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10 techniques pros to use in valorant wfFa4K8USIE

10 TECHNIQUES Pros To Use In valorant

We’ve already discussed the basics of how to play Valorant in terms of eliminating the enemy team and/or planting or defusing the spike, but there’s much more to the game than the basic premise. When a round starts you enter an initial “buy” phase. Where you can purchase weapons to use in that round. The...Read More
how to fix valorant error code 39 dltqmMpaOgo

How to fix Valorant Error Code 39

Valorant fans have their fair share of issues with the online game, including the large number of cheaters and smurf accounts that ruin the fun for everyone. However, a more commonly faced issue for players is the Error Code 39. This problem has plagued fans for a while, and you will have experienced it at least once...Read More
the best teammate in pro valorant 78CP9bYDRFs

The BEST TEAMMATE In Pro Valorant

So far we have the settings for: 100T Asuna Brax Faze Babybay 100T Hiko G2 Mixwell 100T Nitro Noted TL Scream Shanks Shroud SEN Sinatraa TSM Subroza Tenz TSM Wardell We’ll be continually updating this overtime so be sure to check back often. Let us know in the comments who you’d like to see next!...Read More
temporary suspension ban valorant UPOjkM2zYj0

Temporary suspension Ban Valorant

The choice to work with their own technology allows them to react quickly and keep players abreast of its development. Thus, Vanguard is constantly evolving and its second phase will take place during the official release of the game with the implementation of an automatic ban system. All the old bans having been carried out...Read More
become a hero in valorant V Qtz G67jE


we’re going to go over how to peek like a pro and guarantee that you get the first shot in every fight. knowing how to peek properly is extremely important in valorant, as it can make the difference between being prepared to hit your shots or being surprised an easily one tapped by the enemy....Read More
valorant magepunk


The upcoming ‘Magepunk’ skin bundle has been leaked by dataminers on Twitter ahead of its actual release. While no official announcement has been made by Riot Games about this bundle, fans are already hyped to know more about what the Valorant devs have in store for them. The Magepunk bundle features a blue metallic finish...Read More
see what happens if you hire a fiverr brave player to take you to immortal tqe9g0J7x k

Do you really need a coach in Valorant

Read people’s opinions on this subject with me and I assure you that you will benefit: Your mind holds you back from one thought. You can definitely tolerate sage no problem, don’t be afraid to use your wall for aggressive plays and try it out. Rotate your facilities and take advantage of their slow speed....Read More


Today is the beginning of our annual hotfix schedule. We determined it’s solely honest that we take heed to you a minimum of yearly, each April 1. Today can also be the final time we’ll ship patch notes on this format. Soon, you’ll need to observe every developer’s particular person Clubhouse account with a purpose...Read More