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NEW UPDATE: BEST Agents TIER List – Valorant Patch 0.5

what is up team pro guides and welcome back to another Valor Nvidia today we’ve got a banger for you guys we are still in closed beta we expect to see drastic changes and guess what here they are but before we begin our question of the day what role do you think the next agent in valent will have personally I think the next one is going to be a healer type agent because sage is the only healer right now and she is just so broken there’s no other choice for this role so people just default to sage and it’s gonna make it a lot harder to also balance because you want to balance her from being Opie or not and Wright has even stated that she is Opie right now she’s going to always be Opie because she’s the only healer and the only one with a pretty hard to destroy wall but as always please let me know what you guys think down below we read all the comments we really try and listen to you guys and with all that other way let’s get into the video so in today’s video we’re gonna be covering all the major changes in patch point 5 as well as give you guys our agent tier list based on these massive changes starting off riot has decided that rifles should get a slight change and all of the recovery times on all the rifles have been updated now tap firing and bursting is more efficient leading to less miss shots when you feel like your bullets should have connected apparently riot also did not like how accurate wall spraying was with rifles so they decided to make rifles 33% less accurate while walking to try and curb this riot did say that they will continue to monitor and tweak this so I would keep my eyes open for an interview with dev diary about it sometime soon the Vandal has had its horizon recoil reduced by 15% while crouched and standing still okay so what does this mean well it has huge implications for the game and the way you play because right now as long as you have a good grasp for how far to pull down to compensate for that vertical recoil you don’t have to worry as much about your bullets wildly shooting off to the sides the tap efficiency and gun recovery time were also improved as mentioned above with the Vandal moving from point four seconds to point three seven five seconds in every time and moving from four to six shots of tap accuracy the phantom only received the gun recovery time and tap efficiency changes like the Vandal moving from point four seconds to point three seven five seconds of recovery time unlike the Vandal however the tap efficiency was increased from three to four making it worse at tapping to the Vandal the Bulldog in The Guardian also got their recovery time decreased from 0.55 seconds to point three five seconds and point four seconds to point three five seconds respectively these changes will make the skill ceiling rise as you can reliably take multiple gunfights in a row without having to wait an eternity to switch targets the last two guns to be touched are the Aries and the Odin the Aries got quite a bit of a buff as riot wants this gun to be a viable alternative to something like the spectre the first change to the Aries is the price moving from 1700 to 1600 credits means that with the same cost as the spectre we might actually see this gun being used more for for spies or anti-eco rounds the firing air has also been changed to have slightly less air on top of the recoil after the first eight bullets is easier to control so expect to see this gun more in your pubs for sure the final gun to get touched on the list is the Odin this is a fan favorite we all know you guys love buying the Odin well the change it they made reducing the recoil slightly after eight bullets is nice but honestly this gun will probably not be viable just yet although with riot buffing the Ares by a significant amount it is not out of the question that they may do the same for the Odin in the future next up we have the map updates if you guys have been playing ranked recently you might know how frustrating it is to be the attackers on split and apparently riot does too the spawn barriers for split have been adjusted slightly moving the defenders barriers at mid from top of mid to the entrance of vent into the top of the staircase in tower a site is also no stranger to changes as the defender barrier has been adjusted slightly pulling it back more into a ramp having the attacker barrier pushed a bit more into be main to allow the attacking team a bit more space and this allows them to not worry about a defender pushing in to be main before the attackers get there along from the spawn barrier changes this good old box that everyone spams through once they here plant is going down on B has been changed to metal to try to provide more cover for anyone planting the spike behind it hopefully this will prevent a lot of undeserved deaths just from trying to plant the bomb I mean they’re just trying to do their job why make it harder for them lastly for our changes to split we have an adjustment to tower where the wall on the left side was angled to remove a 50/50 angle check as riot puts it this change should help make tower easier for attackers to gain control of as now you can effectively clear tower with only one person instead of needing to just for the purpose of covering that angle moving on to Haven not much was changed but riot did add a map exploit system that is supposed to punish anyone trying to get into weird places or access zones outside of the map if you’ve ever had an omen teleport into the metal container on C and Haven I’m sure you guys know how frustrating map boundary exploits can be Ryan has also made some changes to some parts of the flooring in Haven to make sure they had the right material sound whenever someone stepped on it alright now on to the changes for all in Maps sweeping changes were made to remove some of those busted cypher camera spots and I’m sure you guys have gotten tagged by before no map was spared as all of the previous cam spots we tested no longer work on all three maps these spots include but are not limited to inside the