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The END of Valorant as We Know It? – Update Guide



  • I think it would be cool, love to hear opinions if when Yoru took his portal it was a global sound with no way to pinpoint where he was. It would keep you guessing and have you on edge more after hearing it.

  • if the viper change doesnt work or is too gamebreaking maybe make the e cancellable and made able to be deployed again after 45 seconds or her q work likea cypher camera so you can grab it from affar to buff the set and stick gameplay.

  • Dude the viper buffs are crazy man. I was in a ranked game(just finished it infact) and we were up by 9-3. The viper in the enemy team was bot fragging but come defense holy fuck dude he erupted. Viper’s smoke wall, that round smoke was a devastating combination and we lost bad 11-13. I still feel the pain man, not from the loss but rather the toxins.

  • Do you think a small healing rate with the Brimstone stim beacon would make him OP? I am talking small, like 20 health per stim in a slow rate. I like this because you can put it in the ground after taking a site, making you shoot faster while giving you small healing, perhaps making the difference between life and death. And since you can’t have two steam beacons at the same time, there would be no op double heal rate. It would make him more durable and perhaps increase the ace clutch potential!

    The only unfair agent in the game for me is Reyna to be completely honest. Not because of her healing power in pistol rounds neither for her dismiss. Neither for her ability to clutch 1v5,thats the fun part of her to be fair. The only thing i find unfair is her movement increase while she’s on empress. If she’s good, she can counter strafe and shoot so fast it literally looks like a ferrari peek in the enemy’s screen and causing her to have alot of peekers advantage in her disposal. You could say the same about Jett knives but at least from my perspective it isn’t the same at all. I find my self losing many more duels by running empress Reynas than Jetts. Even with her knives Jett is moving on a predictable Valorant movement standards. Reyna looks she’s activating her freaking nitro on empress and runs faster than Usain Bolt. If Reyna is good she’s literally unstopable with that ultimate. The only time i find my self winning a duel against a running empress Reyna was by pre-firing her to be honest man. Plus she can camp a corner for 20 seconds or so, get 1 kill and refresh the whole empress thing? Idk about that some people might argue that Breach or Jett are stronger because of the pro-meta but on an average diamond level game these two aren’t even close to be the best. Just my opinion in the end.


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