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How to Choose Your PERFECT MAIN Agent – Valorant

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welcome back pro guys family I’m your host stand back to bring you another exciting video today we’ll be going over all the agents and helping you pick your new mane whether you like fragging out with pure aim or taking it slow with methodical ability usage we got you covered but before we dive any deeper we bring you the question of the day which is what is your favorite agent to play and why for me it has to be jet I know she’s not the best agent in the game but no one can argue that her abilities are really fun to play around with I just really loved floating around and getting to places for free really gives me a wider range of places to play on the map now when it comes to playing Valerie it can be a bit of a challenge to find yourself that agent that you want to play over and over because Valerie is such an aim heavy game but don’t worry because we’re here to break down each agent into their own respective category allowing you to select the agent the best fits your playstyle kicking off our list of agents we have jet if mobility is your greatest desire then look no further than this south korean powerhouse if you love to make aggressive plays on both the attacking and defending side then jet might be your new favorite agent between Jets – tailwind allowing you to play aggressive angles on defense and her ability to dash into the site on the attacking side just makes jet already the most mobile agent in the game however make sure you dash into a safe position if you’re going to engage with it because there’s a lot of animation lag at the end of the move leaving jet vulnerable for those crucial few seconds Jets updraft ability is another great movement tool with some unfortunate downsides with updraft jet can get into a lot of angles other agents couldn’t dream up but just like with Jets – there’s a lot of end lag on it make sure to use updraft when you’re safe or when you’re confident an enemy can’t shoot you out of the sky before you can even pull out your weapon but one of Jets most unique abilities isn’t even technically an ability at all it’s her passive with jets passive ability to float she can get into a ton of unexpected positions without the use of an ability this is most prominent on havens a site and binds be site where you can get on top of almost any position on the site this passive can also be paired with her updraft and bladestorm to get you some sick aerial kills as her ultimate is totally accurate in the air oh did I not mention blade storm yeah so apparently Jets wind magic lets her levitate five knives juck at enemies this is Jets ultimate and when combined with updraft or tailwind she turns into a lean green killing machine so overall jet is for the aggressive minded solo carries that can make plays on their own jet is not at all team oriented so if you like supporting your team we suggest picking another agent up next we have Phoenix much like jet Phoenix is an aggressive oriented agent with a mix of solo and team play potential this means that Phoenix’s gameplay is built more towards taking aggressive fights shotcalling or being your team’s leader when it comes to team fights and taking objectives or aggressive angles on the defensive or attacking side but that’s where the similarities stop with Phoenix’s abilities mostly resembling utility from counter-strike with him having both a flash and a Molotov a feature lacking in other duelist kits in something that really lets Phoenix stand out among all the other agents is the self-sustained Phoenix’s passive is when using hot hands or blaze wall he heals while inside these abilities area of effect this allows Phoenix to fight early round and heal off the damage if any was inflicted however the aggressive play style isn’t all Phoenix is about playing a little on the cautious side can easily net you more kills than just bum-rushing a site like all the Phoenix’s in my games if you don’t always wish to play aggressive and play more passive with his wall and Molly you can pretty easily block off sight lines and prevent Peaks if that’s more your style if you’re just getting into Balor and consider picking up Phoenix none of his abilities are too hard to learn how to use properly and the self heal lets you make a few mistakes before it starts really costing him so if you’re looking for an agent that allows you to do a little bit of both aggression and passive gameplay mixed with a little bit of teamwork than Phoenix is the agent for you coming next to our list is brimstone brimstone is the old dad valour –nt he doesn’t take crap from anyone and his kit reflects that brimstone is for the more team-oriented players someone who likes to ensure fights always end with his team on top blank brimstone also involves being pretty vocal in games since you have to constantly coordinate smokes with your team pushes if you’re not someone who likes to communicate constantly or be a team leader then we suggest probably looking at another agent with brimstone having access to three smokes that are able to block off sight lines and support your team and aggressive pushes calling these smokes is key to your success