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5 BEST Agents To MAIN In Valorant


another wonderful day and another wonderful video what’s up pro guys family my name is trey and today we’ve got a fantastic video for you today we are going to be talking about the best agents to maine that aren’t heavily contested picks meaning we aren’t going to be talking about the usual sage brimstone you see in every game while this list isn’t super meta for maining an agent you want to make sure you can get them for almost every game and put in the right spot every agent in valoran can shine all those agents are fantastic if mastered so putting your time into these agents won’t be wasted but before we get into our list our question of the day is what agent do you main in our discord we can see we have a ton of sage mains and scifi remains on the role selection page for me i love to play sova as much as i can because both of his arrows provide amazing value and he has tons of lineups you can learn to even further your skill from the opponents let us know your mains in the comments below starting off our list we have omin quite an unusual pick you might think but with his recent buffs in patch 0.5 and the quality of life changes coming at release he has a lot of promise with the increase in smoke duration and projectile speed you will see him a lot more in competitive play right now brimstone is currently king in the controller category but slowly omen will work his way up there with his kit he’s currently the mastery of trickery using his dark cover to block out valorant offwhitelaunch keyartmultiple lines of sight and with his shrouded step he can get to places enemies won’t expect there are a lot of times and places where shrouded step gets omen to very favorable positions that lead to flanks or control important areas of the map one of my favorites is on split when you’re attacking on the a bomb site when you’re coming from a main and you clear a ramp out you can tp across so the person from screens doesn’t see you cross if you keep walking up there’s a very high chance the guy playing a heaven is very surprised if you get that kill you essentially have gained control of a heaven by yourself leading to your teammates just needing to get one lone enemy on the a bomb site this is just one case of how he can outplay a team there’s so much more he can do when you master him and pair his dark cover and shrouded step together for example the first time you use your smoke and walk into it they will be watching the smoke if you’re in the smoke and you use shrouded steps to a corner they might still be fixated on the smoke and you’re able to get a free kill it’s creative plays like this that give omen a ton of potential mix in that with his ultimate from the darkness and you will throw your opponents in a jumble of hectic chaos while you can use omen’s ultimate to go to the other team’s spawn that’s quite predictable but even then it might work out one thing i would recommend is saving it to use on a push onto a bomb site you can ulti into the spot you like on the bomb site while your team is pushing in and make it so that the opponents have to focus on your teammates or your ultimate this is a very strong move that puts a lot of pressure onto the opponents definitely try this out if you are an omen main of course as for all these characters such as omen i wouldn’t jump straight into ranked with them i’d advise you to practice an unrated first or if you have vods of you playing you should go to proguides.com where you can get the best coaches to help review your gameplay and help you improve a ton we have a brand new feature called instapro which provides unlimited 24 7 on-demand coaching from the best of the best at any time if you haven’t checked out the website already go check it out now in the link below and see if there’s any coaches you like you can message them before you start a session to see who they main what kind of coaching they do and what their expertise is you won’t regret it and speaking about regret you won’t regret picking up sova as your main coming second on this list this russian hunter is an absolute monster on the attacking side giving your teammates info on where enemies are playing with the signature ability recon bolt coming up every 35 seconds you can have a ton of control over areas of the map where you shoot your dart meaning your teammates don’t have to risk their lives to clear certain angles if you watch somebody like nick wu play sova it’s an absolute pleasure to watch somebody who mastered their character he has unabsorbable amount of knowledge on the best places to use his recon dart and completely crushes the enemy team with superior info gathering if you want to be like some of the best solo players in the game you have to spend the time to learn arrows in custom games and we can actually help you out with that our video on 25 insane silva lineups you need to know will be in the link below make sure to check out that video if you decide to pick this character up moving to his owl drone like i said with his recon bolt if you can clear an area of the map without risking anybody’s life that’s amazing his owl drone is on the more expensive side of abilities but it’s all too worth it owl drone can be used to clear angles be used as bait and also tag people so you can see them through walls similar to cipher’s camera if you do tag somebody with your owl drone use your hunter’s fury if available to get the best chance to get an easy pick hunter’s fury is best accompanied with a recon bolt or owl drone it can also be used when enemies are pushing into small corridors if you hear a lot of them if you are planning to use sova’s aldrone make sure to communicate with your team to push alongside with it so it can be used as bait but it’s also important to recognize your position when you’re using owl drone as you will be stuck in the same place for an extended period of time and enemies can run you down if you aren’t careful for number three we have a character that will definitely be moving players around with his ultimate abilities it’s breach reach is very unique in the fact that he’s the only true disruptor class in the game his kit is focused on helping clear angles and debilitate opponents laying in his way he is probably the strongest agent in the game as many people have been saying since all the other agents received the nerfs in the patch 0.5 his flash is the