the difference in becoming an efficient player for our 23rd tip we have some tips on how to use silvas arrows effectively if you’re coming from csgo you know that the skyboxes can block smokes thrown from across the map but environment there is no need to worry in valent there are no pesky sky boxes and with either sofas shot bulk or recon volt you can have some insane lineups to catch your opponent’s unaware and maybe steal a frag or two for our 24th tip we have jets passive ability to float when falling from high ground jet will float causing her to be inaccurate and slow but able to glide making it possible to get to places your enemies might not expect without even using an ability this can be used on any round and can even be combined with tip number 16 for some sick aerial shotgun kills and for our last tip we have some ways of saving some cash as you may know you can right-click your gun and get your gun or any ability to purchase in the same buy phase to get a full refund just right-click but did you know that if your shield was damaged even just by one point in the previous round you can get charged full price for the purchase and if you resell it you do not get your old shield points back so just be cautious when you’re buying a heavy or light shield as it could cost you alright guys thank you so much for joining us today once again if you want to see content like this click that sub button we’re gonna be doing so much content to get you guys better at the game so if that’s something that interests you then absolutely subscribe and if you guys want to take your valorn skills to the next next level go find a pro coach on pro guides.

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