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INSTANTLY Improve Your Accuracy With These Aiming Tricks – Valorant

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you know when a pro gets Emily welcome back to a brand new video my name is Nathan ting and we’re gonna bring you guys another amazing video that is kind of necessary for everybody to learn today we’re gonna be talking about the basics of aiming and Valerie with the release of Ellen right around the corner we are aware of the influx of new players that will be coming shortly so we wanted to help assist all you players to get acclimated to such an amazing game even if you aren’t a new player stick around you can learn something from this video and even not we could touch up on some forgotten knowledge but before we get started we have our question of the day do you think sage is a must pick in Valerie and if so how could they change your pick rate because currently I believe she has easily a must pick in all games no matter what let us know your thoughts in the comments down below now to get started we’re gonna be talking about what makes valor in semi mechanic unique compared to other games first you cannot move and shoot moving and shooting will result in major inaccuracy so it’s best to come to a stop before pulling that trigger the next core mechanic is spray patterns every gun has a spray pattern although for the first twelve or so bullets the gun becomes unable to predict beforehand one thing you can do however is to watch this way of the barrel as this will tell you which way the gun will turn although sometimes this trick can lead to more harm than good since you’ll be staying at your barrel instead of your enemies some ways of improving your spray pattern is to spray a full magazine on the target at the wall trying to keep it into a condensed grouping know where your spray is off by seeing what rounds lands outside of your grouping and adjust accordingly now every single weapon has a different spray pattern so it’s imperative that you’re aware that not every weapon behaves the same the Phantom and the Vandal are very similar but they do have different recoil patterns and weapons such as the areas and Odin’s are going to be almost completely different from the Phantom at vandal now look at the moving and shooting they’ll be very inaccurate if you try to run a gun notice how there are bullets everywhere if you try to move and shoot this introduces an aspect of counter strafing counter strafing is the usage of your strafe keys a indeed to halt your momentum ii before you shoot an example of counter strafing would be holding your a key and then when you see your target you press your d key to halt your momentum and then take the shot while you’re standing still if you don’t come from counter strike we recommend you focus a lot of time in China your counter strafing as this is one of the biggest mechanics in a me to practice counter strafing go into the practice range and if you use your movement error on the crosshair settings along with turning on your outer lines this will tell you exactly where you’ll be able to shoot this is helpful for learning but you don’t always necessarily have to keep it on counter chaffing is one of the most prominent tools in pistol brown’s because it’s the non automatic weapons it is easy to miss and making yourself a harder to hit target by consistently moving is your best bet so if you’re struggling and pistol rounds definitely practice counter chafing a ton moving from staying alive by countershading we’re gonna be talking about the time to kill and valor it you might surely have noticed that you died very fast in this game and some weapons like the operator and ban will have confirmed kills if you hit someone in the upper body and head respectively with the time to kill being so low you need to be very cautious of the way that you play your rounds playing them carelessly will get you killed over and over it’s very crucial to get yourself some headshots rather than to opt for running and gunning with an SMG if you decide to only use your SMG you’re limiting your own skill cap by opting off to use for your poor choice of weapon e the rifles might be annoying to use at first but you need to master them if you’re ever gonna get to the higher ranks and valor as they have the lowest time to kill there are a few ways to get accustomed to keeping a crosshair at the head level one of the best ways is adapting and using the mechanics of crosshair placement yes you have access to the sights of this game but your crosshair will be plain just as an important role as some weapons such as the pistol don’t have any sights at all so training crosshair placement can be extremely useful you can always get better at the mechanic too as it gets much more deeper than it appears on the surface crosshair placement for our newer players is introducing the boundary where you can almost always have your crosshair place head level generally is the best habit and so you won’t be conscious and aware of this at all times placing your crosshair at the head level at all times will effectively help you get much easier headshots by cutting down the distance required to move your crosshair to their heads you’re going to be able to kind of consistently shoot them in the face you only have to move your aim on the horizontal plane by doing this as opposed to moving it on both the vertical and horizontal your hand naturally wants to move only horizontally and moving vertically will be so awkward for most players to accomplish effectively now there are a few ways to train crosshair placement one of them would be just practicing and being aware of where your crosshair is at all times practice thinking about where your crosshair is and move where it should be if you do this effectively you will be able to notice yourself happy to think about it less and less as more time goes on the next thing you can do is to practice physically rather than mentally this would be accomplished by going to the practice range and shooting balls ball constantly keeping your crosshair at head level this will help you build the muscle memory very quickly and give you a baseline of where you need to keep your crosshairs at all times also we recommend that you switch your height once you get comfortable with normal elevation switching your verticality will allow you to practice different crosshair