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Valorant : IRON vs. RADIANT META – Agents and Weapons that are the BEST



Fan reviews:

  • I feel sage has such a high pick rate due to the fact not many people main sentinels and sage is beginner-friendly to those duellists, controllers, and initiators. Once players climb to higher ranks they discover there is more to valorant than dragging therefore more killjoy and cypher.
  • I think Sage sees so much picks in lower ranks because it’s so easy to get good value from her utility, even if it’s not the most useful utility overall. I’m lower rank so I’m actually curious as to why she isn’t picked more in higher ranks?
  • Specter is always picked because of eco rounds we just forced to use them also its not about the aim its about ping differences also todays patch there’s a lot of cheaters and smurfers roaming around unrated and compe low ranks.
  • iron usually haven’t unlocked some of the characters thats why its low pick rate and other agents like killjoy get low because Killjoy is one of the less activated character since Reyna raze and Jett are usually the first agents they want
  • I have been Sage main for a long time. Actually, I was a insta duelist then one of my dia friends suggested me to play to my natural playstyle, which is passive, and go with a senti specifically sage. He also said it will help me big time to climb out of elo hell. So i started learning sage and oh boy i cant tell u how naturally the agent fitted into my playstyle and how fast i started to climb. Within two acts of maining sage, i started climbing at an 81% wi nrate and currently im in high plat, came all the way from iron 2. I still play with sage but more and more there are people that doesnt instalock anymore and more people want to play support so i have been switching back and forth between reyna/jett and sage. Somtimes smoke as well, omen, if no one wants to play smoke. I think one of the biggest things that helped me climb that fast with sage is that sage is easy to learn and sage has lots of utility value. By that, I mean your aim might be trash but your abilities can help turn a round around by itself. And once i started working on my aim, i instantly started climbing fast and my win rate skyrockted. I would suggest yes, sage’s ult is a game breaker and probably the best in the game rn.
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