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how do i convince my parents to let me play valorant JGxEYr6kQbI

How do I convince my parents to let me play valorant?


It is quite impossible, unless your mother lies in a gray area between whether video games make ppl violent or not. You could tell her the following facts;

-Video games, do make children violent BUT this is only if the child has been through physical, mental or sexual abuse, has experienced any trauma or had any mental disorders that can progress into a violent mental illness or is a child under the age of 9

-Valorant is simply a game where you, the player has to eliminate your oppenenrs, who can respawn. But theoretically the closer the game is to reality the harder to scope in and kill. In reality video games do not explore darker themes such as death, even though ‘killing’ is involved in gameplay it is not treated like a death, you don’t host a funeral for getting first blood

-Finally a common thing that people who say that videogames make you video games make you violent says, Shooting games desentisize shooting a bullet at a person. This is not true, it only desentisizes watching a fictional respawnable version of another player who is your opponent, NOT you running up to a man shooting him with no remorse

In summary Video games only create real violence in children who arent even preteens, in post traumatic children or in people who suffer from a mental disorder. It only shows you ‘killing’ a respawnable fictional figure, who later comes back. It doesn’t desentisize you to guns. Trust me, I have personal experience.

A decade or so ago i used to play halo, call of duty and such 1 like a champ, but as I got older I got involved in a bad situation where I had my dads gun and through a window spotted a burglar approaching my front door. I was with my little brother at the time and my parents went out to grandma’s. So I grabbed the gun and I felt heavy and weak. I was hesitant, and afraid to shoot.

He started chipping away at my door and I dropped the gun and retreated to my house phone and rung the police. I started screaming. And for some reason he ran away?? Weeks later, turns out he was a drug addict who breaks into house’s and steals valuable items.

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Okay sorry for driving off topic but you get the point, even if I played video games or not, when a real gun was in my hands, I was a normal 15 old boy who scared to death.

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