while your team is pushing into a site why not start getting some kills yourself with Brimstone’s ultimate his alt is a laser shot from the sky killing anything its path I mean how much cooler can that get however brimstone can also be played more passive and can be utilized very well in the defensive side of things by locking down a site with his utility another bit of utility to add to his growing arsenal is an incendiary grenade exactly like Phoenix’s – the fact that he can’t heal instead just damages himself and his allies and the projectile from brimstone can bounce off floors use this ability along with his smokes to slow your opponent’s down even pair the two together to get some free damage on some unsuspecting enemies so if you want to be the overseer of the game and help keep your team protected while also having the option to go ham and frag out brimstone is your man up next we have omen if you ever wanted to outsmart and outplay your enemies while omen has just the tools for you omen is balanced resident agent of deception allowing him to play both the defensive and offensive style omen has a true mix of abilities with some being utility focused and some being movement focused dark cover being his most prominent uu place a smoke every 35 seconds blocking sight lines and entryways this allows him to hold down a sight line for your team or assist from anywhere on the map due to the smokes huge range and the fact they can travel through walls the range of his smokes can also almost cover the entire map depending on your location in map omens ultimate is one of his more movement focused abilities allowing for you to teleport anywhere on the map but this is where being a master of deception comes in handy even faking your ultimate by teleporting a few feet away has its benefits faking a teleport or even faking smokes on a site makes the enemy team waste time or make calls for rotations leaving other sites open if you are a person that likes to always have their enemies on edge and keep them guessing where you’re coming from then omen is the agent for you coming up next we have the most famous and well known of the agents sage just like in almost every other game support characters are the backbone of a team allowing for your team to engage and disengage fights with her barrier orb ability allows you to not only boost yourself but your teammates over obstacles or barriers sage prefers to be around choke points or highly contested areas on both offense and defense this allows for her to lock down a site with her barrier blocking an entryway completely on top of her barrier using her slow orb to nearly stopped any pushes from different entry ways is a huge advantage on top of all this already amazing utility she even has the only heel in the game outside of Phoenix sages healing orb allows you to top off anyone who might have taken some damage including yourself unlike Phoenix when sage uses our healing she can actually get anyone on her team from one HP to 100 as long as they aren’t taking damage while the heal is active one though what’s even better than being able to heal anyone on your team what about the ability to revive anyone on your team that’s right sages ultimate ability is resurrection which after a short delay will bring your zero out of 13 jet back to full health sage is highly picked simply because of how instrumental a healer is to a game like valor in’ with no health packs to regenerating health if you’re someone who likes to make calls and communicate while healing to support your team then sage might just be the agent for you not interested in any of the agents so far not to worry valorant gameplay screenshot riot games 1200x675 1breach has your back and always will breach is one of the most rewarding aggressors in the game with utility to back it up making him a top tier pick in every regard his ability to utilize his two flashes around corners and surprise his enemies is like no other with the strongest flashes in the game and the ability to stun his targets with fault line makes him a force to be reckoned with and that’s just his pure utility he even has a very unique ability with his aftershock aftershock will explode on the other side of a wall after a short delay when fired it is the best corner clearing ability in the game since it does not require you to have to get up close and personal with enemies at all the skill gap is crazy high for breach and his endless potential for a team comp has him being an amazing pick for those with confidence being able to shoot all those abilities through walls makes for some great plays and outsmarting and outclassing your opponent’s breach is an agent that seems to have it all but first you must be willing to climb a mountain of skill if you gravitate towards mechanically difficult characters look no further than breach now that you’ll be able to when he blinds you for half an eternity anyways next on our list is the Brazilian demon known as raised raises some of the most damaging abilities in the game from her seemingly heat-seeking boom bot to her cluster grenades that easily do better at locking down the choke point than some characters and tire kits to her black packs which also give her mobility and can easily tear down sage walls and if that wasn’t