container in B site unbind inside the wall and B main on split and on the tree at a long on Haven sova was also not forgotten when it came to Maps as some spots were fixed across all three maps where Savas recon dart was able to go through the map in ways it shouldn’t have unfortunately riot did not provide a list of thick spots so we are not 100% sure which lineup still works and which ones don’t but we’ll keep an eye out for you guys and keep you guys updated just keep an eye out for so va’s in your game complaining about that one recon error lineup they actually know not working anymore and then just becoming a floor five duelist not not gonna be very excited about that there are also some other less gameplay impactful changes like changing the opacity of the spawn barriers and adding the ability for the spike to fall from elevated positions so you no longer have to worry about your sage accidentally boosting the bomb to an unreachable location map and agent changes aren’t all that is featured in these patch notes however as we did get a lot of HUD and UI changes starting from the top now teammate armor is shown on the scoreboard which is a really nice quality of life change especially for solo key players like myself having more information about your team without them actually having to tell you is very useful pings have also been updated with new artwork making them much easier to see against the environment in all maps this is one of my biggest criticisms I think that riot actually just listened to me and made the changes I want to take credit for that but to be honest it was pretty obvious everyone was saying another nice change that will hopefully lead to the end of pings being lost behind map colors portraits in the mini-map have had another update from the last patch Bryant has Rhian abled the portraits for players on the mini-map while reducing their overall size and adding color and a border to your icon to make it easier to find yourself on the mini-map heading on over to riots dedicated quality of life improvements we have some nice changes first on the list cheaters are no longer referred to as hackers while this may seem like a pointless change and it is to a degree a hacker implies some sort of knowledge or smarts while a cheater implies that the enemy jet probably installed about 4 different viruses before getting to their cheats and honestly I think this is a good change because hacker just sounds cool if you’re a hacker I mean that’s that doesn’t sound like a bad thing everyone wants to be a hacker but if you’re a cheater that’s just lame you’re lame if you’re a cheater so to be honest I think this is a great change today made because that makes the community look at a cheaters go you cheating you’re so lame if you’re a hacker you look you invented the the cheats and although it’s not good it’s cut I mean you know you have to be somewhat smart to to invent like that but anyway the next notable thing they added is a toggle between walking and running for some this change toggle won’t be appealing but for those who requested it it’s a nice addition and for the last quality of life improvement now poison cloud will no longer enter a cool down when picked up during the bye phase so feel free to toss it around as much as you like that’s about it for the notable quality of life changes so let’s finally get into our tier list the only agent not to be touched at all is breach before breach was a very strong unit but now he is above the other competition as breach was the only agent not even to be mentioned in the patch notes it seems that Riot thinks that he is in a good position right now however what is baffling is they decided to nerf most of the other top agents allowing breach to become even more powerful than he already was our experts think that the only reason Ryan decided to leave breach alone was because his pick rate was actually pretty low expect to see a lot more breach players this patch however as we think people are going to very quickly catch on to how good he actually is cementing his spot at the top of s tier coming in at second you guys guessed it we have sage in this patch riot decided that sage was busted enough and changed her slow orb duration from nine seconds to seven they also changed the slow orbs percentage slowed from 65% to 50% the next of sages abilities to take a hit were her barrier orb while nothing directly was changed from the actual orb the cost is now increased from 300 to 400 credits this change will affect both the items she buys on pistol rounds and subsequent force buy rounds than most sages no longer able to purchase her wall and a slow orb while still having enough left over for armor on pistol rounds sage players must choose between all utility or a lot less utility and protection however that being said as the game progresses and more money’s earned these price changes start to become less and less important while the two nerfs sage received in this patch are a huge step in the right direction to balancing her they really don’t diminish her value whatsoever as I said before the only real way to do that is to introduce another healer or introduce another character that offers what she offers other that she is pretty much a necessity on all teams so that being said even with two Sager nerfs in back-to-back patches we still have her in the S tier and we expect her to remain there for a very long time the last agent in our s tier is brimstone brimstone did get touched on briefly in the patch notes with his incendiary being increased from 200 to 300 credits this change is not really a huge deal and the indirect buffs to brimstone make him even more viable as an agent right now highly recommend picking him up his smokes are just game changers even though almonds rise in the ranks means more competition for brimstone we still expect brimstone to be pretty much in every high you low game thus we placed him in our s tier from our a tier last patch okay now let’s go on to the a tier next up we have Phoenix Phoenix only got hit once this patch but it’s still noticeable Phoenix’s curveball now costs 200 credits per charge instead