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LDM Esports..


LDM Esports (formerly Liga del Mal) was a Latin American Valorant team. On 13th September, 2020 they rebranded to LDM Esports. On April 6th, 2021 the roster left the organization following administrative issues.

  • January 5th – Jigglypuff leaves while Nhepheria joins as a team manager.
  • January 12th – ddx joins as a coach.
  • January 17th – LDM Esports sign FRAnalyst as an analyst. 
  • January 25th – Sam, BetrayerN, and Nhepheria leave the team. 
  • February 1st – TikoRandom joins as a manager. 
  • January 17th – FRAnalyst leaves the team. 
  • April 5th – EzioCreador150 resign. 
  • April 6th – The players and Valorant staff part ways with the organization.


180px Liga del mal logo

Liga del Mal logo prior to 13th September, 2020

fter Creador150 left, Ezio and MisrraVB were left to run the organization. According to MisrraVB, Ezio was responsible for the northern operations. But, he was not able to officially sign paperwork as an owner of the team.

“I always had my doubts, because he always told me he was going to get lawyers and all of that, but in the end, it never went through because he signed all of the documents with false identification,” MisrraVB said.

The VALORANT team was living in a gaming house at the time, that was owned by Estral Esports. In the video, the owner of LDM says that Ezio told the players that they would be paid at the end of the month. But, allegedly Ezio mounted many debts to different people in his time as a co-owner which all came to head April 6. The VALORANT team was kicked out of the gaming house and their computer equipment was taken as Ezio failed to pay the sponsors and Estral Esports.

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