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Easy Valorant trick lets gamers keep away from repeatedly getting the identical maps


Right here’s a easy trick in Valorant that adjustments up the maps in matchmaking to forestall gamers from getting caught with the identical locales in consecutive video games.
While there’s been key changes to a few of Valorant’s much less favorable maps for the reason that beta, enjoying on the identical battlefield for 5 – 6 video games in a row could make the tactical shooter really feel stagnant.

It’s due to this that the sport’s neighborhood has been wanting the devs to look into the map rotation of matchmaking in order that there’s a greater probability at touchdown at any of the opposite areas which are at the moment obtainable.

Until Riot Games manages to return out with a repair, individuals have seen that there’s a small workaround that’s reportedly been paying dividends when addressing the issue.

“People complaining about getting the same maps in Valorant: remake your lobby,” Alex ‘LeX’ Deily mentioned on Twitter. “This has been a bug since the beginning of beta. You’ll almost always get a new map.”

Apparently, when Valorant’s matchmaking is ready on its approach and consecutively picks the identical map, resetting the foyer introduces an opportunity to get on a special setting. Simply chorus from clicking ‘Start’ to queue up for one more recreation, and go away your present get together.

Remake the foyer with the identical those who have been in it, and the sport ought to “almost always” offer you a brand new map.

“Nah, just when you’re in your lobby screen,” the previous CSGO and CoD professional mentioned. “Instead of queueing again and getting split for the 13th time in a row, remake a lobby with the same people in it. Boom new map guaranteed.”

This workaround has been prevalent for the reason that beta, however as extra individuals are discovering Riot’s new shooter, the tip can supply a little bit of respite for individuals caught on Haven all evening. While this isn’t a everlasting repair for the dearth of map range within the queue system, it’s a minimum of one thing to interrupt the cycle if you happen to’re getting Ascent over and over.

Until Riot can come out with a significant change to forestall these sorts of map streaks in Valorant, this trick is usually a good solution to break the chain by yourself.

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