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We’ve favored that Skye has been capable of play off her personal flash an increasing number of. But currently, there is a sense that it is develop into too efficient and optimum to play off of herself in some conditions. An enhance to the unequip time ought to make it barely harder for Skye to capitalize on Guiding Light hen flashes as rapidly as earlier than—making coordinated play or completely different kinds of flashes extra aggressive.

The elevated activation time goals to present ready enemies a barely bigger window to react, with out trivializing her predominant Initiator instrument. Also, we’ve seen each the frequency of Skye’s ult and its effectiveness enhance as gamers have develop into extra expert with the Agent. Looking on the recon and impression it may possibly present, it now appears extra acceptable amongst the ults that price seven factors.

  • Guiding Light (E)
    • Unequip time after casting or bending Guiding Light’s projectile elevated .5 >>> .75
    • Windup time after activation earlier than the flash goes off elevated .25 >>> .3
  • Seekers (X)
    • Cost elevated 6 >>> 7

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When we first launched KAY/O, we had two massive questions: “How strong is Suppression for initiation?” and “Can regular flashbangs exist against other flashes in VALORANT?” Although we believed the power to lab out flashes was the place the ability might are available in, we over-indexed on telegraphing the projectile, which is holding again its success.

These modifications ought to assist reward these of you that put in further effort to throw intelligent pop flashes. As far as the final word goes, we wished to extend the baseline worth of the final word by making certain an extended suppression window for these explosive web site takes.

  •  FLASH/drive
    • Duration of windup telegraph decreased 0.5s >>> 0.3s
    • Duration of windup telegraph decreased on Right Click 1s >>> 0.3s
    • The audio hooked up to the in-flight projectile has been eliminated
  •  NULL/cmd
    • Does not cease pulsing after being downed

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  •  Cloudburstprices decreased 3 >>> 2
    • Our feeling right here is that Jett has one too many smokes, and it’s contributed to a way that she might get away with utilizing them at any time, have extra to spare, or spam them with out a lot thought.
    • The decreased prices for her smoke ought to hopefully make the selection on whether or not to smoke a choke level, smoke a path for a splash, or make a one-way, a extra tactical one.
  •  Bladestorm Right-click/Alternate Fire kills now not recharge Jett’s kunai
    • By eradicating the recharge, we hope Jett mains will optimize for the one kunai kills as a way to maintain the Bladestorm going and actually play into the excessive precision fantasy Jett is all about.
    • We wish to incentivize the excessive ability major hearth kills whereas nonetheless permitting the low-risk-low-reward burst hearth possibility.
  •  Bladestorm Right-click/Alt. Fire harm modifications are reverted, harm and multipliers will mirror the left-click
    • We’ve seen Jett’s right-click be very unpredictable and really feel that it’s complicated to have completely different harm guidelines than the left-click. This change ought to unify how each modes of fireplace work and supply a little bit extra predictability if Jett decides to go for the one kill versus chaining.



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  • ICEBOXTunnel to Generator/Canteen areas can now not be bullet penned (a.okay.a. wallbang)
  • One crate on B web site is now not pennable
    • This ought to create a safer planting possibility for attackers, whereas retaining a riskier, however extra highly effective possibility.
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  • The crate stack on B web site is now not pennable, that is to create a safer planting possibility for attackers



  • One stack of crates on C web site is now not pennable, that is to create a safer planting possibility for attackers


9212021_PatchNotes3.06_ScreenShot00284_Ascent1.jpg 9212021_PatchNotes3.06_ScreenShot00285_Ascent2.jpg
  • One crate on A web site is now not pennable, that is to create a safer place on web site for defenders


  • One stack of crates on A web site is now not pennable, that is to create a safer planting possibility for attackers


  • For customers of the Public Beta Environment (PBE), your settings for Live and PBE have been break up, and your setting ought to now not be wiped when going between the 2 environments



  • Icebox minimap and imaginative and prescient cones will now accurately show close to B Yellow callout.


  • Deathmatch penalties will now not forestall you from getting banned for AFK-ing
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