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How To Join Valorant PBE Servers From Any Region


i’m going to tell you how you can join valerian pbe servers in any region or continent except north america even if you’re from asia australia any any region you can join uh north north asian so north american servers from any continent so today
  • i’m gonna use a vpn which is tunnelbear if you have a paid vpn then it’s more useful but i’ve got the free version of vpn so i’m gonna connect it with united kingdom the united kingdom servers and you can see i have 4987 mb remaining this one because it’s a free free version.
  • i’ve connected to uk servers.
  • now what i have to do is create and free a fresh account in valorant and pbe so i have already created one so i’ll just directly go to valerian registration so as you can you have to just refresh the sites because you have connected to an uh uk united kingdom vpn or a north american vpn so here is the website you can create an account but you do not have x access yet so you will receive a email on your account with the email that you log in with or sign in with so there you will get the account account or information if you’re selected or not so download the pbe client and after that you’re selected you can just download the pbe client .


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