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do you ever have trouble figuring out your sensitivity or do you feel like your shot is just a little bit inconsistent or maybe you’re not too confident in taking gunfights well today i’d like to cover some of the practice routines that you can start implementing as well as the techniques to be aware of that can helpvalorant twitch beta 2 increase your aiming consistency i’d recommend that you try out all of these if they seem interesting afterwards you can then custom tailor them to fit your own personal needs [Music] hi my name is matt and today i’ll be your own personal guide on all of these aiming techniques it’s going to be my pleasure to share with you these useful ways to improve your aim which could potentially help you feel more confident and better equipped to win your velorent games no matter what happens in velour if you’re the first one to hit the headshot the other factors of the game won’t matter in my opinion the ability to control your mouse and properly aim is the most important factor in reaching your potential as a valor player if you guys enjoy this type of content make sure to comment down below which setting you found most interesting or useful also if you feel like we missed anything comment what types of ways you like to improve your aim before we dive straight into today’s video as always we have our question of the day how do you guys like the spraying mechanic in velourant currently the spray functions in a random manner in both strength and timing personally i’d hope that they make the randomness of the spray patterns just a little bit easier to handle i think it’d be better for both casuals and competitive players alike you know overall it’s not a huge deal but it’s something i would personally like to see tweaked let us know how you feel in the comment section down below having solid mouse control is the first step to becoming a great aimer regardless if you like to obtain it through playing shooting games using third-party aim trainers or doing a mix of both the end goal of all of these come down to one simple premise mouse control a player with excellent mouse control will be able to move their mouse comfortably which will allow them to not only position their crosshair better for easier shots but also land potentially difficult shots when they need to in today’s guide i want to cover how to obtain better mouse control not only through third-party aim trainers but in-game practice modes as well as finding a mouse that can help you more comfortably maintain your grip style the two main aiming styles to focus on are tracking and flicking properly practicing them in third-party aim trainers will help players who are especially newer to shooter games to improve at a much faster rate so if you lack that type of experience i highly suggest you implement third party aim trainers for warming up and when you have extra free time to spare i do want to keep this brief but having a mouse you’re comfortable with will help you reach your peak potential when it comes to your overall mouse control and aim the very best way to find out what works for you is to try myself in person if possible for example ordering a few mice off amazon and returning the ones you won’t be using or going to a store in person to try the ones that they offer can often be much better than just blind buying whatever mouse your favorite pro player or streamer uses with that in mind some general things to pay attention to is your grip style and hand size typically speaking if you use your palm in some way it’s important to stay away from mice that have a lower hump a rule of thumb i usually recommend is to stick to ambidextrous mice if you’re not entirely sure of what mice you like as they don’t force your hand to meld to it in a specific way ergonomic mice on the other hand can be great for some especially if you like the right side of your mouse to be flared out another thing to pay attention to are the size and weight if you’re not sure of what you like i’d recommend that you go smaller and lighter if you do end up with a mouse that’s bigger or heavier you can run into some wrist or forearm pain additionally most people have better mouse control when their mouse is lighter and smaller some ambidextrous mice that i would highly recommend are the g pro wireless the viper ultimate the viper mini and the zowie s2 but if you are in the market for something ergonomic take a look at the zowie ec2b and the logitech g403 g703 the most important thing is to find a mouse that you can grip comfortably and will allow you to play for long periods of time fatigue is a very real thing and having a mouse you’re extremely comfortable with can help curb that and keep you performing more consistently kovacs is the big boy of all the aim trainers that i’ve used i’ve spent a lot of time using this one and it’s helped in all of the shooters that i play whether that be fortnite call of duty apex legends or of course of the lawrence it is extremely extensive and has scenarios that can fit any player regardless if you are a new or an experienced aimer not only that it’s more customizable and can really help out players who are serious about improving their mouse control kovacs also has the feature to use and create aiming routines which can help you keep consistently practicing scenarios that you feel can help make sure you use the same sensitivity and fov in both kovacs and velourin that way it’ll transition better when you’re actually playing the laurent some of the best scenarios that have personally helped me progress as a player are bounce 180 one wall six targets small close fast strafes invincible and bounce 180 tracking with the newer updates kovacs even has general recommended routines that are fairly good if you don’t know where to start begin at the beginning routines and simply work your way up there are a plethora of modes that are available so don’t be afraid to try different ones out and figure out which ones you like keep in mind that you should be incorporating both tracking and flicking modes to better round your amount both are important skills to have and will help you tremendously invalorent aimlab is the friendlier less complex version of kovacs it’s got a simpler design and a more appealing aesthetic which makes it much more beginner friendly aimlab is a great way to start and hone your aim but if you’re looking to become more experienced kovacs