of 100 credits that’s pretty big this means that Phoenix will now have to spend double to get both charges for his flashbangs and that can seriously seriously impact earlier rounds for example in the pistol round Phoenix now has to choose between buying both curveballs and his blaze for 600 credits and forgoing armor or an upgraded pistol or only buying one flash and not buying blaze to afford armor or an upgraded pistol even though Phoenix got hit some other agents got hit harder so Phoenix will remain comfortably on the lower end of a tier for now and then the right hands Phoenix can be still extremely deadly but doubling the cost of his curveball will have an impact for sure the next agent riot took a look at is cipher in the last tier list video we had cypher firmly in the S tier with the drastic changes to cyber cage no longer slowing enemies that move through it and the fact that his spy cam cooldown when destroyed is now 45 seconds from the previous 30 seconds drops him down significantly in our rankings before this patch picking SOVA / cypher and halo was a big no-no but now that ciphers two most prominent abilities have been nerfed so heavily our experts think that cypher will become substitutable with SOVA and thus he drops from the s tear to the a tear on our list moving on to the beach here we have the master of deception Oh men in our last video we had omen placed at sea tier but since then omen has gotten massive changes in huge buffs his first big buff was his smoke duration being increased from 12 to 15 seconds this 3 second increase may not seem like a huge buff to some but it allows omen to hold off choke points for 6 seconds more in total if both his smokes are placed in the same location this lockdown is even more buffed with smoke projectile speed being increased the only nerf omen received in this patch was 5 seconds longer on his dark cover cooldown these changes not only make omen more viable but with a lot of the other high tier agents getting significant nerfs this bumps open up to the top spot in our be tier sitting in the middle of B tier we have SOVA he only got one change dispatch but it was enough to patch out a few arrow spots you might have been using as mentioned earlier so va’s recon vault had a few weird interactions with map geometry it have patched out riot did not specify on which maps or where these patches were made but it wasn’t enough of a nerf for our experts to rank him significantly lower than last patch silva is incredible for getting information and that’s very valuable for a team so we’re going to still keep him in the be tier but we got to raise although the only change to raise this patch was her blast pack being increased from 100 to 200 credits her indirect buffs shine out as a fragging agent her role in the team is not to be the same type of agent as a brimstone or a breach her role is to get kills and since her rocket launcher and grenades were left on touch and with previously talking about Phoenix’s nerves fortunately we have no choice but to keep her at the B tier personally I think that raze is actually pretty decent in low e low solo q I think that if you have good aim you have a good sense where people are on the map you can go pretty far in carrying your team with race in high heel oh man I’m going to defer to our immortal and valiant coaches and say that she’s probably not that good there’s just so much more than a sage or a brimstone offers a team especially when in high elo you have a lot of communication you have a lot of sophistication with a strategy but race is a good choice in loi alone the master of poison now comes last in beats here with a slight but noticeable buff her snakebite radius was increased from 350 to 450 before this buff her snakebite was pretty underwhelming and was only used effectively in certain situations but with this slight buff we expect to see snakebite being used to greater effect now that it can actually cover a choke point this is the whole point of that ability this change does not however fix her overall issues in soloqueue and thus she remains at the bottom of the be tier last and probably least you guys guessed it we have jet jet was given a small buff to her updraft reducing the cost per charge down from 200 to 100 credits however this does not solve Jets core issues mainly being her lack of engagement potential with really really long and lag on her tail wind and updraft well it is nice that riot realizes the jet is just awful right now this change feels like trying to use a bandage to fix a missing limb the core issues are still there but you might be i1581453782214442able to stop the bleeding soon riot please do something about jet jet looks so cool everyone wants to play her everyone wants her to be good do something to jet change your kid up a little bit I don’t know what jet really needs other than some sort of buff it’s the actual stats and her abilities not the cost hopefully riot will be working on her personally because I think she is one of the most interesting characters I feel like in the hands of like a faker or some more like a simple from counter-strike or something she could just be so cool she’s like a walking highlight reel but honestly right now so boring so lame give her some power riot so as a result she’s in the C tier alright guys that is it for our video today thank you so much for watching please let us know how we can improve our content we are always listening to you guys we want to give you guys the best content all the information that you need that you think will help you guys get better in the game very excited to continue doing valor and content for you guys if you guys want to get better at valor and you can go to pro guys comm and find some amour and valor n’t coaches right now they will help you out they are very very good at the game and if you guys like this type of content just subscribe to the channel we’re gonna be posting a ton of this for you guys soon that’s it for the video guys thank you so much for watching good luck in your next few ranked games and I’ll see you in Valor n’t
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