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Ever since the game got released a proper band system is a core component to a hero based game that other popular titles like league of legends and rainbow six siege have had for quite some time now and we can all only hope that valorent will rethink their content roadmap and roll it out to the game client in the near future leaks we have recently gotten from the rye game devs are leading us to believe that they will not consider implementing an agent banned system to ranked or unrated until at least 30 agents are in the game.

here’s an official quote from orion gamedev on how they want to approach the subject of agent bans in games valor game designer nicholas wu smith ,was questioned in a recent twitch stream at what agent do you think bans will be viable maybe close to 30 he responded at the current rate this should give us another three to four years before an agent banning system is even considered ,if you want to know their estimated time frame on that statement they believe that they will hit that number around 2025 or sometime after riot claims ,that adding in a feature like asian bands to competitive and ranked could possibly hurt gameplay more Than enhance it they use the example that the player tens is closing in on 100 jet games played in professional play and they argue that if agent bans were currently in the game he would be nowhere near that number because of targeted bans.

that would be thrown at him here’s another quote from riot on how They think agent bans will affect gameplay.we expect teams to have set plays and strategies that will require very specific agents banning an agent would invalidate that entire strategy and we don’t want to discourage practice all, i have to say is yikes i don’t know about you guys but if you watch games like league of legends dota and rainbow six the deeper strategical elements ,within picking and banning is the exact reason banning systems are in their games bands in class-based and hero based esports are supposed to force teams to create depth in their rosters and expand their playstyles and be willing to be liberal and flexible with how they play the game.

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if you know a mid laner in league of legends is a one trick for mages the smart thing that the opposing team should do is ban that champion and any other champion similar to that one that they know that player is capable of playing in valor an agent band system could function in a way where each team gets one to three agent bands per match and when that agent is banned both sides are no longer able to use set agent.

this is a fair ban system that functions in the same fashion as both league of legends and rainbow six siege does and competitive even in cs go banning maps is a great way to force a team to be uneasy about going into a match against a well-prepared team banning in esports adds layers to a game.

that makes it so much more enjoyable to watch and it makes becoming a great esports team that much more challenging for players competing in that game so what do you guys think about this i know riot has made some unpopular decisions about in-game features in valorem especially since their other game league of legends already has these types of features and they’ve had them for years let us know what you think in the comment section down below with agent bands on the horizon expanding your aging pool.

for our second part of this news update let’s talk about a hidden yoruba that Flew under the radar in patch 2.06 one of yoru’s biggest problems as an agent was that coming out of his ultimate made him a sitting duck and left him vulnerable to enemies that could see him a nice little bump in patch 2.06 that went unmentioned deals with his unequipped time when coming out of his dimensional drift the equipped time from when yoru comes out of his ulti and has his gun up ready to fire was reduced from 1 second to 0.6 seconds which is a huge 40 decrease here’s a riot quote on what they think about the changes though we don’t want euro to be able to completely.


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