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Agents in Valorant that could use a nerf



1 – Killjoy

Killjoy has seen a fair share of tweaks to her kit in her relatively short life span.In her current state, though, she can do considerable damage, while also obtaining information. Compared to the other two sentinels, Killjoy can seem overpowered at times. Because her abilities are automated, every now and then, her kit becomes bugged in-game. She has had to be removed on occasion because of glitches to her Turrett.

Killjoy can stall pushes, deal damage, and obtain information, all while playing off-site if she chooses. In pistol rounds, her Turrett can be extremely lethal. Opposing teams are forced to use utility to destroy the Turrett, or take damage while peaking.As a solo site-holder, Killjoy is the prime selection. Cypher is still a great agent, but Sage has seen much less usage since Killjoy’s introduction. In First Strike North America’s main event, Sage wasn’t picked, not once. The higher the rank, the less Sage gets selected. This isn’t because she isn’t a good agent, though. Killjoy’s kit allows her to fulfil Sage’s role as a sentinel, while doing more for her team.


Breach is an initiator agent, but he sometimes seems like a duelist.His kit allows him to flash, stun, and even clear corners. It is supposed to set up pushes for his team when they execute on a bombsite. However, it sometimes seems like there is no end to this guy’s utility.Only Skye and Breach can have three flashes. The latter can flash for his team, but he can also be in a position to act on his flashes. They only cost 100 credits each, meaning the agent can have all three for 300 credits. Compared to the two flash-equipped duelists, Phoenix and Reyna, he can have more flashes, while spending fewer credits.

Additionally, Breach can initiate pushes for his teammates with his flash, or just flash and push opponents himself. A Breach that coordinates with his teammates well is extremely strong in Valorant.Breach’s signature ability, Fault Line, is free every round. On top of that, it replenishes every 35 seconds. In a 1v1 situation, Breach almost has a decent amount of utility remaining. He can be tough to deal with when he plays in conjunction with his teammates.

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It’s important to note that Omen isn’t necessarily overpowered. However, in mostly one-controller-agent team compositions, most sides will prefer Omen over Brimstone or even Viper.

At every rank, Omen is the most picked controller agent in Valorant. As a controller, the agent is responsible for cutting off enemy sightlines. When it comes to precisely blocking vision from enemies throughout a round, Omen’s abilities reign supreme over Brimstone and Viper.Omen signature ability, Dark Cover, allows him to have two free smokes at the beginning of each round. Additionally, the Dark Cover replenishes every 35 seconds. Although Brimstone can place three smokes down simultaneously, he cannot smoke as far as Omen, and his smokes don’t replenish. Riot has said that a buff to Brimstone is coming though, so players can be on the lookout.



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