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How do you work hard to CARRY your TEAM in Valorant?


Have you ever been carried before and wondered why can’t you do that or lost a game wishing that you could have done more well buckle up because that’s what this video is all about what’s going on programs fam kangas here and today we’re talking about tips of how you can carry your teammates and be more impactful in your games many of these things you can start improving on right away but others may need time to start seeing its effects don’t worry though if you take these tips to heart and play with the goal of improving on these skills not only will you start becoming the hard carry in your teams but you’ll also start noticing your gameplay level up in ways that you couldn’t even imagine.

what do players like durka tense and even asana have in common more often than not they find the opening kill by being proactive what this means is that they control when and where the opening duel is taken rather than just waiting for the enemy to come to them if you think about it the opening kill is actually worth two kills first of all you’re killing an enemy and second of all if you escape you’re a kill that their team didn’t get in the same sense there will always be an opening kill somewhere so if you can get the drop on your opponent while also staying alive you are giving your team a huge advantage right off the rip but chasing first bloods doesn’t mean that you have to play recklessly to maximize your chances you should think about where enemies have been playing and ways that you can abuse their defaults and this matters even more on the attacker’s side now defense a 4v4 or 3v3 will always favor the attacker as you have to spread your players around the map to defend sights that means that trading aggressively is encouraged for attackers duh but also that as a defender

the first kill matters that much more even if you don’t find a duel a defense your play is still valuable as it could allow you to get great information on where the enemies are or in this case where the enemies are not as we all know haven can be quite tricky to play on the ct side as your defense is stretched then because of the three bomb sites so early info or even just knowing an entire side of the map is locked down that’s invaluable one of the best examples of getting massive value out of being proactive is pushing a short at the start of the round on haven if you duel anatomy then you give yourself the chance to make the opening pick and if you don’t find an enemy well you just secured your teammates a lot of control of course be careful not to be too predictable though so our next step is a simple one but pretty effective just play with confidence playing with confidence can take a good player to that next level

i can’t stress this enough just being confident in yourself is crucial if you don’t think that you will kill that player odds are you probably won’t if you’re too hesitant you’ll only hurt yourself when you take a duel so being decisive when you take a fight is a very important skill when players take over games you see them putting themselves in positions to make multi-kills happen and then they deliver if you’re not confident you’ll never even be in those positions in the first place the main difference between a player when they’re confident versus when they’re hesitant is like watching two completely different players that being said confidence can be a double-edged sword on one side you compete confidently because you know your positioning is strong or you created an advantage through agent abilities or communication the other side the borders arrogance is

when you peak because you just think that you’re better and for getting smart play in the process don’t err on the side of recklessness in your confidence eventually the enemy team will catch on to your aggression or your tendencies to overpeak resulting in them punishing you on a key round and that will cost you however sometimes the enemy catches you off because there you got a good read on you this in itself shouldn’t shake you and you shouldn’t immediately lose all confidence in yourself rather you should try to adapt your playstyle to fight different ways to counter them confidence as a whole is a build up of your belief in your own capabilities.

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your read on your opponent and your comfort in whatever situation that you’re currently in it takes some time to build up but being aware of when you’re feeling confident hesitant or even careless is a great way to start molding yourself into a player who can then hard carry now before we continue it’s time for our question of the day on the topic of comfortability and self-confidence what agent do you feel the most comfortable on being comfortable is a huge component of carrying your team because if you’re not then you’re not gonna be confident personally i feel most comfortable on killjoy i practiced her a ton and i like playing more passive than going for entry frags also might sound weird but i just feel the most comfortable in a game of valor when there’s no teammates near me i don’t know that’s something weird about my side here what’s going on there but that’s just me so killjoy is the perfect agent for me but let me know your answer in the comments down below see notice that your team is struggling and you’re starting to get a little riled up whatever you do don’t tilt a massive contributor to carrying your team is to have a rock solid mentality although the results may look bleak there’s absolutely no reason why you should tilt tilting will only hurt your own confidence and play style and potentially make your teammates less likely to coordinate or play well especially if your anger is pointed at them after all your bad vibes could sour the whole team’s mood and that is a surefire recipe for a losing team tilting also makes you rely on your emotions to dictate your plays which canlead to reckless gameplay or overly hesitant gameplay.

