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The EASIEST Agents To Learn In Valorant


welcome back pro guides family my name is Tran today we have an amazing video for all you newer players to our beloved game today we’ll be going over the easiest agents to learn and how to master them fast these will be agents that are easy to pick up either for newer players or players that want to expand their agent pool just because these agents are easy to pick up doesn’t mean that they don’t have a high skill ceiling every agent in valent serves their own purpose and has a huge potential like an instrument these agents are easy to pick up but require a lot of practice to master the more you play your agent the better your mastery with them will be before we get into our video we bring you the question of the day how are you liking Rayna so far do you think she’s balanced or what should they change about her for me I like how different she is but I’m curious to see how she’ll do in competitive play her flash is very strong though like Wright said this is a very feast or famine character she needs to be the one killing to activate her abilities not her teammates also the orbs disappear fairly fast so it’s a little tricky to grasp the situations that are presented let us know what you think in the comments below now let’s get right into it this is what you came for in the first slot we had the brand new addition to valent in the patch with 1.0 it’s raina some of you guys might be surprised but she is a very simple agent to pick up and learn in terms of a mechanical ability her flash leer is very easy to use as it goes through walls and is able to be placed in the air this flash is extremely useful for taking map control enemies in the presence of leer either have to shoot it which would give their position away or back up and wait for it to run out meaning they will concede the area around Lear giving you free control to wats up in there like you own the place throwing it up in the sky is usually the best bet as opponents will have to move their crosshair all the way up and shoot at it and then bring it back down to aim at you which most likely will shake up their aim throwing it up in the sky my also effect operators holding an angle and force them to retrieve or shoot giving info on their whereabouts this ability shines the most though when attacking and your team is trying to push through a choke the fact it stays where its place makes it so much different than a standard flash like breaches or flash aside from mercy ability her q+ er very straight forward as well both devour her cue and dismiss her II have the prerequisite that you must kill an enemy before it’s being able to be casted if you kill the enemy an orb drops that allows you to use your two linked abilities you have the option of choosing to heal yourself with your devourer and getting a little over heal which counts as health or with dismiss getting a short face of invulnerability and speed that allows you to reposition while not being able to get killed and then you have our ol T Empress which amplifies our combat stats and her linked QE abilities when Empress is active it’s like you’re constantly in brims stim beacon it puts you in a frenzied state which gives you increased firing rate reload speed and equip speed to hunt down unfortunate prey in your path as for Q with Empress active it instantly heals you and does not consume a sack being able to instantly heal is underrated as rayna’s normal q usually takes quite a bit to fully heal with it being instant you can go right back to fighting more enemies alongside that in Empress form with E you turn invisible if there are multiple enemies around and you get the first kill you can eat instantly to reposition and catch your enemies off-guard currently while she is still new people won’t fully expect the speed and invisibility of rayna’s e make sure to have fun with this while you still can because people will pick up very quickly now it’s very easy to understand and grasp the extent of rayna’s abilities however knowing which one to use in every situation requires a lot of game sense and experience with the agent in order to master her and if you really do want a master agent we can help you out with that at pro guys calm we have many coaches I put countless hours into the game to master their agents and the game they would happily assist and guide you on subjects you require help on with the new into the pro feature we have coaches on-demand 24/7 and you’ll be able to chat with them before deciding whether or not you want to come in be sure to check us out in the link below if you’re really interested in becoming a better player and how to master any agent you wish moving on to our next agent its sage the most essential pick in any team composition if you’re looking to understand the pure fundamentals of the game this is your go-to pick a good sage dominates the game with a strong defensive holds and amazing supportive capabilities as a role as a Sentinel she’s insanely strong and holding down narrow choke points that buy a lot of time for teammates rotations her kit is very simple to understand but you need to understand when to use her utility and to not panic waste your abilities she recently got some nerves that will make sage mains grown a little bit in patch 1.09 – gutting if you’re interested in learning about patch check out our video as well as our tearless in the link below like I said for sage focus on not throwing out your utility too quickly into a round if you’re on defense wait until you hear footsteps before putting up your wall after the attackers start shooting your wall down play a safe angle where you can jiggle peek or jump spot if they are pushing in if you can’t see they are most likely committing through using smokes ultimate abilities or you hear 3 + footsteps that’s when you ideally want to throw your slow orb down as for a healing it’s now on a 45 second CD so make sure you save it for teammates that really need it be sure when a teammate is low communicate to them how you guys should rotate always try to look at the mini-map and see what is being watched and what isn’t then make