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Importance of counter-strafing in VALORANT



Importance of counter-strafing in Valorant

Valorant players have likewise adjusted a comparative component to get an exact shot while moving. There is a ton of extension to rehearse counter-barraging, particularly in the looking angles.Counter-barraging likewise expands the general success and murder rate, alongside shot exactness. This will assist the player with getting a simple headshot. Despite the fact that it isn’t fundamental to have the expertise, it unquestionably helps at a serious level in Valorant.

Shooting match-ups like Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) are a lot of the same with regards to mechanics like counter-barraging, which expands a game’s general ability rooftop.

Counter-barraging is one of the fundamental abilities to dominate in a shooting match-up. In the event that a player needs to get more murders and overall get better at Valorant, it is imperative to figure out how to counter-barrage. This is the most ideal approach to get great first-shot exactness during face-offs.

Consequently, counter-barraging is utilized to make due in serious shooter games. This high level procedure existed in CS: GO and afterward came to Valorant, as both the shooting match-ups have certain likenesses.

How to counter-strafe in Valorant?

If the player presses the ‘D’ key (Right), the character strafes right, and if the player presses the ‘A’ key (Left), the character strafes left. The word “strafing” in gaming terms means moving sideways, and counter-strafing refers to moving in the opposite direction to the enemy.

When the player strafes from right to left, it stops temporarily for a moment and moves aside. The shot made during that movement becomes deadly accurate.

A Reddit user, u/johnzrxx, uploaded a post on r/Valorant, explaining the counter-strafe mechanism by moving forward. He said that it is possible to counter-strafe while moving forward-right. The user suggested pressing the ‘D’ key, then release it and tap the ‘A’ key. Then the player can shoot the target with ease in Valorant.

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