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NEW Cyber Katana & StatTrak Skins


Actually a lot to cover so buckle up there’s just a lot of little details here the bundle will cost eight thousand seven hundred valorant points and has a few key features and new things that we’ve never seen before so all right let me just start by showing you the gun buddy this gun buddy is a graphics card which is absolutely hilarious and actually reacts in game with kills i’ll try to show that off this is the banner you get it’s like gaming headphones and a keyboard that smashes so those are the three accessories i never really show accessories i want to make sure to show them from now on and then we’re gonna get into the guns themselves of course.

I’m gonna actually purchase this just like a little yoink and go from there starting with the collection itself we’ll hop in game right after so i’m gonna start with the frenzy the first gun is the frenzy and the default color scheme i will of course jump to fully upgraded is a green black gray and kind of transparent look this is the base model of the skin you got a lot of rotating parts inside the barrel to kind of i always like when guns have this consistent animation to them to me it makes it feel more premium and there’s no difference here i i really like how this looks not my favorite design wise but just the features of the skin collection is really there you got a lot of glowing bits as you can see outlined glowing bits and you got a red variant red and white this looks super clean i am a fan of the red i’m also a fan of this blue variant which looks super clean just black with a little bit of blue kind of got a tron vibe here this is my personal favorite.

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