enough an insane rocket launcher ultimate witch might as well be a reddit clip farm raises grenades replenish after getting two kills in the round while on top of that spawning a free one every round her blast pack paired with her ultimate ability makes for some great fun and some amazing clips if you’re in the market for an agent that is a living breathing a highlight reel than this is the best it gets her ability to get multi kills and information while setting up aggressive plays make her a fun agent to play overall raise is for players who want to get the most damage and want to get kills and use her aggressive playstyle to her advantage while also getting Intel for your team if you’re an adrenaline junkie then raised will probably take you to a whole new level slithering through the weeds is Viper while not being most people’s favorite agent she can easily end up being underestimated and is that not a Vipers most lethal weapon Viper is most widely known for her ability to clutch up on defensive positions using her ultimate ability I mean who doesn’t want to sneak around in a cloud of smoke and take out their enemies one by one without them knowing where you are Viper is an agent that most defensive players will enjoy her abilities are mainly set up to hold down the fort while some can also allow for aggression when needed her toxic screen can be used to split a site into essentially forcing the enemy team to pick either peeking and dying or staying put and dying but underneath the aggression is her more passive approach Viper can use her toxic screen to slow enemies down from pushing choke points to sites so that your team can safely rotate her setup game is super strong not to mention the fact that she has most of her abilities on a cool-down her poison Orban poison wall not only reduces the enemy’s health but obscure vision while pushing through either Viper is an agent for those with quick and smart decision-making skills that will allow setups on site to give you an edge over your opponent second to last on our list we have cipher ciphers known to be the defense agent of all defense agents ciphers most recognizable ability is probably his trap wire this ability allows cipher to place a tripwire that reveals anyone who passes through it and prevents them from moving until they’ve destroyed it this would be annoying on its own but when you realize that cipher also has access to another ability called cyber cage is one thing to really start getting annoying cyber cage is another deployable that blocks vision and makes a sound when enemies pass through it combining trap wire and cyber cage creates a deadly combo for the enemy team that will them confused and dazed we have even got into ciphers other abilities yet so why don’t we take a look at what the enemies are doing with spycam this is yet another deployable and the last of ciphers basic abilities spycam is a deployable camera that will turn invisible when not in use cipher can look through his spy cam whenever he wants and use his fire key to shoot a dart that will attach to enemy agents and spot them lastly we have ciphers ultimate ability neural fief you think cypher just wanted to look stylish with that hat think again as the Hat is actually a robot that will upload a norovirus to a dead enemy to monitor their comms and discover enemy locations in other words hat attaches to dead enemy and all alive enemies are revealed if you love always knowing where the enemies are and being able to lock down a site without even having a be there cipher is your man just don’t look through his phone trust us and last but certainly not least we have Silva so but much like cypher is known for his Intel gathering abilities throughout the round being able to relay the enemy’s positions or even distract them with your annoying drone or recon dart sounds pretty fun to me not to mention his ultimate ability nothing like using it down a long hall after scouting an entire team taking them out one by one since you can use it from almost any angle or location on the map soba isn’t necessarily made for an aggressive mindset and more of a supportive mindset he’s useful when playing Silva to help out the team and bait the enemy into bad fights you need to be that person who likes to know their way around the map in search of crazy ricochet angles that could get the jump on the enemy with your shock Dart soba is an agent that doesn’t just come naturally and instead has a high skill ceiling if you like hunting and tracking your prey Silva is the stealthy hunter for you just always remember all it takes is one bad decision for the hunter to become the hunted before we in this video we just want to let you guys know that pro guides coaching is live right now check out pro guides calm for more information on how to become the best of the best we also have a discord join through the link below to meet up with like-minded people and cool community events and giveaways that are only available through our discord well that’s gonna about do it for us here our pro guides we hope you enjoy the video and if so don’t forget to like subscribe and ring that notification button for all future content to come stay safe out there everyone and take care
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