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Come Up With 50 Valorant Tips




These are going to be things ranging from Settings, to Aiming Mechanics, and frankly, you may know a few of the tips I mention. But my goal is to come up with 50 Valorant Tips, that you can use, in less than 10 minutes, because sometimes just hearing those little bits of info that you’ve never heard before, can be really helpful for improving your game.
So stick with us as we get into it, but before we do, let’s introduce our question of the day which is, “What is the most helpful Valorant tip you have for players?”.
Maybe you’re a brand new player and there’s something you’ve learned that helped you, or maybe you’re a veteran looking to pick up a thing or two. Either way, let us know in the comments below, and on that note, our editor can start the clock… now.
Your mouse sensitivity is mostly preference, however, the general rule of thumb is you should be able to do a 180 with a swipe of your mouse, from the center of your mousepad.
This is because generally if you have good crosshair placement, most of your enemies should be infront of you, so you won’t need to turn around often, so by having your sens lower, you can be more accurate. Having a large minimap is a great way to increase your awareness, here are the settings I use to make my map large, while still being able to see it all. Most players play on low settings for maximum FPS, with all extra features disabled. The one feature I do recommend having turned on though, is bloom. This will make some things easier to see, such as Sova Recons, and character outlines.
Gonna be honest, I don’t know what else this setting effects, probably gun skins and stuff too, but yeah, might give you a better eye. I saw this one on shrouds stream. The hold and the toggle aim for the sniper rifles seems to function pretty differently. This is especially noticable with the Operator, and if you’re using Hold instead of toggle, it actually allows you to scope in and out much more freely. If you hold alt, you can actually see what abilities your teammates have available. This will let you know if your Sage used her heal on herself at 98 hp, instead of you at 1 hp.
This is set to alt by default, if it’s not alt you can find it in settings here. If you want to practice spray control, spend a few minutes in the range just spraying at a wall. Try to get your first 6-7 bullets to land in the same spot, since these are fairly consistent. As you get more comfortable, start adding more bullets If you want to practice spray transferring, you can do this on the flying bots right outside of the range.
Practice transferring between the flying targets, and the muscle memory will help carry over in game. You can practice your sensitivity and general mouse control by just aiming at a bots head in the practice range, and running around.Or you know, you could download aim labs, but this is a good way to do it in game. I know some pros who have mentioned this. Similarly, if you want to practice your peeking,
you can use a sage wall, or do it behind this post.
One of the biggest advantages of warming up in Valorant instead of Aim labs is you get to practice your movement too, so these exercises can be great. Many players have fallen prey to the ziplines in Valorant once or twice, but they actually are pretty simple Whichever direction is where you’d exit, is the direction you should press to go up. So if the exit is left, press A. If the Exit is back, press S. Now you’ll never get stuck on the zipline again. Breaches flash takes 500 Milleseconds to detonate.
The average human reaction time is 250 milleseconds. I believe this 250 milleseconds comes from tests like Human Benchmark, where you’re anticipating the stimulus though. Notice how when I’m expecting my screen to turn green, my reaction time is around 194 milleseconds. However according to research, when you’re not expecting something, it takes you just under a second to react to it generally.
This means, if you’re not expecting a breach flash, it’s very unlikely you’re going to dodge a breach flash. Try to anticipate flashes before they come, because that’s going to give you the best chance of dodging them. If you’re having trouble aiming during a match, try to practice on your teammates head during the buy phase. I see players like scream do this a lot, and I’ve noticed it helps myself as well. If you’re on Low HP, it’s a good idea to take headshot angles, because it will make the opponent have to work harder for the kill.
When playing Deathmatch, stop playing it to win, and start playing it to practice for the real game. Rather than searching for kills, try to clear angles how you would normally clear them. This is going to get you killed sometimes, that’s okay, you’ll train your muscle memory better, and it will transfer over to a real game more cleanly. A good smoke won’t bleed out of the doorway towards where you’re defending. The reason is the enemies can take advantage of this smoke, to help isolate angles. Instead, place the smoke deeper in the doorway so if they step out, they can’t isolate their angles as well. On a similar topic, if you’re in a retake scenario, you should almost always choose to smoke the bomb off, rather than smoking the entrance.
If you smoke the bomb, your teammates can hold enemies out, while you’re protected from all angles. If you smoke the entrance, your teammates can’t hold the enemies out. It’s a pretty common underutilized strategy to destroy the door on A side Ascent on Defense at the start of the round. This can make it more difficult for the offense to take site, because they’ll never get that security of shutting the door.
Sometimes you can even catch players who come over to shut the door, not realizing it’s already been destroyed. If you’re the only player defending a site, try to play a position where if you get pushed you can fall back, or play for a pick. If you put yourself in a one and done, chances are you’re just going to get traded. If you don’t know what to do on offense, start by asking a teammate to help you grab an ult orb.
This will give you a clear mini-objective, that will help your team grab territory, while also getting you an ultimate advantage. This was a tip I’ve always thought, but I heard Boaster say the same thing today so it validated me. Picking agents you aren’t comfortable on, just to fill a ‘proper’ team comp, probably isn’t the best idea. The only role that is 100% necessary to have on a team really, is controller. But as long as your team has smokes, you can get by without a sentinel, initiator, or even duelist if it comes to it. It’s not optimal, but it’s also not optimal for you to play an agent you don’t really know how to play. Keep that in mind Try not to address players directly when looking for solutions. Remember it’s a team game, and no one player is responsible for a loss. You’ll have a higher chance of winning, if rather than singling out one player, refer to the team as a whole, and talk about how you can improve. If one player is having a bad game, that happens, but how can the other players play around them better to still come out with a win.
