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The ULTIMATE AIMING GUIDE: Tapping vs Bursting vs Spraying – Valorant

round of your burst fire burst fire is best used for medium and long range encounters within 20 to 50 metres paired with good counter strafing left to right and vice versa for actually both tapping and bursting I’d highly recommend you to practice both of these techniques in the training range while counter chafing while aim is very important movie is just as important as staying mobile makes you a trickier target to hit you don’t want to be a sitting duck and easy prey for your opponents you want to be fast like a rabbit juking enemies and then biting like a lion wait I should have just used the Muhammed Ali quote never mind my point is to stay mobile and these techniques will really help you do so instead of spraying and being stuck in 60the same spot also another bad habit I want to mention to you guys is to not Crouch every time you take a gunfight this is a very bad habit even I do a lot of the times and it’s bad bad crouching makes you very stationary and makes it so enemies can land headshots on you easier because your model is more bunched up also the enemy has bad cross replacement and aims like chest or waist level they might get a random headshot when you’re crouched to add on to that even if you do get a kill you won’t be able to move back into cover as maybe another enemy Peaks and kills you because you’re crouched and too committed to the spray down I do want to say though sometimes crouching is good when it’s a 1v1 crouching is fine as you only need to get one kill on one target so being stationary isn’t as bad as long as you kill the other guy first it’s also good for messing up players with good cross replacement as you might dunk their initial shot other than those reasons try not to make crouching into a habit back to bursting though the best guns for bursting are going to be the frenzied stinger Specter vandal and phantom if you use these guns instead of holding down the left mouse button try to mix your movement in with accurate bursts fire to get kills and then go back to cover next up the noobs utmost favorite technique the spray-and-pray just kidding guys spraying is very viable when done right spraying is when you’re holding down the fire button and adjusting your aim for the spray pattern plus R equal lower you’ll players will pretty much spray any chance they get when they get into a firefight because they panic or think as long as they’re clicking the fire button they’ll get a kill but that just simply isn’t right spraying does require good recoil control and mastery over the spray pattern the ideal range for spraying would be point-blank to around 20 meters but if you have really good spray control than any distance is fine the thing with spraying is that if you have really good first shot accuracy and can let head shots you won’t really need a spray in a perfect world you would just one top everybody like in a screen montage but we are human so we make mistakes and were bad at valorem but it’s okay because spraying makes up for our badness and lack of aim seriously though guys there are many reasons why you’d want to spray it’s a good technique for shooting through smoke spraying down multiple enemies in a choke and spray transferring in valent there are many smokes deployed in a regular match so you’re often sprang through smokes are trying to get some kills when you’re spraying through the smoke try to imagine where enemies might be positioned in the smoke like common angles also if you hear any footsteps or indicators on where they might be feel free to spray away remember to try and keep your spraying nice and compact so if you do hit a target you finish them off if you find yourself spraying through the smoke often and dying it’s probably because enemies see your guns tracer with something like a vandal enemies will most likely shoot back to the origin of your bullets if you want to conceal your location The Phantom is better for that as it has no tracers and also has a faster fire rate with more bullets in magazine making it ideal for spraying while we’re talking about the Phantom it’s also great for spraying down enemies in the choke with the 5 extra bullets compared to the Vandal but if you really want a 5 man spread out hey why not get the Odin with 50 bullet magazine more bullets equal more kills right the Odin completely melts enemy teams like butter when they’re clumped together and lined up just a disclaimer don’t buy Odin every round it’s pretty troll free economy when you die with it it’s pretty good for spamming walls at the beginning of the round though as a luxury weapon but yeah if people are lined up spraying is great as you’ll net you a lot of collateral damage and you might get multiple kills behind the target you’re initially shooting at the last point I want to make is spray transferring this is referring to when you’re shooting a target initially and you’re transferring the spray to another target that appears if you want to see a good example of this there’s a famous clip of hiko doing this in a 1v4 versus sentinels in a tournament sprays transfers are very useful if you’re proficient in the spray pattern and can change targets while maintaining the pattern accurately this allows you to get multiple kills at different positions in the duration of one spray now this is very difficult but also very rewarding when achieved definitely give this a try in the practice range transferring from targets target during one spray you’ll also want to aim for headshot with your spray transfer for the most optimal result but maybe start off with body shots first try practicing this a bit daily and your muscle memory will take over and you’ll be seeing montage worthy plays soon guns highly effective for spraying our Specter Ares phantom and Odin I do want to mention that phantom is probably your go-to rifle if you prefer holding down that left mouse button and that’ll be it for a video today hopefully you guys learned a bit more about these gunplay techniques and practice them through practicing each individual technique you’ll build better habits and become a more well-rounded player we wish the best towards your improvement and thank you guys so much for sticking around to the end of the video and as always please like and subscribe to support our channel also remember to answer our question of the day in the comments if you haven’t already again as always my name is Trey you’ll be on your way and I hope you have a nice day peace
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