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hey guys it’s dan back again with another pro guides video things are getting crazy out here with the release of rated or ranked as most you guys know it opened up a few days ago and people are already starting to grind to valor and that leads into our question of the day what do you think of the Valor entrer de Division badges do you like the simplicity of their design or do you wish for a more extravagant and complex emblem personally I think they look a bit simple but I do appreciate the sleek design anyways with that said let’s move into the video sometimes the best solution to a problem isn’t always the obvious one so why not try something new today we’ll be going over the four most underrated guns in valor in’ now just to be clear I’m not saying these weapons are overpowered or anything like that I just see people say that these weapons are bad and underpowered but today wanted to valorant havenshow you guys that maybe there’s a bit more to these guns than meets the eye number one Marshall starting at the top of our list today is the Marshall fast accurate and surprisingly powerful the Marshall boasts a fire rate of 1.2 shots per second while scope and 1.5 shots per second when unscoped its magazine can only hold five shots at a time so be careful about how fast you pulled that trigger since the reserved ammos low as well only giving you 15 extra rounds trying to wall bang and spam wooden corners is not a great idea with this weapon although because the Marshall is priced at only 1100 credits it makes it viable in a lot of rounds because it’s cheap enough to not be a huge hit to your wallet our experts think the Marshall is being severely underrated right now because of how many people are comparing it to the scout or SS go8 from csgo if you’re familiar with csgo you’ll know that the Scout is definitely stronger in a few ways over the marshall namely the very forgiving 90 spare rounds and ten round magazine size the scout also has two Xoom modes like the operator in valor n’ and the scout even has mechanic named after it jump scouting unfortunately for the marshall and valiant it only has access to single zoom and has low ammo reserves and no you can’t jump scout with it I Drive my best but I just couldn’t find a way to make it work consistently however the lack of a second zoom mode really doesn’t hurt the Marshall as most fights take place in pretty close quarters anyways plus a weapon like the Marshall doesn’t need 90 rounds to still be useful as even with body shots you can get an ace with only 10 shots another upside is the amazing noscope accuracy on the Marshall this thing can put out accurate no scopes as fast as your finger can pull the trigger even up to a range of 50 meters it can put up accurate noscope shots just don’t try to move a noscope as the moving in accuracy is pretty high heading on over to Haven I’m gonna show you a few ways that you can use the Marshall to your advantage here on CE site you can set up near these stacked boxes close to garage connector this way you can use the Marshalls fast movement speed to peak around this corner and take shots at anyone running up C long or just peek around this corner to see into garage combined with a character like sage or jet you can even boost yourself onto the boxes with jets updraft or use a sage barrier orb to get the drop on your enemies check out our sage guide to find some great tactics and places to use your barrier orb to combo with Marshall heading on over to bind another great place to set up with a Marshall is be long if you’re playing a character with a smoke you can even smoke off the cross like this to sit next to the teleporter for a really cool off angle be careful though if you struggle to land shots with the Marshall sitting next to the teleporter is a pretty risky move moving a split there’s a really useful angle right here towards the back of a site use this corner to duck behind if you start getting shot and if you start getting forced out of that position you can always rotate onto a site or to heaven just be careful if you do move to either position you’re pretty vulnerable with only a Marshall so it may be worth investing in a ghost or frenzy for that round just in case if sniping isn’t your style we still got your back with our next weapon – Aries heading into number 2 is the Aries this LMG is a weird weapon with a few stats that don’t look so great but honestly everything works out once you start using it starting with the damage the Aries requires two headshots to kill close up and three at longer ranges you probably won’t need to worry about those longer ranges however as it boasts a pretty noticeable movement speed penalty while equipped and shots at longer ranges can become very inaccurate on the plus side you have a manageable spray pattern at close range in a very respectable 10 rounds per second bumping up to 13 after nine rounds fired or so the Aries also gets access to a 50 round drum magazine with a hundred rounds in reserve so feel free to spray down as many corridors as you like costing only 1700 credits it can be bought for over a thousand credits less than a vandal or fan the Aries may look bad on paper sometimes though things just work out the 13 rounds per second really helped to remove some of the pain from having such low base damage and accuracy it’s not a worthy replacement for something like a vandal or even something like the spectre if it’s a saved round however there are situations where the Aries can really shine over Spectre or be just as good as a vandal one of those is if you know enemies are going to be playing aggressive in a choke point think like a short on vine you could slow down the push at that choke for at least a while simply by spraying it down and making it too dangerous for the enemy team to push another great way the firing speed can help this gun feel better is with damage output when you’re firing 50 rounds that quickly some are bound to catch at least one player in the Chester head so our experts think the best use of this weapon is to just spray and pray with the Aries not having great accuracy even on the first few shots and even while standing still this was definitely a weapon designed to be emptied in one go with that being said choke points are not the only places where it’s a viable option places like seaside on Haven or even a site on split can work since most of the time there’s enough cover to watch the entrances without immediately being discovered this can help give you that extra