Try to combo your utility with other players utility. If you notice your Sova is throwing a recon onto site for a retake, that’s a good time for the Omen blind, and a good time for the Raze grenade, and a good time for the Brimstone ult. The enemies can only deal with so much util at once. The Operator is a tool, and should be used as such. If the enemy team is dry peeking a lot of angles, maybe it’s time to pick up an Op and punish them. If you’re the only duelist on your team and you’re playing Reyna, maybe it’s not the time to use that tool.
Your team probably needs you on the frontline. There’s tons of lines on the walls at headlevel to help you with your crosshair placement. Try to keep an eye out for these, and use them. If you’re getting pushed, try not to hide deep in a corner. If you’re right against a wall, that’s one direction you can’t strafe to get away, and it makes you really easy to kill. Also, angle advantage is a thing. So that could be problematic. speaking of angle advantage, if you’re closer to the corner of a wall than an enemy, they will see you before you see them. This is called angle advantage.
If your teammate has already pushed through a smoke, and didn’t die, it’s probably safe for you to push through the smoke to help them. If you stay in the smoke, you’re baiting, and I promise you can help them more when you can actually see the enemies. If you start defusing the spike before the outer ring appears, you’re good. If you don’t, you’re probably fried. Oh also, the spike turns red when being defused The spike actually gets placed in whatever direction you’re facing. So if you face into the corner of a wall, it will give the defenders less room to defuse from.
You can also use this to place the spike ontop of the B site on Bind. If you think a player is aiming at your location, you can jiggle peek them to pull their crosshair close to the corner, and then immediately after
wide swing them to throw off their aim. There’s an example of this on screen If you know an enemy is low, don’t aim for their head, instead lower your crosshair placement to chest level to give you the best chance of killing them. With Shotguns you should aim the center of your crosshair at their neck, because the pellets spread in a way that fills the whole circle, so this is how you will get the most damage. I once heard TenZ say the best way to climb in Valorant, isn’t by playing more, it’s by maximizing the efficiency of your games when you play.
What he meant by this was, it’s actually a lot better to focus on having a clear mental, and performing well in 1-3 games, than it is to try and grind it out to climb. If you’re going to have long play sessions, and are looking to still climb as best as possible, maybe consider having an alt account, or playing unrated after a few comp games.
Don’t repeek the same angle twice, generally speaking. Players will be expecting you to repeek and it will normally result in you getting killed. Unless you’re a jett main, then just do what you want. Unrated is a great way to practice playing aggressive, without worrying about losing your team the game. Unrated sounded pretty lame to me for awhile, but honestly I have way more fun playing unrated than I do comp lately. Grab some friends, and just go run around like idiots, you’ll actually build confidence surprisingly fast. Valorant doesn’t have replays yet, but you can actually record your games using any clipping software, and then review them to improve.
I use an app called Outplayed, that clips all of my kills, deaths, and assists, and then I can go through and analyze what I did wrong throughout the game. This is a great way to notice bad habits, and improve. If you’re fighting someone who is using a sheriff, do not stand still. and no I don’t mean run and gun, but make sure to counter strafe between bursts, and absolutely do not crouch. Remember the sheriff is a headshot weapon, and if you crouch you’re making the shot really easy for them. Similarly, if someone has a Marshall, don’t fight them on a headshot angle if you can avoid it. You’re basically just asking to get eco’d at that point. When players grab ultimate orbs, it actually appears on the scoreboard.
You can figure out where players are sometimes using this, because if you see someones portrait light up, and you’re near the B orb, you know they must have grabbed the A orb. Even something as subtle as standing on a slightly elevated surface can give you an advantage in a gunfight. Try to always be thinking about how you can throw off the enemies pre-aim, to help you win more fights. On Bind, if you throw something through the teleporter to open the doors before you tp, you can normally catch enemies off guard way more than if you just take the TP. It doesn’t really register in players brains the same when abilities go through the TP as when players go through, so by opening the doors you make it so you can capitalize faster.
If you’re having trouble dealing with hard pushes, try buying a Judge. Don’t let your ego hold you back, the Judge is a really good answer to dealing with stupid aggression. Generally the easiest way to win a game, is to pick out the weakest link on the enemy team, and place pressure on them. It sounds kind of mean, but they’re having a rough game, and that’s to your advantage.
If your team has numbers advantage, try not to get over aggressive, remember you’re ahead, you don’t need to be risking things. Ultimates are meant to be used, don’t be the person who used their Raze ult one round in the half. When you have that stuff available, use it. It’s better to get some value out of it, than it is to get no value. If you see your teammate is sitting in a corner looking for a play, try to make noise to grab the enemies attention. You don’t even need to be shooting at anything, but just by making noise you can set that player up to get 2 kills, sometimes even more. When standing behind a smoke, don’t stand in spots people would prefire. This one feels pretty obvious, but I can’t tell you how many times on offense people stand in common spots behind smokes and get killed There’s no Skybox in this game, meaning you are intended to learn lineups. If this was the sign you needed, stop being lazy if you’re playing an agent that can have lineups, and just go spend 20 minutes in a custom game and learn a few.
You’ll be glad you did. and Lastly, if you’re looking for the best way to improve at valorant by far, you can find smurf commentaries, lineups, and more all available on Skill-capped.com. This is by far the fastest way to improve at valorant, and it’s also backed by our rank improvement guarantee, so if you don’t get value out of it, there is literally no risk.


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