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VALORANT 2.06 PATCH NOTES :Everything You Need To Know




Toxin (passive)

  • Enemies that cross through Viper’s Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, or Viper’s Pit .
  • instantly inflicted with at least 50 decay. Their decay level increases the longer.
  • remain in contact with toxin.
  • While in cloud, Decay over time decreased 15 >>> 10.
  • When out of Viper’s cloud, delay before health regen decreased 2.5 >>> 1.5.

Poison Cloud (Q)

  • Can now immediately be redeployed when picked up, but grants a temporary charge instead of a permanent charge.
  • If active when Viper dies, Poison Cloud now remains up for an additional 2 seconds, or until Viper runs out of fuel.
  • Pickup distance increased 200 >>> 400

Toxic Screen (E)

  • If active when Viper dies, Toxic Screen now remains up for an additional 2 seconds before deactivating.
  • Full blind distance from the wall increased to better match the blind distance from the edge of smokes.

Snakebite (C)

  • Equip time decreased 1.1 >>> 8.

Practice Tools

  • In custom games with cheats and infinite abilities enabled, Viper can hold down “activate” on Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen to recall them.
  • In custom games with cheats and infinite abilities enabled, Poison Cloud’s landing location is shown on the minimap while equipped.


Blindside (Q)

  • Flash activation time decreased 0.8 >>> 0.6 seconds.
  • Flash duration increased from 1.1 >>> 1.5.

Gatecrash (E)

  • Gatecrash is no longer refreshed on kills and is instead replenished every 35 seconds.
  • Lifetime of the Gatecrash fragment increased 20 seconds >>> 30 seconds.
  • The range at which the Gatecrash fragment is revealed from stealth decreased 7m >>> 4m.
  • Visuals for visibility range added to the moving fragment.

Dimensional Drift (X)

  • Ult Points reduced 7 >>> 6.
  • Yoru can now reactivate Gatecrash while in Dimensional Drift.


Nanoswarm (C)

  • Killjoy can now pick up deployed Nanoswarm grenades during the buy phase to get the charge back.



  • Primary fire (left-click) bullet spread decreased 3.4 >>> 2.6.
  • Decreased spread on Alt-fire (right-click) 3.4 >>> 2.0.
  • Updated damage curve for both primary and alt-fire.
  • 0m–8m is 20dmg per pellet.
  • 8m–12m is 12dmg per pellet.
  • Beyond 12m is 9dmg per pellet.
  • Reduced amount of pellets in a right click shot from 15 >>> 5.


  1. Escalation
  2. Abilities
  • Raze’s Showstopper now comes with two Blast Pack Charges which refill when you touch the ground. Practice those boosts!
  • Snowball Launcher now comes with Skates—the increased mobility should give you an edge against the generally more lethal weapons.
  • Big Knife now comes with one Tailwind (Jett Dash) charge which refills on kill. Close all the gaps!
  • Loadout variations will be a bit of a surprise, and they’ll show up rarely. Let us know which ones you like!


  • You can now view a person’s career from the in-game Leaderboard.
  • If you are on the the Leaderboard, but don’t want to give away who you are, you can leverage our in-client toggle to label yourself a ‘Secret Agent’.


  • To improve legibility, the megamap now consistently uses a mouse pointer instead of a crosshair for map pings.

Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF).

  • Added an audio toggle located in the Audio settings panel to enable HRTF.


  • 20 assorted bugs for Agents, QoL, Competitive, and more fixed for this patch.
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