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NEW UPDATE: VIPER & JETT TWEAKS + QOL – Valorant Patch 3.07


Performance updates

for the performance updates of this patch we are getting to test a cool new beta feature called raw input buffer feature it will adjust the apis that are used for processing with the raw input and game this new feature should create minor performance improvements and identical to normal input latency when used with standard input devices and gaming mice especially most of the major performance improvements you will see will be noticeable when you are using gaming mice with a pulling rate of 8 000 hertz and higher and with that being said 8000 hertz polling rate mice are now supported.

when this feature is enabled this change is huge for the crack gamers out there in the simplest of terms players with nice gaming mice and higher polling rates will now be able to take advantage of the full extent of their aim with this new feature enabled before this feature was introduced players with the high polling rate mice did not see the full effect of the high polling rate because the game had a hard time processing it so its positive effects were negated now that this new feature is being introduced the top end gaming mice will now be able to be used to their fullest extent with this change.

 Game system updates

for game system updates there are a lot of new fixes for players who are reporting crashes on a wide scale i really hope that this fixes my crashing issues because in the past week valrant has been unstable and my game client has crashed out of several matches that i was playing in so my fingers are crossed for this change.

 Bug fixes

lastly for bug fixes the devs have fixed a bug where the text cursor would relocate to the right when editing the lastly for game system bugs the devs have fixed the bug where the team ace could be awarded in scenarios where it wasn’t earned by the team well guys that’s all.

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