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Team MVP – Match MVP should never get greatly decreased


The thing is, being a team MVP does not mean you’re making meaningful plays. I have a friend who is Iron 1 but constantly top fragging because he baits, lurks, and is more often than not the last person alive. He generally doesn’t clutch and doesn’t engage in important trades and firefights because he is worried about his K/D. He gets top frag and team MVP a good bit, but I don’t consider him a good player because he doesn’t make meaningful plays.

I get your point, but there is also many cases where you really pop-off and your team just refuses to be carryable. And once again, I don’t blame them, it happens, but I really don’t want to be punished just for their unlucky game, just as much as I don’t enjoy rankuping from my bad game.

I know dude I always get 2 complete new to fps bot team mates an average Joe and a decent team mate. Don’t soloQ if u wanna rank up unless your like insanely better than the rank your in and playing reyna winning every 1v1 and tryharding to kill the whole team. Which is not possible to do once they start awping. Don’t soloQ man it fucking sucks that’s why u can’t rank up it don’t matter how good u are I’d your team doesn’t know how to play.

the game is based on win/loss. In lower elo perhaps but anything past Gold 2 your MMR gain should be based off if your team wins or not. You could easily bait your team all game and say “I’m top fragging I’m better” when in reality you are sitting behind your teammates watching them die and be last alive and have the enemies try and find you and slowly gain kills. No.

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