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VALORANT NEW PATCH NOTES 1.12 has been deployed

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As mentioned within the recent Ask VALORANT, the problematic release of Patch 1.11 is forcing us to reevaluate what it takes to boost the standard bar for patch days going forward. So, while we’re not skipping Patch 1.12, we’re giving it a light-weight touch.

Updates to the Observer and therefore the social panel are the celebs this point around, along side some bug fixes. The in-match display of Act Rank Badges will still be suspended while we find out what’s contributing to the performance hitches.

As a head’s up, it’s very likely we’ll skip subsequent patch and obtain back within the swing of things on or around Dec.


Act Rank Badges are disabled in-game while we investigate a possible issue where they’ll be causing performance hitches in-game. Your Act Rank Badge will still display in Competitive lobbies, map load in, and on the end-of-game screen.
The Competitive team will still investigate the system to figure towards a holistic fix during a future patch.
Big shout bent Kevin.



Observers not hear ping audio
Improved sightline visibility in well-lit areas
Added Game State Modification cheat to permit moderators to regulate various aspects of the sport (player stats, money, etc.) during a tournament setting
Rolled back fixed team colors change from 1.11
This was causing some confusion as people have began to associate red with attack, and green with defense
There were a few bugs causing certain UI elements to display within the wrong color
We decide to bring this feature back within the future, once we finish adding support for custom team colors.


We have redesigned the Open/Close Party toggle to form it easier for players to know whether or not they are in an open or closed party
Observers will now appear as “in game” within the social panel
Observers can now view and sort in /all chat in custom games


Added a replacement interface for custom game observers during character select


Fixed a bug where leaving/disconnecting from a Custom Game would end in a VAL-51 error, requiring the sport to be remade so as for the player to rejoin
Fixed a bug within the end-of-game screen after an Icebox match that displayed Haven’s map, and would incorrectly display timeline markers
Fixed issue where players could target mid-air (dropped) weapons with some abilities
Left handed mode: fixed recoil animation being incorrectly mirrored (mismatching actual weapon recoil)
Fixed overlapping Observer UI when a player is planting/defusing
Fixed inconsistent team coloring on minimap pings
Fixed rare issue where Observer camera transition visuals could grind to a halt when swapping between player views

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