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How Valorant Pro Players use KAY/O


The frag grenade is a superb software for stopping a plant or a defuse for a couple of seconds. If you do use the frag for this objective, needless to say it will not deal sufficient harm to kill an enemy who’s at full well being and full shields. So in principle, somebody may nonetheless defuse by way of the Frag/ment grenade.

I discovered essentially the most helpful a part of the Zero-Point means is its means to find enemies with out KAY/O having to reveal himself to enemy hearth. While its suppression of enemy skills can also be extremely helpful, the knowledge you’ll be able to collect concerning the location of enemies on a web site is invaluable to you and your crew.

Keep in thoughts that your final reveals your location. Since the waves pulsate out out of your character mannequin, an astute opponent can very simply calculate the place you’re. So whereas the last word is highly effective and can do loads to restrict your opponent’s response, remember that your final is exposing your location to the enemy crew.

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