strongest in the game compared to his flashing counterpart phoenix reach’s flashpoint goes through walls and lasts longer when directly hit by it his aftershock may seem rather weak at first glance but it is surprisingly very useful you can clear a lot of common hiding spots with this ability and people sometimes don’t expect the range the explosion has another useful tip is to use it on post plant when they tap the bomb that way you don’t have to run up to check if they are sticking the defuse as it will stop their defuse or leave them dead in the process for a mere 100 credits this ability is severely underrated as for his next ability fault line i find it more useful on defense when you hear that enemies are going through a narrow choke use this ability on that choke and peek after it’s a very strong setup as if you can catch them they will be dazed offensively you can use it to clear a few angles but at most it will catch one and they’ll usually be able to retreat to cover that doesn’t mean it’s bad though as faultline will get them off the angle for you to take control of that area as for his ultimate rolling thunder it’s not just a cool volleyball move it’s one of the most devastating ultimates in the game reach can single-handedly clear a bomb site with a well-placed ultimate as it launches anybody caught up in the air even if they are behind cover and dazes them making them very vulnerable these days will limit the rate of fire as well so capitalizing when using your ultimate is a must if you’re the person that likes crowd control abilities and causing chaos for the enemy team reach is by far the best pick for you for our fourth agent we have the venomous lady in green viper in terms of tearless she’s not going to be near the top however it doesn’t mean she has no benefit to the team viper like omen depends on her bag of tricks you have to know certain lineups if you want to succeed as viper if you know her lineups however her one ways can be devastating one way is for those of you that don’t know is when you purposely leave a gap in the smoke that allows you to see them and not vice versa she has many one ways on every map that you have to learn to fully utilize her potential if you are interested in these one ways check out our 25 advanced tips video where we covered a few of them later in the video next is her toxic screen which is essentially a wall of smoke this is especially useful as you can split a bomb site very easily with this ability allowing your teammates to gain access to the bomb site easier there are a lot of different ways you can’t split a bomb site with your toxic screen making sure you practice it in custom games is a must you should also learn how to manage her resource as she has fuel that she uses for smokes be sure when you’re not actively doing something or holding from a push you turn off your smoke wall or poison orb to recharge your fuel at the same time if you’re on the opposite side of the map of your toxic screen turning it on would cause the defending side to hesitate before rotating this could be a nice little fake to buy a few crucial seconds for your teammates to get onto sight keep that in mind for viper snakebite there’s no way around it it’s the weakest molly in the game but that doesn’t mean it’s useless since viper has a maximum of two snakebites in a round they are generally good for clearing corners you think enemies are hiding in even if snakebite doesn’t have the highest of dps it will soften up enemies and make them leave a spot they were hiding in hopefully the buffs they promised for viper at launch will suffice for current and future viper mains viper’s last ability is viper’s pit viper’s pit creates a large smoke of toxin in a targeted area this ultimate is tricky to get value out of but it does have some situations where it’s amazing on defense if you go down a man early you can use this on an important choke and hold it down for your team of course you do require some mechanical abilities to shoot down enemies so make sure that you are ready as enemies that enter your ultimate are highlighted in red host plants are fantastic for viper as her ultimate can section off attacking and defending players alike viper’s pit plus snake bite have good synergy and you’ll find yourself getting some free kills if your enemies aren’t looking at their health if you want more in-depth viper guide check out the one we just posted on our channel it goes over everything we talked about plus more last but not least we have our mysterious hatted friend cipher for cipher he may be one of the more contested picks on this list but is well deserved his role as a sentinel is no joke he can single-handedly shut down a choke by himself and is matched only by sage in terms of defensive capabilities his tripwire has insane value in giving information towards his team and you know when his enemies hit the tripwire as it gives vision of them even if you’re across the map if the enemies fight the tripwire and it gets shot then you know an enemy is in that vicinity if knowledge is power then cipher is hercules paired with cyber cage you can activate it when somebody hits a tripwire and then spray them down through the cyber cage even with just those two abilities he’d be a good character but he also has a portable camera that he carries around he’s able to place the camera in advantageous spots giving invaluable information to him and his team if destroyed it gets put on a 45 second cooldown if he decides to move it the camera cannot be placed for the next 15 seconds so if you can be sure to try and pick your camera up as it will save you 30 seconds which is a lot his ultimate is actually one of the weaker ones in the game it’s just a slight wall hack which allows you to see where all the enemies are located for a fraction of the second while it is useful you do require to find a fresh body and even if you get that information the enemy can still move from where they were originally located if you like more defensive play gathering info and having a hat cypher is the agent for you and there you go we cover the best 5 agents for you to main in this video hope this gave you some inspiration to pick up some new agents and learn them if you did get inspired remember to like comment and subscribe to show some support for our work as always love you all pro guys family and i’ll catch you all next time straight out

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