reasonable rotations that allow your teammates to come to you or vice versa depending on the situation as for a resurrection it’s pretty straight forward as teammates to assist you in getting a safe res off by even in risky situations like 3v3 on retake don’t be afraid to just do it and use your resume as bait they might not like it but it’ll give you the best chances of winning the round to reinstate sage is definitely the most essential pick towards any team composition at the moment learning her will greatly increase your chances of winning she is also very easy to play and understand so there’s great returns for learning this agent be sure to pick her up if you haven’t already and for our next pick is the grizzled veteran with a nice beard it’s brimstone for a lot of you csgo players out there transitioning to valiant this is the pick made for you with smoke sent emali what else do you need apparently a laser that shoots out from the heavens and obliterates anybody standing in the vicinity this character is very Ford with all his abilities but I do recommend going into custom games and practicing his smokes you want to learn all the good smoke spots while making sure your smokes don’t have gaps for your opponent’s to shoot you through his smokes are very straightforward as you place them to cut off line-of-sight of places where you think enemies might be playing just remember when you pull out the gadget on his wrist it does make a sound for everybody to hear if an enemy is near they will peek and kill you if you’re not prepared it’s also useful for baiting though if you know an enemy is around the corner you can trick them into peeking and hopefully land a free kill as far as incendiary it’s best used to deter pushes on the defending side but also can be used to clear a corner or be saved for the bomb on post plan he only has one Molly but it’s the strongest Molly in the game put in the right spot at the right time this thing will win around it lasts for about 10 seconds and does insane amounts of damage paired with his ultimate from the skies it’s very hard to lose post ponts if you use these two abilities properly in conjunction Brimstone’s ultimate is probably the most versatile in the game it can be used to clear hiding spots deter pushes act as a smoke screen and stop people from defusing what more can you actually ask for this character is amazing and almost as essential as sage in the right hands be sure to oh wait he still has one more ability yes folks we did not forget about his steam beacon this is the most underrated ability and brimstone players and teammates alike sometimes forget that he has this ability this ability is like we said Farina gives increased rate of fire reload speed and weapons foot speed in an area of effect all those that pass through it including enemies will get this increased combat buff it’s very useful on attack when pushing together through a narrow area placing it in front of where you’re going ensures all your teammates will run through it and get the buff on the defensive side though it’s a bit tricky as people can see the radius of the sim beacon making a very choreographed if you’re about to peak also when you’re hiding in a corner try not to use this ability unless you’re using it as bait a lot of the times you’re playing on defense you’ll be hiding in an angle steam beacon will completely give away your position and you’ll be dead in no time unless you’re an aiming god make sure you know the implications of giving away your position when using stem beacon last but not least we have our fiery boy Phoenix one of the coolest character designs in the game as he can spark fire from his hands again for csgo players this character is the entry fraggers wet dream from being able to flash himself in to being able to create a fire wall for himself and being able to clear corners with his Molly and did I also mention he can heal himself after with his abilities but wait there’s more with this ultimate running back you get a secondary fake body that you’re able to use and shoot opponents while still being able to cast your abilities if you die with your fake body you get respond to where you initially cast as your ultimate yeah this suit is pretty far but just make sure you ot in a safe spot or your real body will get found and you will get fired upon wherever position you begin the ultimate from opponents and teammates alike will see the circle of flames on the floor so enemies can just wait besides us fly and kill you when you return make sure that your alting from a safe spot or that a teammate is holding your ultimate for when you return so that you’re safe and sound every one of Phoenix’s ability is pretty straivalorant release date featureghtforward besides his flash when starting to learn Phoenix sometimes you just aren’t used to how the flash curves and you also might hit objects near you I definitely recommend practicing common flash angles and custom games so you know what to expect Phoenix is the best for aggressive players that just want to spark up their team by getting entry frags and getting their team a lot of space by leading the charge poured for defense he plays as an aggressive Intel gather which is sometimes tricky but sometimes will flat-out win the game for your team Phoenix is a very high-risk high-reward defensive agent you want to use your flashes to your advantage and peak with them to gain info or even secure a kill and back off if you don’t really see or hear anything you can start to walk and push it if you feel like it’s safe for defense you need a lot of experience on what angles are best played and how to throw a good flashes but this is a character that you should for sure pick up if you like entry fragging and aim duels and with that that will be our video for today hope you guys had a great time watching and enjoyed our content expect more great videos on the way as valor and continues to grow as always you can support us by like commenting and subscribing and we fully appreciate all the support you guys show thanks for all the love as always I’m stray and I’m signing out have a good one folks

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