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Some questions raised a buzz about valorant in 2021

The Purpose of Intel Gathering

Maybe this is already a thing and if so forgive me. As a Cypher Main I don’t always immediately find myself in the action since I’m gathering intel and passing that along. One of those things also requires me to come full stop occasionally (using the cam).

I give out some crazy call outs and also virtually hold down an entire site freeing up my team to hold down the other one (or two depending on the map)! I think this should be rewarded with at least some points (nothing crazy like the points given for kills, plants, diffuse, multi-kills, assist). Perhaps it should give points whenever the cam is actually in use and picks up characters, whenever a trapwire actually snags someone (if they shoot it or no one passes it then of course no points).

Then of course the Interrogation should definitely pick up points! I hate looking at the scoreboard that gives the idea that I was not useful (I’m thankfully typically in the middle of the pack) when I know I gave intel that was insanely vital keeping fellow Agents from surprise attacks, holding off an entire site virtually, getting my team to react in cases where they’re holding the site not being pushed, etc. This can of course go for Sova’s Recon Arrow or Spy Drone if it actually sees someone.

Best Agents for Intel Gathering

How to Intel Gather like a PRO

Sova’s ability to gather information outranks all of the game’s Sentinels and utility-based characters. Whether Sova is on offense or defense, his wide array of recon-focused abilities allow him to put his team in a position where an information advantage is almost inevitable.

Additionally, when you combine Sova’s kit with other intel-gathering champions like Killjoy and Cypher, your team is going to be eligible to learn almost everything there is to know about the enemy team during the course of a round. If you have Sova alongside one of those sentinels, try and separate them by sending them to different sites – particularly on defense. If you stack your information gatherers, you’re leaving one site completely in the dark. Spreading your resources around the map as efficiently as possible is always a major part of what makes any VALORANT team successful. 


In comparison to other characters like Cypher and Killjoy, whose intelligence-gathering abilities are focused mainly on the defensive rounds of a game, Sova can make great use of his kit at any point in a game. Notably, you should be using Sova’s Recon Bolt and Owl Drone either prior to a push on offense, or while holding an angel on defense. 

The timing of your abilities is always going to be more important than the simple fact that you’re using them. To further that point, though, the versatility found in Sova’s abilities is a huge part of what makes him a strong pick in the greater landscape of the game. There are going to be very few times where trying to gain information isn’t going to be worth it. In almost every scenario, you’ll learn something from shooting off a quick Recon Bolt or scouting out a site with an Owl Drone. 

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