is definitely the better option some scenarios that i like to play are grid shot motion shots switch track and circle shot i would recommend that you focus on your accuracy first and work your speed up as you become more comfortable a lot of people get frustrated with their initial scores or progress and then give up on themselves but if you’re able to slow your pace down take each day one by one you will see progression both in the aim trainer and in the lorent similarly to kovacs you’re going to want to figure out scenarios that incorporate both tracking and flicking aspects to get the most out of it if you take aim training as seriously as a workout regimen then i guarantee that you would see improvements in your aim with time the ability to control your mouse will only come with time but by utilizing extra resources such as aimlab and kovacs you can expedite the process okay let me be honest osu isn’t an aim trainer by any means but it is a ton of fun and can help you develop that all-important mouse control if you’re new to the game try and download a song pack as well as a skin which can help reduce the visual clutter on the screen for me i started with 2-3 star songs and slowly worked my way up to six plus star songs again this won’t directly help your aim but it’s a great way to have some fun enjoy music and work on your general mouse control personally the ideal routine for me would consist of osu first kovac second and then finishing off with deathmatch before i finally start my first ranked game this way i can start with something a little bit more fun and ease my way into playing with full confidence again what works for you will vary greatly however i would suggest that you take a look at these three types of third party aim trainers and see if any of them fancy your style currently this is my favorite way to warm up and i feel like it helps me the most the key to getting the most out of the laurent deathmatch is to pay attention to the ranges that you’re fighting at make sure to focus on bursting and tap shooting when you’re dealing with enemies that are a long distance and being comfortable crouch spraying when they’re closer death match is great because unlike third party aim trainers the focus isn’t just on raw aim and mouse control you can work on your movement your control with different weapons and it helps you get a better grasp of how certain engagements would feel around the map essentially deathmatch can help replicate some of the fighting scenarios that you’ll be getting into in real games which is the closest thing to the real deal it can also help you become more aware of how to pre-aim your crosshair as well as deal with multiple enemies from various angles i’ve spent countless hours in counter-strike playing deathmatch and it’s the core reason my aim has gotten to the point it is it today and i’m confident that velour and deathmatch will do the same and it’s a blast to play overall deathmatch is something i highly recommend and when coupled with a third-party aim trainer it can help out quite a bit the in-game practice range used to be my go-to way of warming up it has many cool scenarios and is a great way to slowly ease your way into feeling comfortable for your next match although i rarely use it anymore ever since deathmatch was released i do still believe it has some merit for instance you can use it without having to leave the lobby while you’re waiting for your friends to join up or a tournament match to stars additionally it’s especially convenient if you’re not too fond of using third-party game trainers if you feel like third party aim trainers aren’t your style i’d suggest to continue using the practice range make sure you’re focusing on your flicking and tracking as well as the different ranges that you’re shooting the bots finally look to use the spike defusal and arm game modes as they’re my old personal favorites that i like to end my warm-up with at the end of the day nothing prepares you quite like playing an actual game of the laurent although i believe training before your games and outside of your games will help you progress at a much faster rate if you aren’t putting in enough real velour games it won’t matter in the grand scheme of it all it’s more important that you play the lauren and improve your aim in-game than to spend too much time focusing on the extra resources that are available funnily enough you’re gonna have to keep in mind that nothing translates exactly in velourant except the lauren and these third-party aim trainers can only help on the side if you’re able to warm up properly train your aim consistently and play velorent a lot then you’re going to naturally find your aim becoming insanely strong the last thing i want to leave you on is to make sure you’re paying attention to the types of shots that you tend to miss is it close range that you’re struggling with long range spray control burst control flicking or tracking once you identify the areas that you are weaker in by consciously working on them both in the lorent and with third-party own trainers you’re going to find yourself improving faster than all of your friends at the end of the day practice makes perfect putting in the necessary amount of time and focusing on the right ways to improve will allow you to have a huge step up over the competition here at pro guide we wanted to cover some of the typical ways that you can use to improve your aim at a quicker rate if there are any tips you feel helped be sure to comment down below and tell us why additionally if there is anything we missed please let us know we love to learn more too that’s all we have for this video if you enjoyed the video please like comment and subscribe to keep up to date with us make sure to hit the bell notification which ensures that you can stay up to date with our videos and ahead of the competition if you want to learn more about anything valorent related head over to proguides.com for the best of laurent on-demand coaching our coaches are among the very best and we hope you check them out if you enjoyed this video they will help you with any of your individual velorent needs and can bring you to the next level if that’s not your style make sure to check out our discord we have a great community where you can chat hang out and possibly find friends to play with stay tuned for our future videos and keep up the grind pro guide spam

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