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Tuesday means a patch for valorant and to be fair was quite empty they’re reserving all the big patches for the next act however we did get a new skin line it’ll cost 5100 valence points or 2550 if you just wanna cop the knife and we’re gonna be talking about it reviewing the skins and seeing.

if it’s worth picking up so let’s get straight into it so this skin line is focused around a Hispanic cultural holiday which is the day of the dead and the actual bundle name is translated to never forget which is honestly a badass name and you get this player card for buying the bundle which is Reyna ina traditional um traditional costume that you’d see with the skull face paint that’s as much of the information that understood but I wanted to put it out there before getting straight into the skins so starting with the skins we got a frenzy now the actual artwork within the skin line is very very pretty and you have to keep in mind while watching this while taking in my opinions it is a cheap skin line right each gun would be 1275.

if you wanted to pick up or the entire bundle is 5100 so it is an entry-level skin line and for that, you’re getting some nice artwork and beautiful use of the light and dark theme you know when you’re walking in the alight area you’re gonna get this light one right here and if you walk into a dark area it’ll glow to here and I think this is a really really nice use causeway better than let’s say the winter wonderland that they tried and I think it just it brings the entire art together and if you are a fan of just one or the other that’s where the variants get in which is kind of creative so what the variants aren’t different versions but if you want to lock it into the light mode you’ll be able to see it like that straight up just the light mode which is how it looks in the game and when you walk into a dark area.

it’ll change if you have both equipped or if you just keep the variant on you can have it just into a dark mode which is pretty cool I think it’s cool that you can lock one side or the other in case you like it I think it’s pretty cool that it changes because both look very very pretty and you get best of both worlds just by keeping the one variant without unlocking the others so yeah pretty cool and of course the skin line stays cheap because there’s nothing else to upgrade except the variants so yeah super cool there are no buddies I believe in this bundle by the way after that we get the aries with the exact same idea same artwork same styling a lot of nice little detail now like literally the only reason I personally wouldn’t get the bundle just because I like stuff more flashy but if we’re coming down toa simple skin line you know how they did the infantry a lot of people liked it 5100 cheaps bundle with a very very nice design.

I think they’re they got it again and I hope we see more cheap bundles it just makes sense for the dollar to have more options for people and I think they did great with this one and you know having celebrated the cultural holiday is really really cool I hope they keep doing stuff like this because they always nail it on the head when they do so yeah it’s super nice here’s how it is in-game I’m not showing off the sounds because they’re just the basic sounds nothing too deep about them and then that’s the dark version so yeah it looks really really nice again you got some nice graffiti great artwork nothing too flashy about them.

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I do like the gun selection because we got the frenzy we got the area and we got another bulldog skin which I’m I really appreciate I still hope we get another premium one I know we just got the zed one now we got this but the bulldog looks really nice in this artwork I think it fits it very very well the flowers are popping really reallybigcool cool color gradients as the well same idea you can lock the color but i don’t know why you would I mean if you just don’t like artwork how it looks like this maybe but I think the whole idea of them switching is cool and the actual transition between the gradient looks really really nice also like how there is no 3d effect at all in these just the lighting effect which makes it less distracting to a lot of people I’m kind of in that thin that exact same idea yeah that one looks really really cool then.

we got the vandal that’s the rifle they decided to choose which I mean it would have worked with both the phantom or vandal kind of irrelevant to the gun selection here just the artwork pasted on top of the same idea with the vandal it looks really really nice I think the series looks the weirdest may be just because of its body shape but maybe that’s just a personal take there but yeah I really like here too here where the light comes around like it looks like it’s gonna go over on top of her but actually goes behind her and.

as you move it you’ll see that line is irrelevant to the actual picture of the lady at the back which is pretty cool a lot of detail goes into even the simple skin lines which you can always appreciate this is how the light version will look in-game and this is how the dark version looking games yeah looks really really nice i love the transition again that’s like definitely the best part of the skin and it’s gonna come down to basically straight up opinion and subjectiveness you just like this design if you like the artwork because that’s what you’re buying you’re buying the artwork there’s not much more to the skin line and that’s all you have your bases on up deciding.

if you like your knob though something that people will like is the knife because it is the second karambitcoming to valentine after the ruindagger and the rune dagger was stuck behind a battle pass so if people didn’t that battle pass or they didn’tgrind till the end it was like too bad sad no karambit for you they finally added another one and the artwork here is perfect this is my favorite part of the bundle I think lots of people are just gonna straight up by the knife because here as it’s changing it looks really cool and the artwork is so subtle on the knife right you don’t have let’s say a huge picture like of the lady or anything like that just subtle its straight subtle the blade itself is still a blade with a different texturing and lighting effect as you can see here.

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I hit the lighting you can see the detail on the blade so that’s really cool in a game this is how the light looks the same animated as the ruined dagger this one looks cool like hundred percent think a lot of people are gonna cop just the knife um2550 also makes it a cheaper knife by along shot most knives are the in the 30to 40 dollar range so a lot of people are gonna like this dark one looks amazing you know i even see people just selecting let’s say the darker light one on the knife as well and keeping the styling changed quite a lot so this was really smart a riot this makes the bundle what it is and it’s one of the harder ones to rate because you can’t go harsh on it it is a cheaper bundle lot of it’s more accessible to a lot of people and it’s completely subjective to artwork right there’s no effect so if you want something super flashy you’re going to skip this doesn’t make sense you might be able to cop the knife but yeah.

my final thoughts it’d be you know I gotta say it’s an excellent cheap bundle really hope that they keep making cheap bundles I don’t even think there was a good cheap bundle since the infantry collection in my personal opinion so this one came out, to be honest as a banger for its price only subjective to if you like the artwork but even if you don’t love the guns and you’re thinking about the knife I say cop it the knife is really really nice and if you don’t have the rune dagger and didn’t buy the prime 2.0 cram but it’s the only other way to have cranberry right now and I mean between me and you this is subjective I think this looks 10 times better than the prime cram bit I don’t think the prime2.0 knife looks that great you’d also have to not upgrade it for it to even be a Kram bit so I don’t know to each throne this animation is way cooler, in my opinion, it’s not even competition but that’s a personal opinion.

then the artwork on top of that is a lot more unique being goods being gold so my opinion if you didn’t get their dagger and you skipped on prime this is a nice grandma to have 100percent like it’s the nicest one in the game in my opinion but yeah let me know what you guys think about the bundle let me know if you’re gonna cop just the knife the entire pack for the value or just a single gun because you like the artwork and need a frenzy skin you know everyone’s got a different situation.

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