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Valorant frame rate drops, players report FPS issues?


Despite no longer being in its infancy, Riot Games’ Valorant consistently experiences serious FPS frame drops no matter what technology you’re using, but here’s how to fix it.

Riot Games’ Valorant is a title renowned for beautifully animated abilities, stunning graphics and innovative Agents.

Where it falls a little short, though, are the continuous issues that players face with their FPS frame rates dropping for no particular reason. This is something a whole host of players have complained about after the implementation of Patch 2.05, which only had relatively minor adjustments.


A lot of fans have been struggling with the FPS drops since 2.05, but more have been added to the pile after Patch 2.06 was released in-game.

When previous issues arose with FPS drops, back in patch 1.05, players did find a temporary workaround to the problem. The following solution was discovered by mackfan But, this is an old fix, so it may not be able to resolve any of the FPS drops with the latest update.

To check or fix the issue, here’s what worked in the past.

  1. Launch Valorant, and minimize the game
  2. Open your Task Manager (by right clicking the Windows Task Bar and clicking “Task Manager”)
  3. Click “More details”, and select the “Processes” tab
  4. Right click Valorant, and select “Go to details”
  5. Right click “VALORANT-WIN64-Shipping.exe”, and select “Set Affinity”
  6. A window will pop up showing which CPU threads are currently enabled for Valorant. If they’re all checked, this fix probably doesn’t apply to you. If there’s only a couple checked off and everything else is unchecked? Check the box “<All Processors>” and click OK
  7. Repeat steps #5 and #6, but on “VALORANT.exe”
Riot dev Nu has highlighted that because this fix is so old, it’s unlikely to be able to resolve the new issues. But, it sounds like Riot are aware of the fresh frame rate bugs.

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