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tenz may return to valorant brax leaves t1 with azk AF4h29oucVw

TenZ May Return to Valorant? Brax Leaves T1 with AZK


Days after Autimatic joined @T1‘s @VALORANT roster, it’s now both AZK and Brax who are seeking other opportunities, possibly a sign of trouble for the roster. And @Cloud9 @TenZ may return after taking a step back for streaming and content.

I think it’s about that time for the next generation of pros to step up.

The T1 story was easily one of the best in Valorant and the ibp guys finding success together would have been one of the coolest narratives ever. This is honestly so sad, and unfortunate for the scene.

T1 is the most disappointing NA tier 1 team. They got hyped to the same degree as teams like TSM and Sentinals, but they never won tournaments, didn’t even place well in most tournaments. This is the second time they are changing half of their roster.

The Brax/AZK/Ska core of T1 was so entertaining and could pop off at any point. And the story of iBuyPower coming together again in Valorant was so cool that I became an instant fan. I’m glad they had the chance to at least give it a solid try together. Good luck to both of them!

t1 has a roster of Ska, DaZeD, Spyder, and autimatic. I wonder if Spyder will be playing a duelist role, or continue to play support, and t1 will look for a duelist as their 5th.

 I actually would not be surprised if freakazoid gets signed since he has played with ska before and knows both auto and dazed. he would fit the entry role on the team perfectly and he has been grinding pugs recently. if freakazoid doesn’t end up getting signed, he might even end up playing with brax and azk. unless he wants to continue streaming full time.

I’ve been following Brax and T1 ever since they were announced and it’s been tough seeing them struggle the past year, this roster had so much potential imo and it just fell apart. This one hurts bad, I’ll still follow T1 but damn I really hope Brax can find success somewhere else because he deserves it

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