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How can I become a better Valorant player?


quick gun guide for the beta can help you out!


For most guns, your first three shots will land in a tight grouping.

After that, gun sprays the next three shots up and into the right in a somewhat randomized pattern.

Shooting Through Walls

Some weapons can penetrate doors, some walls, and cover. Weapons like the operator and LMG can deal pretty decent damage.

Corners are particularly easy to shoot through, even pistols do moderate damage.

Pistol Kills

The classic pistol has a burst fire that’s pretty deadly.

It shoots three rounds at once and can kill an enemy with no armor instantly.

That said; firing a single shot and then quickly right-clicking gives you a four-shot burst that will act like a shotgun.


Consider buying The Ares. It does decent damage and the LMG damage through walls can be clutch.

It has a 50-round magazine, and it’s also pretty accurate.


The specter is decent to start with, but later on, especially in eco rounds, LMGs can be a deciding factor.


The Marshall is almost a hundred percent accurate from the hip. It also has very minimal recoil.

The only gun that isn’t accurate from the hip is the Operator. It makes up for this by being a one-hit-kill sniper rifle when ADSing.

Aiming Down The Sights

Don’t do it if you don’t need to.

Hip firing is:

  • Faster
  • Just as accurate
  • Doesn’t add any complexity

Also, ADSing only gives you a mild zoom.


Uptime is when you have to wait to ADS or charge up an ability.

This opens you up to a quick death if you swap weapons or activate your abilities after you come out of cover.


Create a schedule and follow all point

This schedule should have:

1. Aim practice

2. Strategy practice

3.Analyze how play top players (try to copy their style, moves, etc. – this is very important)

4. Analyze your own game. Watch your replays, mark your faults, and fix them!

5. Find team, they help you improve your skills

This should be your routine! Every day 6–8 hours.

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