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1 BAD HABIT That Will Stop You From Climbing in EACH RANK Valorant

1 HABIT That Will Stop You From Climbing in EACH RANK | Valorant


being stuck in a rank is a feeling much too familiar to all competitive players no matter if you’re iron player or a diamond player you’ve likely felt stuck in a rank throughout your journey for that we’ve created this list find your rank and see if our tips help you improve hello my name is trey and today I’ll be your guide hopefully understand some things that you can improve throughout your gameplay.

understand that this isn’t a black and white list however we’re all different if you see something that may help you improve that isn’t in your specific rank feel free to implement it into your gameplay before going into the tips that you’re all here for let’s talk about our question of the day today’s question is surely an interesting one do you think that you should get some kind of compensation for losing a few games in a row or a boost for winning a few in a row i think that this would give players much more incentive to play long term.

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Iron | Valorant

we can first off let’s talk about iron players stuck in the iron rank likely have come from other games that are not first-person shooters or they have simply not yet adapted to the mechanics of Valorant.

what I have noticed through many hours of coaching iron players is that they often choose to jump into the deep end trying to learn complex plays before getting down the basics of the game if you find yourself sucking this rank you should first focus on these three things aim recoil control and ability usage.

Let’s go over these each really quickly for all of you to start improving and begin climbing the ladder throughout the game regarding aim you want to find a perfect sensitivity and practice flicking in the practice range after that or at the same time depending on your preference you can also practice recoil control by finding the targets on the practice map and trying to land all your shots in the middle of the ring on the second closest distance lastly regarding ability usage you want to make sure that you fully understand what every ability does by either watching tutorial videos or playing the characters yourself this will give you a solid baseline and set you up for future ranks.

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Bronze | Valorant

As well if you’ve reached bronze nice job you’ve probably learned the basics of the game and are now able to focus on abilities much more with that said however what we’ve noticed is that although we don’t expect bronze players to master their characters players in this rank often tend to not use their abilities at all whether this is due to a fear of misplay or simply because they forget not using abilities will significantly reduce anyone’s ability to perform well throughout their games because of this you should focus on bettering yourself in this area as soon as possible.

Although you may feel stressed in game the best way to go about improving in this area is simply by recording your matches and watching them over specifically looking for ability usage or therefore lack of if you notice that you’re not using abilities at specific periods of time try to acknowledge that fault throughout your games if you become proactive enough you’ll be able to fix this issue.

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silver | Valorant

efficient manner moving on to the silver rank the main issue that we see is failure to acknowledge team or more specifically a refusal to play around the positioning of teammates throughout the round on attack specifically when pushing in or holding a sight after you planted the spike you should rely more on your teammates for knowledge if nothing else let me explain for instance if you’re in a 2v2 after the bomb has been planted and you feel like your teammate will likely lose a 1v1 .

You shouldn’t watch the same angle that he is watching simply because you think that he won’t win the duel this will put you in a massive disadvantage if you’re pushed from any other angle because of this even if your teammate does die you can switch angles and play more passive contrarily if you are in a 2v1 for instance you shouldn’t run out and hunt for a kill just for the sake of doing so although kills do impact your elo they are not worth round losses instead.

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You should play with your teammates even if you don’t think he’s the best player this will allow you to trade for one another practically ensuring a win if you outnumber the enemy furthermore even on defense you have to understand that playing around your teammate is crucial for becoming effective for instance if you notice that a cypher holding sight with you has placed this tripwire in a choke even if you wanted to push past that area initially you likely shouldn’t that trap wire is likely there for a reason pushing through it will not only put you at a disadvantage but also ruin the play that your cypher has made ultimately just understand what your team is wanting to do and try to play around it as best as you can what we’ve seen from way too many people.

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Gold | Valorant

In gold is playing too aggressive in an attempt to solo carry matches this is simply not the way to win this will only act to separate you from your team and most of the time give the enemy a free 5 v 4 just because you didn’t wait a few extra seconds instead you should focus on playing your role what we mean by that is playing in a way that will allow you to use your abilities for maximum effectiveness for instance if you’re a smoke based character like Omen or Brimstone for instance you generally want to push last or almost last on the contrary however even if you’re playing a duelist you shouldn’t be too aggressive.

