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Tips to avoid rust In Valorant



Opinions of people will help you to overcome it:

  • Im immortal and won a few thousands in earning so trust me on this. Not getting rusty is a skill that you can get better at overtime. stomp the fundamentals in your head and think about them everyday even when you are not playing. For example im always thinking about htting headshots i constantly repeat it to myself in and outside the game because of this i have a 70% headshot rate right now. My last tip is to watch videos of pro’s playing deathmatch and play along in your head as if you were playing so constant thinking about headshots, crosshair placement, movement, peeking correctly theorize the perfect solution constantly and you will see that even pros make mistakes and some of them play really weird. Over time you will no longer have to think about these thingsand they will come passively and thats where the improvement comes from. When i get ultra rusty i usually just think about doing all the fundamentals perfectly and it instantly makes me 100x better, crosshair placement and movement is 75% of your aim afterall.


  • Hey man, my household is the exact same actually Things that i have done to stay decent (and right now im actually probably at my peak skill level) is to focus on specific mechanics, through an aim trainer such as kovaaks or aimlab. It comes down to efficiency for people like us, and as long as you focus and get good at specific skills you can climb and improve in no time 🙂 these are some of the things that ive been doing far more recently, and i have seen tremendous improvement! Good luck my man.


  • The frustration you are expressing seems to result from the fact that your rank is floating up and down.Even if I avoid somehow the question, I would suggest the following:
  • Your rank is just a measure of your proficiency in the game. You will in principle play against players at your level. Statistically, the rank systems gives you a 50% chance of winning and loosing.
  • This game is not just about point and shoot. If you invest in a community of friends playing the game, you communicate with them and you play together, point and shoot will not be your focal point. And…
  • the ultimate goal is to have fun playing the game. Not to move up your rank each time you play.
  • Your ultimate goal should be investing in school. It is fine as it is. Games are for fun.
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