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Best Unique Valorant Keybinds



The final set of keybinds are greatest for gamers who merely aren’t content material with the opposite keybinds and need to attempt one thing new. It’s fairly unorthodox however is perhaps nice for gamers preferring utilizing their mouse hand than their keyboard hand.


Movement and Ability keybinds

Ability 1 Mouse Button 2
Ability 2 Mouse Button 1
Ability 3 Middle Mouse Button/ Mouse Button 3
Ultimate Ability C
Jump Space Bar or Scroll Wheel Down
Crouch Left Control
Use Object E
Walk Left Shift

Most of your expertise are certain to your mouse, making your keyboard hand very free for different issues. Unfortunately, this places a heavy emphasis on utilizing your mouse hand fingers. It could be fairly uncomfortable should you aren’t used to it.

There aren’t too many professional gamers with these keybinds, however TSM Subroza has the closest settings.


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