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I think valorant should have a smaller unrated mode


This was the question that got the most engagement today on Reddit about Valorant.

This question was asked by someone called Ten-Ka .

I do enjoy the other modes like escalation and spike rush, and what they bring to the table, i feel as though a smaller unrated would be something that id want. There are times where i want to play unrated but i just dont feel like spending half an hour to an hour in a full game. I think it would be a great addition if Riot added a (insert name of mode here) mode where it follows the same rules as unrated, but swaps at 6 rounds instead of 12. That way people who want to play an unrated but dont have the time or the mood to go the full 12+ rounds can enjoy the unrated style of gameplay. What are peoples thoughts on this?

There were many comments on the topic and among these opinions were:

Well you are right but I don’t think quicker games will make for les toxicity. The reason I think this is because in these quicker games people care less about what their team members or enemies do or think because in a matter of minutes they will just go to the lobby and they never see or speak the other players so it makes getting away with toxicity more easy.

On the other hand I personally feel like most toxicity appears in longer matches especially when there is a competitive spirit people will get frustrated when they are on the losing hand or things just wont work out as good as they wanted to and they start to give up and be toxic. So a shorter gamemode should in that theory make for less toxicity.

By FlawlexWasTaken

I find myself playing a lot more Spike Rush simply because I don’t want to spend 30+ mins in a full match, where I can get stuck with a shit team, a toxic player(s), or a boring game. The only problem with a normal “short” game is that it would definitely split/catabolize the player base from ranked and unranked. Because there are a lot of people who this would appeal to. Queue times between Spike Rush and Unranked show it, in Spike Rush I’m in a game within seconds, it takes longer for unranked. The problem with spike rush is that I don’t like being stuck with guns I don’t wanna use, and a whole team playing with the same. Shotguns are just boring imo.

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By ABCeeDeeEyy

I think valorant should have a smaller unrated mode. from VALORANT

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