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8 BEST GUNS EVERYONE Needs to Buy RIGHT NOW – 2.06 Weapons Meta – Valorant Aim Guide


going to be breaking down the top seven weapons to dominate 2.06 we’re gonna break down all the best weapons give you targeted tips and tricks for each one and good ways that you can train so that you can improve rapidly.

now kicking it off with the first weapon on the list the old reliable none other than the phantom now the phantom is a weapon that when compared to the vandal seems like the superior option on paper but for many it just feels worse now one of the biggest reasons for this is actually undisciplined crosser placement people know that you can be a little bit lazier with the way you use the phantom so inadvertently they are so when you are using the phantom just because you don’t have to always tap and burst doesn’t mean you can afford to have lazy crosstalk placement and that’s one of the big things that you’re gonna have to consistently check yourself on because you might get a kill even if your cross replacement sucked ass.

but if you were using something like a vandal you would have just died and up against better opponents you still need to hit those headshots on the phantom or you’re just gonna get rolled and smoked now talking about some of the strengths of the phantom phantom is the weapon that you want to be using especially if you are planning on holding a sight or playing a lurk style, so if you’re playing an attack you want to turn tight corners lurk up the phantom is probably the best gun for you because it’s going to be a lot more forgiving as far as challenging multiple angles and fluid movement throughout a point and if you’re on defense and you’re holding the back of sight trying to frag enemies as they turn the corner and you want to have the flexibility of a phantom allowing you to spray through smokes allowing you to have a larger mag so you could take on multiple enemies the phantom is gonna be a far better weapon for you in these scenarios now moving on to the second weapon that we gotta talk about. for patch 2.06 and it’s the vandal which seems like it would be worse on paper but for many it just feels like the superior gun.

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NOW i think this is the opposite problem of the phantom or the opposite reason it’s because people that use the phantom they learn the hard way because if you do not have good crosshair placement on the vandal you will just not get any kills where maybe some percentage of those kills you will get on the phantom even if you didn’t have good gunplay fundamentals now that sort of punishment really ingrains into you how to aim correctly because there’s no other option you’re either gonna miss every shot or you’re going to quickly start to incorporate all these strategies now for those of you who want to transfer from the phantom to the vandal or use the vanduul a lot more.

just remember that tabs and bursts are the only thing that you could be doing you can’t really spray control the vandal hardly at all and a really important thing for you to understand is if you try to tap or burst and you miss a lot of times your first instinct will be to allow your first shot accuracy to come back before you tap again while standing still but that’s just gonna get you killed you need to be moving or change your positions take a side step before you try to line up some burst or taps again because otherwise you’re just going to get tapped right back while you’re Trying to line up the next shot now as far as what the vandal is superior at it’s just taking 1v1 duels and taking longer duels so if instead of playing on point for instance on defense you want to challenge the long sideline and potentially aim duel someone you really want to be doing that on a vandal and not a phantom so think about what you’re going to be doing before the round and then you can decide better which weapon is best suited for you in every given scenario.

then we’ll go to the next weapon we’re going to talk about it’s the ghost pistol now one thing that a lot of people are not doing enough with the ghost pistol is just spraying through smokes it’s silence too you have a pretty large mag you can spray a lot through smokes but i think a lot of people don’t spray through smokes because maybe they don’t think they’re putting any damage on the enemy it’s not affecting them but you would be surprised how much that little bit of damage adds up and you personally i know for a fact have gotten absolutely destroyed.

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