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MASSIVE LEAKS: Frenzy & Stinger NERFED + NEW AGENT LEAKS & MORE – Valorant Patch 2.03

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news update for you guys on some leaks for patch 2.03

written by the pro player psalm on team Dignitas psalm is known for having one of the greatest strategic and analytical minds in all of esports in this new course he covers valorant fundamentals ranging from aim and movement to defaulting and round development.

you will finish this course with sharpening game knowledge secrets from pro players and the right mindset to improve make sure when you purchase anything on our website to use the promo code fps25 for a discount on anything you buy getting back to the news these leaks are fresh off the rumor mill presses so


let’s not waste any time and get right into it the next Ballarat patch is this week and we have some hot leaks on the major points of interest around the current meta viper changes frenzy and stinger changes agent class changes and rumors about the next new agent and more

let’s start off with rumors and confirmations surrounding the next new agent recently riot indulged info that the next new agent will be a controller so far since the game is released we’ve gotten two duelists one sentinel and one initiator in valoran’s nine-month lifespan so far it was only a matter of time before the controller class got a new agent as they


were the only class since released to not get one according to the riot game dev john gosicki in a recent article his recent quote gives some new insighton the next new agent with that said our next controller is a major cosmic shift from the play patterns you’ve grown accustomed to this one is for all you galaxy brain

players out there that like to study everything that happens on the map after the almond vs brimstone debacle that shook up the meta to start episode 2 and the recent rise of viper within the eu region i think it


will be refreshing to see a new controller join the valrant roster riot knows that smokes have been a hot topic in the valoran community so a new agent could definitely turn the meta on its head next up on leaks for patch 2.03 a few guns that have raised hell in the recent meta are getting some much-deserved nerfs in the coming days according to nick wu stream who is one of the game devs responsible for weapon balance the frenzy and stinger are receiving some much needed attention.

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he says on his stream that the stinger will be receiving some range nerfs this will happen in an attempt to bring it in line with its true purpose of being a close range high rate of fire smg he also mentions that the frenzy is receiving a price hike from 400 credits to 500 this is happening to make the frenzy a less viable option on pistol round if you’ve played valor in the last month.

I’m sure you’ve had some you gotta be kidding me moments  where an opponent buys light armor and a frenzy on pistol round and dominates you and your teammates moving on to leaks about agent class changes in agent reworks riot have confirmed that viper is the next agent in line to receive some major changes on the level of a rework or more right now they are testing a lot of changes featuring viper while maintaining her core identity as a high commitment and high control character however for now these changes are not going to be hitting the servers until the next few patches and that’s because of the tournaments that are currently taking place in all the professional competitive regions around the world it’s only fair because riot doesn’t want to make changes in the midst of a tournament that might make it unfair to some teams riot devs have also brought up the conversation around the relationship between duelist and initiator agents within Ballarat so far without much context duelist might be getting some much needed changes within patch 2.03 with each update it seems as if riot is tweaking the effectiveness of agents like jet and other duelists to make more space for controllers and initiators to shine within the meta the current meta we are in is an attacker-dominated meta where duelers with flashes are allowed to run free completely unchecked it’s good to know that riot devs know this issue exists and the problem is now on their radar for balance changes also since running accuracy got a major nerf with the previous patch 2.02 it is highly unlikely that riot will make another core change.

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the weapon meta in the upcoming patch 2.03 well everyone that’s all we have for the patch 2.03 leaks that came out in the past few days.

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