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Valorant Weapons Guide | Spectre

The SMG-9 Spectre is an SMG that is a primary weapon in Valorant. Summary The Specter is a respectably valued submachine firearm that possesses its wielder’s essential weapon opening. It is equipped with a silencer that diminishes the scope of the weapon’s sound profile. In contrast with the Stinger, it is significantly more exact, kicks extensively less, has marginally more cover...Read More
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Valorant Weapons Guide | Stinger

The CQ-SBR Stinger  is an SMG that is a primary weapon in Valorant. Summary The Stinger sits at 1000 credits and is special for it’s incredibly high fire rate. It has an other fire mode when in ADS, comprising of a four round burst with more tight spread. The Stinger has a low harm for each shot contrasted with essentially every other...Read More