Instead wait for your team to be set up before you initiate the push smokes and slows for instance should go down before anybody picked this is because it will give everyone more cover and the duelist pushing in first may not even have to sacrifice his own life for a bomb plan in conclusion wait for your team don’t bait or push in alone play around abilities and you should be good to go with that said however we want to make one thing clear don’t always play passive just because you think it will result in you living at some point when playing attack .

Someone will have to initiate if that player makes a call that signifies their intent to push further in an attempt to gain more control of the site or get a kill don’t neglect them you should always play around this type of call simply because if performed correctly it could lead to an early advantage in the round ultimately the idea is to not push alone if you want to make a play like that call it out to your teammates and hope that they assist you in your push.

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Platinum | Valorant

platinum is the rank where many players tend to get a bit more serious desiring that also is seen diamond rank players in platinum often give it their all to win trying to utilize teamwork as much as they can what brings many players down.

However is refusal to alter their play throughout the game because many want to win so badly they stack to what is most familiar to them although this could be beneficial short term it can also have some very negative impacts throughout the length of the game for instance on attack if players know that you tend to push one specific area every round they might decide to stack you with one or two extra players practically ensuring that you’ll lose a duel if you continue to peak on defense attackers may be easily able to smoke you out or even use something like a bulldog to force you out of your position and kill you.

Not only should you alter your holding position on defense but with some characters you may also want to change up your ability placement for example if you’re holding a sight with cypher don’t put your trap wires and camera in the same spot every round you should know a few spots for every map that you can place each of your abilities in order to remain unpredictable.

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keyword, valorant guide, valorant, valorant tips, valorant gameplay, valorant tips and tricks, valorant beginners guide,Diamond & immortal

the game in diamond the main thing that we happen to see is that players refuse to flex at the start of the game if you reach this rank it is obvious that you understand the game well enough to know what you’re good at and what you’re not however if you want to win more games consistently and reach the immortal rank you will need to learn how flex to at least two or three agents.

Moreover when picking what agents to practice over a period of time make sure they vary in use for example don’t pick to learn phoenix and reyna if your main is raised they will ultimately cement you in the same role even further limiting the amount of impact you can have on your team prior to the game even starting what we found to be the sweet spot is 4 characters from different roles perhaps a duelist a controller agent a support and a character that gains information like cypher or killjoy by following this format.

You should be able to mold to practically any team composition that your team chooses while still being able to master each character individually ultimately this is the goal a balance between mastery and flexibility if you are immortal you’re already in the top one percent of all players you understand the basics the advanced mechanics and everything in between because of this the main tip that we have for you guys to finally reach that radiant rank is to make more callouts prior to the round starting.

Many players choose not to do this or simply neglect the help that it can have throughout the round for instance if you’re a cypher and you have been holding b on bind perhaps you want to place a trap wire pretty deep in the choke in b main and then hold mid a call like this will help the teammate that normally holds man position himself better knowing that he will have an ally by his side sinful information like this can truly impact the outcome of a round especially in such a high rank furthermore even throughout the round you should be calling things like ability usage for example if you’re pushing a site and you see a sage calling something like sage no slows might tell your team that it’s okay to push in and overwhelm the stage as she is backing up the idea of this is to make plays based on calls something that you can’t particularly do if everyone refuses to utilize their microphones in order to provide information to the rest of their team again because this is such a high rank it can surely make a difference in the long run.

We know that some of this information may seem a bit confusing at first we went over today helped you figure out exactly what areas you may need to improve in in order to move on to the next step regarding your rank if you see anything on here that you may want to try implementing into your game play give it a shot even if it’s not placed at your specific rank the reason we separate the information the way we do is because some players would likely benefit from some things more than others for instance making a call in silver probably won’t result in the same response as it would in immortal rank at the same time however learning basics in iron and bronze will result in your time spent being much more beneficial compared to doing things the same in a rank like diamond this isn’t to say that calling in bronze and improving aim and diamond won’t help however simply find your weak points and try your best to improve in that area with that said we hope you all have great games and we’ll see you in the next one.

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