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Valorant Weapons Guide | Bucky

The PA-12 Bucky  is a Shotgun that is a primary weapon in Valorant. Summary The Bucky is the least expensive essential weapon in the game at 900 credits, making it helpful for half-purchase adjusts. It shoots 15 pellets for each shot with high falloff. At 8 or less meters, 7 pellets are sufficient to slaughter, while 9 pellets are required at 8-12....Read More
Judge Cover

Valorant Weapons Guide | Judge

The ACS-12 Judge is a Shotgun that is a primary weapon in Valorant. Summary The Judge is the most costly shotgun in the game at 1500 credits. It shoots 12 projectiles with high falloff like different shotguns. At 10 or less meters, 9 projectiles are expected to oneshot a heavily clad specialist, while every one of the 12 are required at 10-15...Read More