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How To AIM Like The PROS In Valorant (Drills, Sensitivity, Tips & More)


hey Pro guides family I want to welcome you back to a brand new video and our valence tips series my name is xtr and today we’re talking about a Matt Raney as you can probably tell from the title and we’re gonna teach you the essentials and the fundamentals of aim training environment and some essentials to training in the other FPS games that have the possibility to transfer over the more muscle memory you build with the mouse and keyboard the better you will perform in other titles similar so before you started of course I want to let you know about the brand new discord we launched so far it’s gaining quick and we’re actually pretty excited to see the discord bringing everyone together to talk about valor ins as the discord valorant game screenshot 1steadily climbs so is our coaching website over at pro guides calm head over there to get access to some of the top coaches for your preferred game and even some of the people here on this YouTube channel some of the voices you hear every day on pro guys are also coaches on the website such as myself one last thing we have before we get started is obviously going to be our question of the day and the question of the day is what do you think the biggest changes to the ranked game mode will be when it drops we don’t know exactly when ranked is coming but we have estimates coming in right somewhere online that people are expecting it to come within the next week or two so I’m really looking forward to that and I’m really excited to see what the ranking system change really hope they changed the the way the ranks look because personally they looked pretty terrible but they weren’t that bad also they had a very big problem with the ranks being skewed a lot of players that were in ranked such as silver all the way up to a mortal just did not belong in those race and that makes sense you know you had like five placement games so it makes sense that people are spread across a very wide array even if they are way better than the rank actually displays the mass so leave your thoughts in the comments below now honestly I’m going to go out on a limb and say quite a few of our players are players from other FPS games just counter-strike and fortnight and other games such as that but also many of you here at pro guides are newer to these types of games so I’ll be walking you through the basics of aim training and some of the niche training you can do to effectively improve your aim at a solid rate we will talk about external aim trainers such as Kovaks aim Labs so to get started for newer players you may realize that your aim is very inconsistent and install around not as good as to other players you may see in-game and that’s completely fine everyone improves at different rates it all comes down to the work and effort you place towards actually training your aim and valent now I will say this some players automatically have a much higher floor than others where they can just hop into a game for the first time and perform fairly decent without much aim training whatsoever now this doesn’t mean aim training is not important because am training will always come before genetics the more you train the better you will develop muscle memory and reflexes muscle memory is going to be one of the biggest parts of adapting and learning how to properly aim reaction time has also looked at to be a pretty big part of aiming and to that I say it really isn’t most pros have pretty average reaction times I myself have an average to lower reaction time yet I still have easily achieved the highest ranks in almost all of the competitive titles left played and it all comes down to practice and effort the more I practice the more my muscle memory developed even to the point my aim would carry over no matter what title I was playing I was hitting sick boat trick shots in Minecraft solely because of my counter-strike experience so let’s get started and helping you understand the fundamentals of training and building on your own personal aim we already talked about muscle memory and how big of an impact it has on your personal performance and aim in general so next we’re going to move on to another basic crosshair placement and PME the reason many pros hit their shots isn’t because of their aim being God Tyr yes their aim is very good but it’s usually because the crosshair placement is just next-level crosshair placement can always be trained on and improved on so what exactly is crosshair placement cross there placement is always keeping your crosshair at the head level so if an enemy is on your screen you only have to move in the horizontal plane to adjust to their heads this minimizes the amount of distance you will actually have to cover with your mouse pre-gaming is a similar concept and usually goes hand in hand with crosshair placement pria mean is where you are always looking ahead at certain angles an enemy is expected to be playing at just remember crosshair placement and pre aiming can always be better than they are at their current state I am still improving on both of these aspects in my game and I’ve been playing thousands and thousands of hours on mouse a keyboard there are impactful ways to constrain this and make sure you are consistently and constantly improving in these areas for cross replacement the best training you can do is constantly being aware of where your crosshair is if you die note where your crosshair placement was and see if it was just a little bit off be very conscious about this and the more you were actually focused on keeping a head level the more natural it becomes if you only train this for a little bit but notice your across your placement is good don’t fool yourself as there will always be room to improve this is a fundamental aspect of the game that people only look at as a simple one-way street there is a difference between having good crosshair placement and God to your crosshair placement next up we have preambles and the best way to practice this is to once again be conscious and aware when you peak in angle note where the enemy is people start getting used to knowing where to line the crosshair uh preemptively before taking the original swing onto the targets this comes with game sense and time play but the more you practice once again the more you will improve so now there are multiple ways you can actually improve on this and one of the main ways is to be hopping into a custom game with cheats enabled make sure the timer is frozen and the game phase has ended then practice walking on to certain sites screaming very common angles that