placements as there’s not just one elevation in the game so why would you practice like there is alongside crosshair placement is a mechanic called pre ami creaming is where you line up your crosshair at the perfect angle and so when you peak your crosshair is already at this level take this angle as an example when you’re attacking split mid you should always line your crosshair up at the most predictable angle for an enemy to be playing in this example when switching out middle you should always pre-aim ropes and if the enemy’s there you have a much more easier time killing them on the other end of the spectrum from pre aiming is holding angles now there are a few ways to train crosshair placement and one of these ways would be to practice and being aware of where your crosshair is at all times now what we see a lot of people do is that they will hold an angle directly with the crosshair basically hugging that same angle doing this will generally lead to you missing your shot because you don’t have enough time to react when the enemy is actually switching the angle remember not even all the pro players hold the tightest angles and even when the best neighbors in the world would give themselves some room for reaction time so to accomplish this you need to line your crosser up a little bit to the side of an angle so when the enemy player walks directly into it you don’t have to move your crosshair all the way and you can just click now we’ve been mostly talking about the rifles but what about the ah the OP is very good at securing easy kills but it costs a ton of money it can be originalused to save rounds by getting picks and securing the numbers advantage this weapon is the most comparable to the OP in Counter Strike but it’s not exactly alike aside from their nicknames I guess it may share a lot of similarities but this is not the exact same weapon in Counter Strike it is easy to aggressively op because the recovery time is quicker and valent the operator is very very difficult to use aggressively since the recovery time is so much longer but where the operator lacks an aggressive Peaks and makes up a holding angles if you are constantly playing past it with the operator you are much more difficult to punish taking unnecessary risks you risk giving up your operator that you spend a lot of money on so make sure that you’re holding angles passively and not over peeking into populated areas of the map the operator is a very very good weapon to pick up and use but in my personal opinion it lacks the opportunity and usefulness and aggressive scenarios so it’s not nearly as good as it is in some games but if you want more useful information on the operator we made an in-depth guide where you can look and find in the description below moving on from the operator we have the heated debate at the phantom versus the Vandal these are both very very solid weapons and it can both be used very effectively the battle is a devastating long-range weapon that shines in its headshot and first accuracy potential it feels slightly more orangey than the Phantom and the spray can be a little bit more difficult to control when comparing it to the phantom the Phantom cannot one-shot headshot from longer ranges but it is very effective for spraying and securing a quick kill I personally buy the phantom when the enemies are going through the rough times economically or what I could just use it to push in as an attacker it feels extremely strong while entering and clearing your sight as the recovery time is slightly better than the Bendel and I have a lot more success transferring my spray from one target to another so in the end it’s not about which rifle is better it’s about what you prefer and what you can use more reliably we recommend you eventually learn how to use both that way if you ever find yourself in a round with one or the other it isn’t extremely difficult to use the weapon that you have ended up with we’re going to be ending this video on a very very big and very crucial topic known as speaking in this game when you expose yourself to an enemy or an angle it is known as peeking you need to learn when it’s a good option to peek and when it’s absolutely the worst thing to do if you decide to peek an angle with no regard of your safety and you just will end up dying it can be very detrimental for your teammates and make it much more harder to win rounds if you’re defending and you know that there are two players on the angle that you’re about to peek it may be best to fall back and wait for the support of your teammates or maybe not even peek it at all when on defense if you don’t over peek it forces the enemies to come to you and if you’re well enough established it can be very very difficult for the enemies to break through and take the site as an attacker it’s also very important to note that taking unnecessary engagements where you can easily end up getting killed are just small generally bad ideas yes taking risks is okay but you got to make sure that it matches the risk and reward if you don’t have enough time to go for kill it generally you shouldn’t you should wait for your team so you can coordinate a peak or just play with them keep in mind the potential of trading frags and the potential of your team is actually being there to assist you knowing when and how to peak angles and general cross replacement will help you guys in the long run if it comes to analyzing and improving your aim additionally learning your spray patterns will also make you insanely good at playing alongside your other teammates as well as these other tactics hopefully this video cleared the air around some mechanics that your players or even experienced FPS players have forgotten or have never learned if you enjoyed this video leave a comment letting us know why or tell us what we can do to improve our content the suspend Nathan ink from pro guys today and I really enjoyed being your host we hope that you guys gained some insightful knowledge from today’s video and as always stay safe stay healthy and have a wonderful rest of your day peace once again we will be offering coaching for valor inverse Hoon su you guys are very serious about getting better at the game go to pro guides comm and go find your procoach right now alright guys that’s it for the video thank you so much for watching and good luck in your next few games
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