crucial second to get your Aries spun up and firing at 13 rounds per second if you do buy an Aries try to avoid heading to the middle section of a map or anywhere where there isn’t a lot of cover like b-side on Haven if you don’t have enough cover then you run the risk of dying before you can get your Aries fully fired up alright we moved from a sniper to an LMG so let’s keep it moving with an SMG number three stinger sliding on into the number three slot is none other than the stinger costing only a thousand credits the stinger is one of the cheapest automatic weapons in the game only losing out to the frenzy at only 400 credits with 20 rounds per magazine and 60 in reserve the stinger should be more than enough to last you the round which is more than I can say for the frenzy the main drawback that really pulls people away from the stinger is its inaccuracy and low damage per bullet however it has the same upside as the Aries in that the stinger has an insanely fast firing speed of 18 rounds per second that’s actually the fastest firing speed in the game next closest being the Odin at 15.6 rounds per second after it spins up as I mentioned earlier the stinger does lack some damage requiring two to three headshots or four to five body shots to kill but this didn’t be a problem however if you use it in the way I’m about to show you the stinger does have a couple of things going for it namely it’s crazy low price and crazy high fire rate so our experts determined that if you’re going to use the singer keep it to pretty close range think like inside hookah unbind or garage on Haven these closed quarters spaces really let the singer shine as the fast fire rate allows the weapon to pump out bullets and since the enemy will have to be pretty close to you in these areas the inaccuracy stops mattering as much the stingers running accuracy is only slightly worse than its standing accuracy also so don’t be afraid to start moving and shooting when you see an enemy to help throw off their aim singers also tend to work better in sets of two or three where once you and your teammates start firing there are so many rounds flying at the enemy team you’re bound to get at the very least really high damage on anyone who dares challenge you the stingers at weapon you should consider buying on save rounds as a drop for your teammates or even on a half by round if you think you can get the drop on an enemy let’s head back on over to Haven with the stinger having low wall penetration be careful when trying to attack a position like a long it’s a pretty open part of the map with long sightlines and you won’t be able to effectively spam the crates there however if you head straight instead of right attacking a short might just be with the stinger needs to shine everything is close range here and you can quickly have one of your teammates block off a sight to clear this angle there are better weapons of the game for sure but with this only real competition of that price range being Bucky at nine hundred credits it’s definitely worth the try the next time you have some credits to spare just make sure to not try to use it anywhere that requires a lot of range time to round off this video with our last weapon and to make sure we had something for everyone we’ll be ending with a rifle but before we take a look at the Guardian we have some exciting news to share with you we have officially launched valor –nt coaching on pro guides comm so make sure to click the link in the description to learn from the best all right now on to the Guardian for the last weapon and the only rifle on the list is the Guardian being the only semiautomatic rifle in the game players tend to overlook this weapon for the slightly more expensive automatic rifles however with one hit headshot potential or two or three hits the body to kill depending on the range it’s definitely not a weapon to underestimate the Guardian also has the added perk of a 1.5 X zoom giving it better sights in the Vandal and the phantom it does have a pretty small magazine though only holding 12 rounds with 36 rounds in reserve with a firing speed of 6.5 rounds per second you can blow through your ammo pretty quickly so be sure to take a look at your ammo after every engagement the accuracy of the Guardian is also pretty good especially at longer ranges where the increased zoom really comes in handy over weapons like the Vandal being cheaper than the Vandal or phantom by 200 credits also helps if you’re strapped for cash but still want a decent weapon The Guardian is a marksman’s weapon hinted at by its lack of automatic fire and great accuracy on its first few shots people tend to move towards the slightly more expensive rifles but our experts think depending on the map and where you are attacking or defending that round the Guardian might be a viable choice let’s head on over to a site on split a great place to set up with the Guardian would be on catwalk near this corner if you happen to be a sage mane check out our 25 advanced tips guide for a really cool ice-barrier that you can use to boost yourself over a short from catwalk back to the video from here you can easily watch a short as well as watch Ram this angle also does not allow you to get rushed down as easily as you can see all the movements the enemy team is making for today you also have an easy escape route if things get hairy just jump back into heaven and take this corridor while waiting for your team to rotate so when should you buy a Guardian the best time is if you’re sitting at that awkward credit range between 3200 to 3,800 buying a guardian here might allow you to upgrade to heavy armor or buy that crucial extra ability try to avoid spamming the Guardian however as even though the first two rounds are very accurate even shooting as fast as possible the rest of the rounds become pretty inaccurate so make sure to pause for a second between each of your shots for maximum effectiveness the Marshall Aries stinger and Guardian are all weapons that may be overshadowed by other better guns but you should give them a try in your games who knows maybe at the end you’ll find your new favorite weapon and that ends our guide on the 4 most underrated weapons in Valarie thanks so much for watching all the way to the end and make sure to slap that subscribe button and ring that notification bell for more valor and content coming soon make sure post your reply to the question of the day in the comments below and I’ll see you guys next time with another awesome guide

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