you expect players to play out now generally there are custom maps to assist in training us but we lack creative tools at the moment so this is about as best as we’re going to get for now next up we have the proper sensitivity now finding the proper sensitivity to Playa is very easy just know there are ranges that are much too high and much too low with sensitivity comes you’re aiming style wrist aiming versus arm ami wrist aiming is where you exclusively use your risk for all your aiming and these players will generally be more fast-paced Amer’s that hit the epic gamer shots they will usually play on a higher sensitivity our members use their arm for almost all their macro and micro adjustments these are big mousepad boys that generally play on a bit lower of a sensitivity they usually lift their mouse quite often and they like swiping a lot be aware that you can combine these styles of aiming into a hybrid style which is how I personally play where you use your arm for almost all your macro adjustments and proceed to transition to your wrist for the micro adjustments if you need to be precise learn your aiming style as this will help you find a sensitivity that suits your playstyle refer to our video about the best studies to help you pick out a sensitivity that works best for you take note that sensitivity is all personal preference but there are extremes at each end of the spectrum for sensitivity so be very careful about how much you adjust them we’re going to move on to our aim Jill’s portion of the video and these am drills have helped me improve exponentially but I need to add a disclaimer into this using these drills for extended periods of time will cause you to burn out so be cautious when doing this you also run the risk of injuring your hand which I actually did performing these drills for extended periods of time 2 to 3 hours so I’m really worried about it but I recommend only training about 30 minutes a day up to a maximum of 19 minutes the risk of burning yourself out is real if you do these too much you will in turn hurt your progress and become unmotivated because you will not see as good of results for the work you are actually putting yourself through you can even potentially put yourself in a rut so now that we have that out of the way let’s get started your first drill is going to be tracking drills all you were doing is placing your crosshair on the head of the practice butt and walking back and forth do this for about a minute or two and you will notice a slight burn in your hand as you are using muscles you are not used to using don’t do this for longer than five minutes and this will help you get familiar with your sensitivity and the movements you need to make with your mouse to stay on target next up we have fast aiming drills this is killing the enemy BOTS as quickly as possible after clicking practice and having them spawn standing still you want to quickly transition from one target to the other making sure to only use the horizontal plane and keeping your crosshair at head level at all times this will assist you and not only cross their placement but it will help you build the muscle memory required for actually transitioning from one area of your field of view to the other quickly for the next amy-jo be a macro flicks where you are using almost the entire range of your mouse pad to aim on to the target you start with the ball almost out of the field of view then you quickly flick your mouse towards the target trying to land on the bot this will place you way outside of your comfort zone and will help you with very large mass movements as opposed to the smaller mouse movements and for our final drill you will tell it we run to the rafter as omen and aim down onto the targets this will be extremely uncomfortable at first but that’s the point aim jewels are meant to take you far outside of your comfort zone to help you get used to making movements that you will need to potentially make in your game the more you are familiar with your mouse movements in your sensitivity the more consistent you will turn perform in-game just remember that these drills are not the end-all – you’re aiming problems you need to build a foundation off of some of these drills and implement separate drills that work from you everyone improves in different ways but these should give you the baseline for what an aiming routine should look like and how to use it effectively as opposed to negatively remember the fundamentals will always look like this crosshair placement muscle memory Mouse control and a reasonable sensitivity my main tip to all of this is do not over trained as this can be very counterproductive but if you want to improve you need to train your aim in some type of way now speaking on improvement in general we get this question all the time our external aim trainers actually effective and to that I say yes and no I don’t use them all that much I used a meter on overwatch as that was one of the first aim trainers available back in that time and I did notice the results now speaking to the efficacy of how much it can actually help an already experienced player I can’t really say much it can definitely help amber and muscle memory for the newer players very quickly and I think newer players will 100% benefit from these types of programs Kovacs and all the other external aim trainers have a huge library of drills you can just plug and play so it’s good if you feel a little lost on aim drills now in my opinion for the more experienced players what are the main uses for things such as Kovacs and aim labs and all that can be to knock some of the dust off your boots but personally I can’t really speak to it for more experienced players I have used externals a bit recently but I didn’t notice any significant impact and still opted to use the in-game training range as minimal as it might be I felt as though the training in Kovacs didn’t really convert well to valor n’t as there is a slight difference in fov so it made the micro adjustments I was trying to work on feel just a tad off if any of you have different opinions on the external aim trainers let us know your thoughts in the description as helping each other to improve is a 100% a community effort if any of you have any questions myself and pro guides we’ll try our best to answer any and all of them in the comments below that’s going to wrap up our video for today we hope you enjoyed our video and got some useful insight into the world of aim training out of it this has been xtr with pro guides we’re seeing you a wonderful rest of your day stay safe stay epic and good luck in your improvement journey you

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