when you lose control of your emotions you then lose control of your impact on the game as well not just that but getting yourself trapped and tilt will only make you play worse and that will only result in you getting more annoyed so if you catch yourself tilting take a deep breath and reset your mentality if there are still rounds to win your focus should be on how to win those rounds instead of the reasons why your teammates messed up or why the enemy got lucky if you find your teammates are constantly doing a play that doesn’t work try to suggest other plays in a gentle way or perhaps find a way to help them make the play better if they mess up on an individual level chances are they already know it and maybe they even know why so there’s really no reason to remind them and then hurt their confidence in the process ultimately if you make sure not to tilt you’ll have a greaterchance of winning and this ties in with confidence as well because confident untiltable players are unstoppable next up if you want to maximize your chances of solo carrying you need to learn how to actually play off of your teammates playing off your teammates might sound easy but you’d be surprised at the number of players who get the wrong idea i’m not suggesting that you bait your teammates and try to clutch rather.

Try to enhance their play through supporting them or following up with them if a teammate looks like they’re about to swing go with them as that will increase your chances of getting the kill or at least trading equally one of the most underdeveloped skills players and ranks need to work on is their communication communicating with your team allows for all of you to be on the same page so that you can coordinate a game play or plan whether you are organizing an entire site execution or simply getting a teammate to flash you in any amount of utility can even the playing field or even turn the tide of an entire fight simply asking for supportive abilities when going for a play can be the difference between you getting shut down or securing a kill or two but even without communication a good player is always aware of the situation whether.

it’s through watching the mini-map keeping track of information or noticing your teammate’s intentions through their movements so if you see your teammates trying to make a play find a way to help them if they died in vain you guys are already at a big disadvantage anyway you’d be surprised how much you can actually get away with by just playing off your teammates even if the play itself was bad and one great way to play off your teammates more often is to put yourself in the position to do so now that sounds obvious but what i mean is playing with a pack on attacker side and finding high impact positions that allow you to quickly rotate between hotly contested areas of the map these are often called rotator positions and these spots allow you to never be too far from the action b heaven on split for example allows you to fight both middle and b as well as quickly rotate through events this position allows you to do a number of plays such as fighting mid or pushing main early in the round allowing you to find early round picks because these are high traffic areas for players and assuming each play gets information on a crucial piece of the map you always have the potential of making the round winning play another example of a position like this is garage on haven as you can find middle through the doors seaside from the corridor and quickly rotate to b to help anyone getting rushed down learning the ins and outs of those positions will not only spread your influence on the map it also helps you get better at playing off of your teammates and working around themyou can’t care if you aren’t in a position to carry so make sure that you put yourself in the right spots to make the magic happen and finally the last step that we have is more myth busting than a specific tip.

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one thing many lower ranked players incorrectly link is kills and impact you could have 20 kills in the first half but only win three rounds unfortunately not all kills are born equal and you won’t say a double entry into a site has the same impact as two exit kills on the last round of the half plane for impact can be defined as an action that a player makes to increase their chances of winning not just upping their stat line when most players talk about impact they talk about kills and their context in particular opening kills clutches and multi frags are the most widely identifiable impactful kills a 3k on a pistol round can set you up to win the next two rounds while a 3k against an eco round doesn’t carry as much weight to the overall outcome of the game that’s not to say the ego kills are meaningless as if you don’t get them you would obviously still lose the round a way to focus on finding more impact is to identify a weakness the enemy has or a strength that you have and then try to exploit it consistently winning the opening duel will set your team up to succeed or training your teammate for two enemies is greatly beneficial but with all this talk about kills you might be led to think that kills are still the only way to have an impact on the game i think we all should realize that couldn’t be further from the truth because as already stated stats do not show everything and you’ll often hear casters in pro games talk about a player having an impact without even killing somebody finding crucial information for your team creating space in-game leading and my personal favorite being a hype man for your team are all ways of having impact in the game without necessarily clicking on heads yes this video may be called how to hard carry your teammates but it’s also important to know how to set yourteammates up to enable them to carry you as well after all valerian is a team game and making a team function well is high impact play that has no kill rewards at alland that wraps up our video on how to hard carry your teammates at the end of the day you need to recognize good plays and how to have impact if you’re having an off day those things will help you reach the top as you improve as a player you’ll be able to have an a game b game and maybe even a c game plan


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