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how do you guys cope with frustration in valorant uCLN0n3XmRo

How do you guys cope with frustration in valorant?


Advice 01 :Accept its a game and you are going to win & lose.Just because you lose doesnt mean you dont get to enjoy the game. Focus on each round instead of the match as a whole.If you are getting so frustrated its making you angry then take a break, go outside for 5 minutes, Make a drink. DO something to get you out of the chair for a bit.

Advice 02 :If you have annoying teammates NEVER and I mean NEVER listen to them and instantly mute them. I am not easily tiltable but when I have teammates that annoy the heck out of me I will become toxic so also try to avoid that and just instantly mute them, they won’t say anything useful anyway.

Advice 03 :Let the hate flow through you.Seriously though, relax. It’s a game. If you find yourself increasingly frustrated, take a break for 10 minutes or even a day or two. Accept that you will have matches that you’ll lose. And a lot of those too.

Advice 04 :Change your thinking from “what your teammates did wrong” to “what you could have done better.” Trust your teammates and don’t try to do everything by yourself. “We lost because we got this one bad random in our team” is what gets you (or at least me) salty. If you feel better than other maybe try to guide them or take the lead. Sometimes giving up on some of your usual playstyle to adjust to other can really profit your game.

Advice 05 :If you’re solo queuing, you can only have so much trust in teammates. Especially if you’re coming from CSGO or something where if you have a high rank you’re used to people being able to do their job properly, which simply doesn’t happen most of the time in Valorant so far lol.You have to basically trust people to fail and kind of play positions where you’re not completely screwed when and if they do fail. You have to assume that you have a chance of being attacked from behind for instance, if you have someone who isn’t doing well covering a route behind you, and you have to constantly check the map because people don’t really call stuff out yet.


That being said, yep trying to teach people in a nice way tends to work pretty well. If you ask them questions(say, for example “were you watching so and so, I was just attacked from behind”) people tend to realize their mistakes and pay attention to it next time, slowly building their game sense. Also the word “please” if asking people to do something works really well lol.

Advice 06 :I dont usually get frustrated at my own garbage gameplay, I tend to lash out and start thinking my team did this or that.I try to remind myself that I cant control them, to focus on my own aim, my own decisions. If I’m just having an off day and my aim and decisions are just all around poor, I’ll get off. Valorant isnt the kind of game you want to spam queue, especially if you’re not doing well. The games are long and can be mentally taxing.Take a break, stretch your legs. Stay off the game for a day or two and reset if you need to. If I’m having an especially bad day but dont want to technically be done with valorant, I’ll watch my vods and try to figure out where I can improve a bit.And the age old trick that never fails, insta mute the idiots. Dont give anyone free rent in your head.

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