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nerf buff for killjoy EzR13eBkhdQ

Nerf/Buff for Killjoy


Question 01 :What’s everyone’s opinion on kj’s current abilities? Do you guyz feel like KJ needs a buff or nerf? Or the current setup is ok? In my opinion, Kj needs an urgent buff. At this time,

  1. KJ ult has become kind of useless.

  2. KJ’s nanoswarm can’t be picked and reused.

  3. Pleople get used to how to handle turret.


Answer 1 :

I feel that her ult is actually p useful. Especially for entries, and can be flexibly used to bait brim / sova’s ults. Occasionally also used to fake site push if used with the team’s smokes or yoru’s steps.As for her nanoswarms lets treat them like mollies, agents with such mollies only got 1 (viper / brim / phoenix) – the fact that she has 2 charges for her nanoswarms balances out with the fact that they can’t be reused.

Turrets act as info & deals damage while slowing – so I find it kinda balanced tbh, placing them at long range during pistol rounds is immense, and the ability to recall them at will (unlike cypher) provides rotation flexibilities.I do agree that she might need a buff or to be better put, restore her to pre-nerf where her bots are not restrained by a range. Particularly – its big for me when as a kj I set up bots to watch flanks but proceed to plant bomb on site & have them shut down for those few seconds which are just necessary for opponents to flank.However, not in the ways that you have listed.

Answer 2 :

I think I’m ult needs to be a bit more fast (like 1 second faster) meanwhile the radius needs to be buffed and it needs to be harder to see but on the other hand I think they went wrong with her immobilizing enemies. I think it should be repulsion AoE like every one gets thrown away from ult and stunned like breaches concuss. This would change it from being a “try to force everyone off site” to a ” you might want to get off site before I make you get off site” kind of ult.

Answer 3:

Her ult is very good when used correctly with your team. If you see Sova/brim ult is available, and you ult then that is a choice you make to trade ults. I think if they were going to give her a slight buff to her kit without changing too much or breaking her, it would be increasing her radius for her equipment staying active from 40m to 50 or 60.

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