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valorant devs make astra useless viper yoru buffed to the moon 8211 update guide vcSUcpT9jqg

Valorant Devs Make ASTRA USELESS: VIPER + YORU BUFFED to THE MOON – Update Guide



People’s opinions on this:

  • this is just blatant clickbait at this point. Astra was not nerfed, a bug was fixed. No changes, big or small have been announced or leaked for viper or yoru. All we know is they will see some changes. Honestly just a waste of time watching these vids at this point.
  • The tournament delaying patches makes sense. they do not want to screw something up by making a buggy change. Remember they want a complete revamp of viper which could potentially cause problems. This is kind of a bummer but it makes sense to me. Also if they added astra the logic still makes sense, they have probably ironed out a good amount of bugs and spent a lot more time on the astra release then they have on fixing yoru and viper. it sucks but i guess we just wait 🙁
  • What the title says- “gonna make her completely useless, even better remove her from the game, she wont have guns to fight with and she has to knife her enemies so she’s completely useless” What it actually is- “gonna fix a bug which gives astra a great advantage in post plant scenarios “ Stop click baiting  


  • I think they want to wait for a gap in tournaments because the changes are probably big as you mentioned in the video, imagine a patch that makes a character too OP with a tournament going on
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